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Hello, shares please stop falling.

So why haven’t I been able to pay off my debt after 3 years of absence? You think I’d have been able to by now. But there was a period of unemployment, a move interstate, and I’ve started wealth building into shares (which seemed the cheaper option compared to property).

So my share portfolio is still relatively small. I started off with $1500, and have slowly built that up with additional funds and from profits to about $3000.

At first I did my due diligence and researched each purchase down to the bone. But after a series of successes when I made 20% profit on my initial investment (even factoring in the charges for online trading), I started being lax and went for the gut feel approach.

Big mistake.

My paper losses from those trades are around the $800 mark, the only thing that is saving my portfolio from pure catastrophe is that I have one stock that has made me a paper profit in excess of $800, so it kinda balances out. Now I entered the market knowing that the money I put in is money I can lose. And I can, I mean I still have a separate emergency fund account which is edging on the healthy, so this money isn’t really something I need. But even in saying that, it does still hurt a little when you see your share portfolio diving into the red day in and day out.

However, I am in this for the long term and I’ve always gone for high risk approach, since I have about 30 odd years of investment time left. So I can pretty much leave my money in this shares till a rebound comes along.

Here’s hoping another GFC isn’t looming around the corner.


Hello. So, at last we meet for the first time for the last time.


LOL. I bet she does.

I’m just going to slink back here, and pretend that I’ve been posting regularly, cause I got no excuse.

The past few weeks, I’ve really been off my game. Hell, the past few months. I’ve barely had the energy to shove food into my mouth for dinner, before crashing into bed.

Vera has been standing in the corner, on her stand, gathering dust, her strings twang mournfully every time I brush up against her.

The PS3 and the television could be completely kaput as far as I know. They haven’t been turned on for months.

As for the PC, forget about composing WordPress posts, even games that require any sort of hectic mouse clicking have fallen to the wayside. All the PC has been doing is been streaming my favourite tv series and movies, as I fall asleep within the first ten minutes of them.


On Monday, I did my very first sketch, in god knows how long.

And it was




But in a good way. I know that doesn’t make any sense. The only thing I can compare it to is when you’ve been sick and haven’t been able to go for a run for ages. And then in those early few days of getting better, you make the attempt of jogging and can only go a block before collapsing in a heap. It’s like that. You know it was a god-awful attempt, but you also know that with stupidly stubborn perseverance you’ll eventually get back what you had.

On Tuesday, I tackled my budget in a meaningful way, again for the first time in months (which will be the topic of my next post, actually). And despite only three hours sleep, I went to the gym after work, and once again this was the first time in months. After that I even had the energy to cook a very (okay I put way too much salt in there) healthy meal, and then do a second sketch. The second, while still nowhere near as good as I know I can do, is leaps and bounds better than the first. It actually looks human this time. 😛

And today, I’ve dusted off the ol’ WordPress account and managed to write this entry (twice! WordPress ate the first attempt).

So, dependant on this surge of energy, you may expect to see regular posts creeping up once again.

I’m not promising anything though, I’m not looking for anything serious at the moment, ya know. Let’s keep it casual. Be cool man. Be cool.


Hello interview-day, errr why am I not all flustered and worried?

So for the first time in a couple of weeks I actually have something to write about (I will not however can promise that this post will be well written :P)


So, today I’m interviewing for the position I talked about here. Yes I applied, what the hell. And yup I got an interview. Usually I would be a bundle of nerves, since the interview will be taking place in 43 minutes (and yes instead of boning up on relevant legislation and regulations I am writing a blog post, THAT is how much I love you guys, or how amazing I am at procrastinating, one of them anyway ;)) But right now, meh. I know enough that I should be able to at least answer the questions, I get to have a copy of my application with me and I get a copy of the questions they will be asking, and will have 15 minutes to review and make notes.

How hard can it be? (famous last words, I know.. :P)

But then again I’m not all that fussed, since I’ve also spoken to my manager and despite the budget cuts which will be taking place, he has reassured me that my job is secure and I’ll be around for at least another year.

Maybe that’s why.

I don’t have the fire under me. I really don’t NEED to get this job. I’m not jobless, and there’s no prospect of me being jobless. While the 15% salary increase would be welcomed with open arms, it’s not completely necessary. Maybe that will make me perform better, less nerves, more confidence, who knows?

I’ll provide an update for you guys Monday on exactly how it went.

Wow. Even with something to talk about I can’t even get past the 500 word mark. *facepalm*


Wait breathe, breath… (chant’s in his head “Let’s go Matt, lets go!”)

All good.

So as an apology for the horrendous writing in this post, here’s a drawing I was going to put up in another post, but only figured out how to do it now…

I’m not too sure why I was going to post this… something to do with being all artsy fartsy and creative I think… *shrugz*

Had to share this… serves me right for complaining about a bit of writers block and damn ex’s. Let’s go Matt, lets go!

Hello debt, update

I know I haven’t done a post in a while.

My apologies.

Just struggling with a bit of writers block really. The large blank white space of the new post screen mocks me with its emptiness.

So just to get back into the groove of things a quick post to update on the debt.

Least debt ever!

As you can see there was a small downturn of Net Worth about a month ago. This was due to the week long spending spree when Girl B was around. But I’ve recovered from that small hiccup and have reached a minor milestone. As of the 24th of May 2012, I am now at the lowest point of my debt since I started maintaining these records.

Currently my debt stands at $15,572.25.

The least debt I’ve ever had previously was on the 12th of April of this year ($16,376.47 worth of debt), followed by 27th of October 2011 ($16,397.94 worth of debt), and the last time before that I was even close to this figure was waaaaaaay back on the 11th of November 2010 ($16,535.97 worth of debt).

And from the graph you can see every time I’ve approached this figure I’ve had some sort of downturn. But after each occasion the down turn has been a little less drastic. The first instance on the 9th of December 2010, was due to my move from Queensland to Canberra. I had no savings whatsoever to speak of and maxed used my credit cards to fund my interstate migration, dates with the 19 year old (yes I went out with a 19 year old, don’t judge me. I realise it was a mistake. Actually wait, no judge me all you want. It’s much deserved :P) and also for used the cards for a couple of weeks when I was jobless.

The second downturn on the 24th of November 2011, was due to the break up with the 19 year old, and the expenses incurred during the move from living together to finding my own place. Now while I didn’t use my card, I did draw deeply from a pool of savings (which is included in the formula to calculate net worth). That move pretty much wiped those funds completely.

And you know what happened last month. 😛

In other news, remember when I spoke about that promotion opportunity I wasn’t quite sure whether or not to go for? Well I did submit an application for it, and I’ve got an interview this Friday.

Wish me luck.

Hello man-boobs! Goodbye man-boobs!

One of the things I forget to mention in the roundup was the fact I have once again started up at the gym, after 3 months of absence due to getting meningitis. In the three months since I was last training hard, I lost a LOT of muscle mass. A LOT. And replaced it with floppily doppily bits of flabulousness.

However, even in the four weeks since I’ve started training hard again I’ve noticed a significant change in my body composition. I no longer slouch, I can walk further without being slathered in sweat, and items of clothing are no longer uncomfortably tight around the midsection.

So below is a list of the afflictions I suffer, and am striving to get rid of through religious attendance at the gym.

The Sweating Malady

Yup... damn sexy.

One of the things you discover when you get unfit is that you sweat doing the most innocuous things. Walking to the shops. Sitting on the sofa. Lying in bed. Thinking. Blinking your eyes. Whatever, all those things had me bathed in a pool of my bodies own fetid liquid secreted from my skin pores (if anyone was reading this while they were eating… *suppressed laughter* sucks to be you!). But after 1 month I find I can run for about 20 minutes at a pace of about 10kph (about 6mph) before drowning from the product of my sweat glands. When I started up again I could barely do half that speed and half that time without collapsing and clutching my chest in agony.

The Dreaded Man-Boobs

Even sexier! Hold on to your orgasms ladies...

Ahhh man boobs. Nothing is more scary than having a bosom larger than your partners. And while I’m nowhere near a C-cup, I’m pretty sure I could’ve filled a modest B-cup even just a few weeks back. But after 4 weeks of weight training and cardio, the man boobs are gone. Another 2 months and I can upgrade from man-boob – to flat-chested and then onto pigeon chested. Woo!

The Curse of the Chicken-Legs

Finger lickin' goodness 😛

When your legs are so skinny it seems like you’ve somehow found a way to defy gravity cause you are able to remain upright and standing. Okay admittedly my legs aren’t really that bad. My thighs do have a fair bit of meat on them, although my calves could use more definition, it’s not really something that has to be addressed right this minute.

The Sadness of Spindly Arms

I know you're all turned on now...

My biceps and triceps are fine, however my deltoids (the shoulders) and forearms are a little on the weak side. While forearms are notoriously difficult to build up, shoulders are already showing signs of improvement in the 4 weeks.

The Nauseating No-Butt

This is really hard for me to judge since that area of my body isn’t what you would call visually accessible, nor do I stare at other mens butt’s enough that I actually have some sort of baseline which to aim for, so I’d like to think I have a bit of junk in the trunk, but who knows?

The Bulging Beer Gut/Keg

I really should've warned everyone about the total and utter sexiness of the photos I've put into this post...

My nemesis. My arch-enemy. The Voldemort to my Harry Potter. The Sauron to my Frodo. The Green Lantern movie to my sense of all that is good in the world. While all other elements of my body (even in my 30’s) respond well to exercise, the gut is a stubborn mule, heehawing at my attempts to lessen its girth with mocking callousness. For those of you in your 20’s, enjoy all your metabolism while you can! Trust me, once it slows down you’ll miss it like the cold blue taste of that very first cigarette in the morning (yup, 1 week and still smoke free… not that I’m counting :P). After 1 month I really can’t notice any sort of improvement. *sigh* Maybe in 2 months…

The Stairs Conundrum

What the stairs to my apartment felt like...

Stairs, another bane of my existence. Prior to recommencing my training walking up the 6 flights of stairs to my apartment was a daily struggle. There was a point at one stage I had to stop half way for a quick rest before continuing by trek up Mt Kill-a-man-because-he-lives-in-an-apartment-without-elevators-jaro (yes… that was a geography joke. Uber-nerd’s are go!). Now I can pretty much sprint up those stairs and only be slightly winded up the top. The goal is to be able to walk up and down without even noticing.

Stay tuned kiddies.

Hmmm maybe I should join the #pfworkout Blonde is always talking about…

Hello long-distance relationships (aka destroyer of budgets)

Destroyer of budgets. Killer of cash-flow. Slayer of savings.

Or is it?

Case in point, myself and Girl B (I really need a new name for her) decided that we would meet in June. But since we’re both horny as rabbits, we’re both so horny that we may be in danger of using various pastry goods for sexual relief (ala American Pie), we miss each other a lot, we’ve decided to try and squeeze in a May meeting. The cost of doing so was enough to give me a little pause (but only a little cause damnit I miss the woman!).

If your brain can't recall exactly what I mean when I referenced "American Pie"... on the right hand side is a delightful little image that should scar you for the rest of your life 🙂

And so an idea for this post entered my head.

What’s more expensive: long distance relationships or “normal” relationships?

My last “normal” relationship ended roughly 6 months ago. And it lasted a little over a year. So therefore my remembrance of the honeymoon period for that particular relationship is a little sketchy (memory like that thingy… swims in water… kinda orange in colour but we refer to it as “gold”… them things). All I know is I spent an inordinate amount of money over that 1 – 2 month period. And on reflection seems to be something that occurs within every “normal” relationship of mine.

My last long distance relationship was about 3 years ago, and I’ve completely forgotten the costs associated with being in one. While the times which you’re actually spending money is fewer whilst in a “normal” relationship, i.e. face-to-face contact dates happen only about every 4 to 6 weeks, the amount you’re spending to logistically make these dates happen feels like a massive hit on the ol’ budget.

So lets all put our budget nerd hats on people, and get this sorted out once and for all.

For the 5-day extravaganza long distance.

  • Flights : $900
  • Car Hire: $200
  • Two (really nice) Restaurant Dates: $200 – $300
  • Other expenses: $100 – $200

TOTAL COST: $1400 – $1600


Note: I have not included what most people would think would be the everyday costs involved with a long distance relationship, notably phone bills and internet bills. This is because my phone plan allows me to talk to any mobile for as long as I want and send as many texts that I want for a flat $65 a month. And my internet bill is also a fixed amount I would have spent over the course of the month anyway, whether or not I was in this relationship or not.

For a normal “honeymoon period” relationship (lets say over a 4 week period for ease of calculation)

  • Ten (10) dates (assuming a date night occurs every Friday and Saturday over the 4 week period, with a couple of Sunday Brunches thrown in): $50 – $200 x 10 = $1000 – $2000 (I’ve included a larger variance in pricing due to the fact that since you’re seeing each other every weekend, going out to a fancy schmancy restaurant can’t be on the books all the time)
  •  Taxi (from the centre of the city to my place is about $20 one-way): $400
  • Female friendly food in pantry (an extra $50 per week): $200
  • Other expenses: $200 – $300

TOTAL COST: $1800 – $2900

AVERAGE COST EACH DAY: $64.29 – $103.57

As you can see, there is a complete blow out on per-day costs when it comes to long distance relationships. However in doing the above math, it is also clear that if we only meet each other once a month, I come out at the very least $200 better off in a long term relationship (if we use the highest total for the “5 day extravaganza” and the lowest total for “normal”).

Let’s take the worst possible scenario in regards to money spent in each instance and take across a three month period, if we assume that in long distance relationship we meet in person once a month.

Long Distance Relationship = $1600 x 3 = $4800

Normal Relationship (during honeymoon phase) = $2900 x 3 = $8700

Taken over a quarterly period you can see that long distance relationships come to almost half the cost of a normal relationship. While of course that $4800 I may spend is still going to hurt my budget, it’s not going to completely knee it in the balls a leave it lying groaning in agony like the $8700 I may spend on a normal relationship.

So, in conclusion, if you want to be in a relationship yet still maintain a semblance of a budget, long distance relationships are the way to go!

Editors note: Please when reading this take into account my current total bias towards long distance relationships 😛 And seriously, if you’re following any advice you see on this blog, you may need to seek some professional help. Which I’ve just realised is also advice, so please feel free to ignore that too. And that last bit. And this bit. And… aahhh just stop reading.