Hello new career. I got the job!





I have been jumping up and down, doing the running  man, and the melbourne shuffle all around the office, since I got the news.

Honestly, it is awesome.

How awesome? The awesomest awesome since awesome came to awesome town (this used to be Niki but I’m sorry Nikster you have been trumped, you’re still awesome though ;)).

The perks.

  • I will be earning an EXTRA $1000 per month! That’s $12,000 a year… and that’s AFTER tax!!!

Like wow. Seriously wow. Even if I got nothing else from this place, that massive pay rise is just pure awesome. IF (and that’s a big IF, a huge IF. If normal words were an elephant, this IF would be if an elephant mated with a blue whale, had the baby. This baby then was put on growth hormones, cause his parents didn’t want him to get made fun of cause he has a big nose and no legs. The baby then grows up, gets into body building and takes steroids. It’s THAT huge) I pump the whole of that $1000 into debt repayments, then I will be completely debt free in 10 months, rather than the tentative 15-16 months (according to my calculations the last payment I make in 2012 would bring me to $0 debt, but that doesn’t account for interest on one of the cards. If I factor in interest I’m guessing it would add another 2 months to my debt schedule) that I had planned. But don’t worry I’m going to blow a couple of paychecks (at least) on suits. With the loss of weight/gain of muscle over the past few years none of my suits really fit me well anymore. They fit, but they’re tight across the shoulders and I’m swimming in them around the middle. So don’t worry I’ll be around for a while at least. 😛

  • I get 10% into my superannuation rather than the normal 9%

Superannuation is like your 401K (I think, 401K is the fund you guys have for retirement right?). And basically whatever job you get, your employer has to contribute at least 9% of your gross salary into a fund. You can contribute on top of that and again your contribution comes out of your gross salary, so if you contribute enough you may fall into a lesser tax bracket, and so you pay less income tax! I get 10%. Sure its only a 1% increase but accumulatively it becomes quite a bit of dosh.

  • I choose my own hours

I didn’t even know that this perk was part of the deal. They just dropped it on me when they said I got the job. And it’s not “I pick to start at 11am, so I have to start at 11am everyday and finish at 7pm every day”its more like “I think I’ll start at 9am tomorrow, and then start 12pm on Friday.” I can basically come in any time I want as long as work… wait for it…

  • I only have to work 37 hours

Not even 8 hours a day! What the hell? Okay admittedly there will be weeks when I will put in a crap load of unpaid overtime, but there will also be weeks when I can just cruise those 37 hours! Win!

  • I get to wear suits again!

I miss wearing a suit and tie. I think this stems from going to a All-Boys-Catholic High School, where the uniform was a tie and blazer. It just doesn’t feel like I’m going to work when I’m not wearing a tie. I feel like a faker (hey look he’s pretending to be a grown up… what a faker! FAKER!)

  • I get to readjust my budget!

Since I’ll be paid fortnightly and my budget is in a weekly format, I’ll have to readjust my budget spreadsheet to reflect the change of rate of pay, and also the amounts that’s going in, the payments that will be made… FUN! 🙂 (yes I’m a nerd… shuddup)

So anyways, I start on the 1st of September. I finish off here on the 26th of August, which means I’ll have a 5 day weekend! Triple awesome with a double awesome flip and a twist of awesome!

Today, is a good day.

Remind me about today if 9 months from now I’m complaining about work 😛


27 responses to “Hello new career. I got the job!

  1. It’s okay. I know I am not as awesome as an extra $1000 and a 1% increase in superannuation and choosing your own 37 hours and wearing a suit and getting to make a new budget all combined. I really can not compete with that. I won’t even try either.


    • You come close! If I didnt have the opportunity to create an entirely new budget, you would still be the awesomest thing around. But youre a very close second *grin* Oh and congrats btw! I just read your post at work but again I couldn’t comment… stupid work with outdated internet explorer on the computers. Im commenting now though 😛

  2. niiiiiice! I am so jealous! I’m waiting to snag this for myself. Congratulations!!

    • Hey bike! Ahhh don’t worry, youre a smart cookie (which I have inferred from reading/lurking your blog, I am not stalking you really I’m not… *shifty Steve Buscemi eyes* ;P) you’ll get your dream job a helluva lot sooner than me!

  3. You nut! Sounds like you’ve got a great opportunity, congradulations. I bet they have no idea what they’re in for now once you start working there. They better fasten their seltbelts.

    • Hahaha… no I tend to behave myself for the first 3 months when I start a new job, like ultimate first date behaviour. Only after those three months do I start showing my true self, and metaphorically feel comfortable enough to do all the silly things that come naturally to me (like doing the running man across reception… but thats another story)

  4. YAY CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! See, I didn’t jinx it 🙂

    Please post before & after pictures of sweatpants attire at old job vs. new suits at new job.

  5. I second Lane’s request for pictures. Congrats on the new job; your enthusiasm is adorable.

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  7. I don’t even think I have rights to use awesome anymore. I need a new adjective to describe this but I can start with I am totally envious/jealous. That is complete awesomeness(can’t think of a better word).

    37 hours
    You get to choose
    1% increase in retirement
    $1000 raise

    Are you sure you are not dreaming?

  8. Congrats. You have hit a super sweet spot … increased income, flex time, less work hours, faster debt repayment, increased superannuation …
    Well done!

  9. Harmony Tactics

    yay! That’s great. My company has 37 hour full time work weeks too. I had never heard of anywhere doing that until I started there. Now your workplace makes two… maybe it’s a trend and soon everyone will have 37 hour work weeks with 40 hour work week pay!!! We can only hope.

    • Hurrah for 37 hour weeks! I think mine is cause its a government role… public service always has shorter hours *grin* OMG I just realised… I wont have to work public holidays either! *squeal in delight*

  10. the broke sensualist

    What awesome news! I’m very happy for you! 😀

  11. the broke sensualist

    Keep on grinning. Don’t stop and enjoy it. Enjoy the whackiness – you deserve it. 😀

  12. DUDE!!!! Congratulations! That is FANTASTIC news!! (sorry, I’ve been outta the loop!)

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