Hello awesome news week, lets share the love!

Just going through my blog list, this week of August has seemed to produce a plethora of good news. Which has basically inspired me to for the very first time (I think it’s the first time, I don’t keep track of the stuff I’ve written on here) to link love my most favouritest (it’s a word!) bloggers.

I will also be trying to describe their writing style and provide a photo of a fictional TV/Movie character I think describes their blog style to a tee.

These are the awesome of the awesome. The ones with the right stuff. The ones who have been blessed with the power of eloquence, style and lets face it who are probably more sexy than me.

I know, I know… that’s soooo hard to belive (sarcasm alert! sarcasm alert!). But we have to face the truth, I’m as heart-broken as all of you are (sarcasm overload! warning! imminent joke failure!) to have to acknowledge that in terms of sexiness I come second. (KA-BOOM!)

PS If I haven’t included you, its cause you’re TOO sexy/talented/can fit a whole can of tuna in your mouth/are able to touch your toes when you stretch forward/can do the “robot” without looking like a douche/have other skills that make me yearn for you, to be added onto this list without me getting all school boy shy on you, and it will also reveal the amount of stalking I’ve done on your blog but not commenting (I swear its not the creepy kind of stalking! I have pants on when I read your blogs! I swear!).

First of all theirs the Nikster. Who is the Queen of Awesome.

Her good news this week is that she and her hubby have completely zeroed off their consumer debt. If that’s not worth my doing the chicken dance for them, then I don’t know what is.

But read the rest of her posts too. She always has these ridiculously amazing looking photos of food in her posts. Her writing style is akin to that cool older sister that can give advice, spout wisdom but also be funny.

The person I can see typing away on the other side of the screen is…

Allison Cameron from House. :

Admit it Nikster... you blog while wearing a white coat dont you?

Then we have Bike. And her good news is that she has an awesome credit score. God, I don’t think I even realised credit scores existed when I was her age… Damn Gen Y. Always so much smarter than me!
Again don’t just read the linked post read it all!

 Her writing style reminds me of a that chick from 10 Things I Hate About You. There’s a little sass, a lot of spunk and spirit. To paraphrase her co-star Heath Ledger in his Academy Award winning performance.. “She’s got a little fight in her. I like that.”

And yes, I’m not afraid to admit it, she scares me a little 😉 Don’t hit me in the face Bike! NoooOOOoo not the face! Not my beautiful face!!! 😛

I can see one eyebrow raising in bemused tolerance at my inanity from Bike right now...

Next there’s Broke. Well she bought a book and is calling asparagus names. I’m not sure why… I think she may have been attacked by an asparagus. I haven’t read about it in her blog so it could be too traumatic to talk about.
But she reminds me of Abby from NCIS. Ridiculously smart, weird (but in a good hot way), slightly left of the centre, and has a farting hippopotamus as a cuddle toy. Maybe. I don’t know for sure (and I swear if you have one it was a lucky guess! I’m not stalking you *hides behind curtain*) I can just picture that.

Can anyone else picture Broke in pigtails really easily?

And last but not least, we have Laney. Who else could Laney’s writing style be other than Penny from Big Bang Theory? With her ability to keep up with the banter from us nerdy types, intelligent in a non-scary way, could probably drive circles around me, she waitresses (okay only part-time but still!), can carry 50kgs worth of IT equipment while wearing those red soled shoes, is probably the junior rodeo champion in Hawaii and can hog-tie and castrate a young calf in under 25 seconds. And lets not forget her large mannish hands (haha kidding kidding! Not the face!).

Oh and her good news is that she has paid off one of her credit cards! See, smart, sexy and good with money. This is why we all hate you Laney 🙂 *grin* I’m kidding, we lurrrvvveee you. Or do we?? Nah we do. Or do we??? 😉

That's Laney surrounded by her entourage of blogging nerds. 🙂

And if you strongly disagree with who I’ve paired who up with. Well what can I say… I’m all the way over in Australia and you’re not! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do your worst! *grin*

I had more but this post is already getting too long. More to come when I can find the time.



13 responses to “Hello awesome news week, lets share the love!

  1. I am so flattered. Thank you!

    It’s strange I always pictured you to be Neil Patrick Harris ala Doogie Howser MD(12 year old) but now with your new suit job you could be NPH ala Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother, but you do have a great evil laugh you could be NPH ala Dr. Horrible. It’s so hard to choose now.

    I can’t wait for your next installment.

    • Its not flattery when its the truth awesome one. You deserve all the praise I can heap on you, seriously. Running a household, raising kids, cooking those splediferously looking things you post all the time and DOING IT ON A BUDGET! Fer crying out loud… I’m glad I’m not a girl cause you’d be a hard act to follow. That and the monthly period thing. And not being able to pee standing up without the need for add-on accessories. And the fact that maybe one day I’d have to squeeze something the size of a melon out of an opening that’s smaller than the size of a lemon.

  2. Lane does remind me of Penny. Think you nailed that one spot on. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the other shows.

  3. the broke sensualist

    I don’t watch NCIS but I am flattered to be on your list. Thank you! This made my night. I kind of agree with Niki; I can see you as Neil Patrick Harris, too. 🙂
    Also, I guess jerk spice is a North American thing only but this should help explain what I was doing to the asparagus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaican_jerk_spice

    • Broke cmon! I wonder if you people actually read your own blogs… cause seriously how can you not realise how awesome you people are?? Hmm… idea for a post!!! (could be controversial though O_O) See! You do this to me ALL the time… your comments and your posts always trigger ideas… see how awesome you are??

  4. Haha! Fun game 🙂 I could see you as NPH too, but I think that’s only because you’ve referenced him before.

  5. Woohoo, I’m a hot blonde! You’re definitely NPH or even Sheldon from Big Bang. I was watching this clip and it sounds juuuust like you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlhHTdDqoBc

    All of Sheldon’s Christmas presents are equivalent to your verbal diarrhea. LOVE!

    And I’ll get you a napkin with JK Rowling’s signature, complete with spit-up.

    *awkward hug*

  6. HAHAHA. Sheldon is awesome.

    Screw the awkward hug, you have to sing Soft Kitty! 🙂

  7. the broke sensualist

    I’m glad I inspire you half way across the world!! 🙂

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