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Hello blog, I really should make more of an effort.

I currently have 27 posts in “Draft”.

I've got a big one of those on my desk...

And frankly I don’t think any of them should see the light of day.

I’ve found in the few months I’ve been keeping this blog that my writing style, is simply an extension of my personality.

My writing comes in spurts and bursts. I sit down in front of the computer, marshal my thoughts into some semblance of order, and then spew it out onto the screen. I usually try to edit as I go along, but mainly editing is at a minimum. (as those who read this blog can attest! Ha! Take that grammar nazi’s! *grin*)

And this is the problem. If I begin a post, and then for some reason or other, fail to finish it and then stick it into “Draft”, I never get back into that specific frame of mind that I was when I started it. Then when I come back to it, the entire premise of the post is lost on me, and I start second thinking myself.

“What the hell was this post about?”

“Who is my audience?” (Damn you Creative Writing Professor at University! You drilled this so much into my head now, 10+ years after graduating I still find myself asking this stupid question!)

Am I? Am I? Ammmmmm IIIIIII??

“Will people think I’m stupid after they read this post?”

“Is this post stupid?”

“Am I stupid?”

“And is my stupidity so rampant that I have become one of those people who is unaware of their stupidity, and therefore makes these off the wall comments thinking he’s being intelligent and quirky, when he’s just being mundane and boring.

Damn right!

And so on.

And it’s these two modes of thinking that pretty much define how I live my life.

I’m either barrelling ahead, with no thought to consequences, with a devil may care attitude. Oblivious (or totally ignoring) to nay sayers and others who suggest caution. Sure I’ve had my share of disasters living life like this, but I’ve also had my share of impossible against the odds, million to one shot wins (Landing a job that let me live and work on an island resort in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, whilst still recovering from depression).


My brain holds my life hostage. My thoughts spiralling into an infinite loop of repeating logic and second questioning. Playing out “what-if” scenarios in my head ad-nauseum, until I am frozen in a near state of panic and self doubt. And sure I’ve missed out on a helluva lot of opportunities, but I’ve also managed to avoid doing a few really, really, really, really, REALLY stupid things (Jumping off that balcony in Madrid).

I would say that growing up I was the latter. I was cautious. I over-thought everything. I was boring.

And the whole daredevil attitude came about as I realised just how much I was missing out by constantly thinking too much about things.

But switching from one extreme to the other, well it’s tiring. So I’m making a conscious decision to try and mend my ways, I’m going to try bully my cautious wimpy side and my completely-off-his-nutter daredevil side into an arranged marriage. Of course, trying to mend a decade’s worth behavioural insanity isn’t going to be easy. So baby steps.

Starting with this blog.

I am going to trawl through my drafts list and finish every single one of those entries.




Even if when I read back on thoughts made a few months ago, and they’re just hopelessly banal, and I shudder at the thought of someone reading them, I will still attempt to finish them off. Since at one point in time, I found whatever it was I was writing about important enough to write about.

I am going to give myself the whole month of April to finish these posts. So bear with me.

But I will need some help, just to start off with.

So once again, I’m putting it to a vote. I’ve got some of the entries listed below and an overview of what I’m talking about (since I’ve come to realise the titles of my blog posts tend to veer away from the actual content…) and I’m asking anyone to chip in what they would like to see me finish.

–          Hello my name is Sweatpants, and I’m an FNCthis post is about dating, and my total hopelessness at it.

–          Hello, umm porn seekers, it was inevitable I guessthis post is about the pornification (is that even a word?) of the searches that are being directed to my blog.

–          Hello Bridget, *waves* this was inspired by you!answers Bridgets question as to why my medical expenses in Australia have been astronomical, and provides an explanation of the medicare system of Australia

–         Hello rainy Saturday, time to catch up on my favourite blogsbloglove! Just an updated list of the many people who I stalk, make effigies of and worship as I make my blood sacrifices to their unbelievable blogging abilities.

So your call… oh and if no one votes then meh. I’ll bore you with something about toe nail clippings or something 😛


Hello Goals for a Fortnight Thursday – I seem to be setting myself up for some epic fails.

Looks like something I could do...

Well last weeks goal of, work out at least 8 days out of the fortnight, was as above shows… a truly epic fail. I managed to do a work out only 2 times, out of the 14 days last week. The only consolation I have is that because of the tightness of my budget, I haven’t been able to eat myself to obesity during the last two weeks.

Now for the next challenge, which potentially could set me up for yet another epic fail.

There shall be no contact for 14 days. No phone calls, no sms, no email.

You all know who I’m talking about.

Let the challenge begin.

Day one.

Hello goals for a fortnight Thursday: Results for Challenge #1 and New Goal

Okay I’m a day late. But screw it.

So how did I do on my goal for saving at least $237 into my savings account.

Well, I kicked it’s ass, called it names, pulled its pigtails, gave it an atomic wedgie and then made fun of it’s momma, by calling her so fat, her arse looks like two badly parked Volkswagens.

Current total in savings: $258.27!

If any one wants to make "boner" jokes... now would be the perfect opportunity...

Which means I managed to scrounge an extra $31.27 dollars rather than just the $10 I promised myself I would. I know it’s chump change, but the fact I managed to do it, maybe I can manage to do bigger things.

So my next goal for the fortnight: I have to exercise 8 days out of 14 this fortnight. But being already 2 days out of whack (I didn’t exercise yesterday, and tonight I have a drinking session for a farewell) this could be a long shot…


Hello Goals For a Fortnight Thursday… or I have a warped need for imaginary achievements.

So every Thursday I’m going to come up with a mini-challenge for myself*. It could have something to do with finance, fitness, work, blogging or…hmmm, wait… those four things are the full extent of my life.

Hold on while I emo up a bit about that fact…

Sad Cat is Sad...

Moving on…

These mini goals will be tracked for the next two weeks and I will report on the success (or failure) of each task the next Thursday entry comes along, and also a new challenge for the next fortnight.

Now seeing that I have about as much motivation as a drunk turtle with a weight issue, depression and who is also dead, from the copious amounts of food and alcohol consumed during the festive season, I am having difficulty coming up with a task that has at least a modicum of challenge, enough so that I won’t be pelted with metaphorical tomatoes (yes YOU, I’m talking about you… put the tomato down!) by you people who’s very existence is an express violation of the commandments of laziness (two jobs, school, a social life AND blogging??? Where do you fit the napping?! WHERE I SAY!!!?!!?!?). But also not so much so that I will give up after a couple of days.

Then I realised, that a small financial goal, won’t require any sort of strenuous movement from this bloated carcass I call a body, nor will it require any massive amounts of brain activity.

So, without further ado… for the very first Goals For A Fortnight Thursday, I Captain Sweatpants task myself to have at least $237 in my savings fund by the 19th of January. Why the odd number you ask? Well I already have $162 in that particular account as of today, come next payday (which by the oddest coincidence falls the day this task is due) I’ll be depositing another $65 into that account, which would bring the total to $227. Which means I need only add an extra $10 to get to my magic number.

“Now, Mr Sweatpants, $10? That’s a tad lame is it not?” I hear you say. But the issue here is that particular account is doesn’t normally get any additional funds. I deposit $65 every pay cycle, and that’s it. More often that not I actually take money out of it for “emergencies” (desperate need for a coffee is an emergency right?). And also my budget is so tight that I only have about $60 left for 2 weeks, for outside spending. So I have to ensure for the next two weeks, I don’t withdraw ANY funds from that account and also manage to live off $50 spending money for two weeks, and deposit the difference into that account.

Will I succeed? Or will failure welcome me into its soft, rounded,  inviting, vanilla scented bosom?

Even though I want to succeed... failure looks just so damn inviting!

Game on!

*Note: If anyone out there can think of a challenge they would like me to do (which doesn’t involve me having to do much… :P) I am open to suggestions which may or may not be ignored.