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Hello “The Dark Knight Rises” or “Blogging One Year On – Intermission”

…………………….Let’s all go to the lobby!

…………………………………………………………..Let’s all go to the lobby!

…………………………….Let’s all go to the lobby!

…………………………………………………………………………Let’s all go to the lobby!

And buy over priced confectionery for consumption during the film, because the subliminal messages during the previews told us to.

La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Just a little break from the fast-paced, heart-thumping, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, muscle-flexing, and a-lot-of-other-hyphenated-adjective-phrases-ending-with-“-ing”, tale of ninja lemmings, samurai mole rats and homosexual robots. Oh and the unicorns. We must never forget about the unicorns.

I’m sitting in a bar as I finish this off on my iPad. Yes I realise that makes me look a bit like a douche, but screw it. Being in my 30’s I’m old enough not to give a rats arse about what anyone thinks of me as I make my way, grumbling at you young’uns and heckling the older folks, towards the blessed land of Grumpy Old Men.

I’m here because Girl B (whose tale is laid out here) is back in my neck of the country, and has arranged for her and myself AND Girl A (whose tale is also told in the above link) to have a drink.

That’s right.

The 2 girls who I have been interested in the past 18 months have taken it upon themselves to arrange drinks for the three us.


In the same bar.


At the same time.

Did I mention we were all going to be together?

Now this is an accident waiting to happen.

Welcome to my life folks. 🙂

It was actually going to be a surprise for me. Girl B had contacted me and arranged for the two of us to get together, but I scored free tickets to the state premier of The Dark Knight Rises. Yup folks you read that right. I shall be watching the new Batman movie a full day before it goes out on release in Australia, and a full two days before the rest of the world. MUAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Awesome is somehow not enough to describe this….

Anyways, enough of me bragging and rubbing the amazingness of this moment in your faces. Let’s get back to the imminent disaster waiting to happen, cause that’s a lot more entertaining for you folks. Sadistic bastards the lot of you. 🙂 Much love.

So the get together between the three of us was going to be a surprise, but I called Girl B to see if she could also make it to the movie. That’s when she let the cat out of the bag that Girl A was also supposed to join us. This had me scrambling for yet another free ticket. Which of course I found cause I am awesome. So now the three of us will be going for drinks, then attending a premiere of maybe one of the most awesome movie trilogy’s ever made.

And to answer your question, no I don’t think anything is going to happen with either of them, and I don’t want anything to happen either. My guess, this whole meeting up they’ve arranged is just to cement the whole issue that both of them would like to remain friends with me and nothing else. And that’s plenty fine with me. With this whole year of blogging series that I’m making up as I go along writing about, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is all for the best.

And to answer your second question yes I shall be doing a review of the movie, and I will make the utmost attempt to not include spoilers but just as a warning if you do not want to be pre-mind-blown skip over tomorrows post.

So here comes the first of them, so (and this is so highly appropriate right now)…

I’ll catch you again folks, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Hello, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for – “Blogging One Year On – Part 2 of 7”

Wait, I hear you say, pondering, as we sit side by side on the couch, cups of coffee in hand. You made mine a little too sweet, and its making my teeth ache, but what the hell. A caffeine AND a sugar rush.

“Wasn’t this story about ninja lemmings and samurai mole rats? How did droids get into this? They’re in a completely different time line and genre…”

I scoff at your attempts at making my tale consistent.

PFFT! <– *me scoffing at you*

And as with any story so ridiculously implausible that it HAS to be the truth, there’s an answer to your question.

Time travelling droids. Well not on purpose, but they got caught in a wormhole after they used an escape pod after their ship was boarded by these dudes in completely impractical white uniforms. Seriously, white? On soldier dudes? As if there wouldn’t be a penis drawn on the back of someones helmet the minute they were issued…

If a male robot likes to love another male robot who am I to judge? The short one is a smart arse though…

Anyway, those droids joined me on the unicorn, but they weren’t the droids we were looking for so we tossed them off the side just as the guitar solo came on.They ended up on some desert world and did some stuff. I think there was a movie. Which goes to show you that this must be the truth since, the droids contributed nothing to the story, and one of the lessons we learn growing up, is that just because you want someone to play a particular part in your story doesn’t mean that they will.

And now for the version of events that happened for those of you still stuck in the Matrix.

Things I learnt after a year of blogging – Relationships.

Reading through my disastrous attempts at relationshipping the past year, I have come to one conclusion which I’ve probably have come to before, and if so then please change that previous line to “I have reinforced a previous conclusion”. And that is I suck at relationships. Friendships are fine, hell I’m awesome at those. Don’t ask me why I suck at romantic relationships, I haven’t delved that deeply into that broken and shattered aspect of my personality, sparkling like an insane disco ball in the nether regions of my soul. I just suck.

But I’m fine with that.

Because another thing I’ve discovered from reading a years worth of angst ridden yearnings (well okay there’s not THAT many) is that I’m a helluva lot happier when I’m happy being single than when I’m happy being a couple. It’s like being in a relationship (and being happy within that relationship) is like having pizza. BUT! being single AND being happy about being single is like having pizza, beer, a lazy Sunday afternoon and the entire series of Firefly on a big TV screen.


Hello day 5 days post-break up, this is how it stands.

I’m okay.

Yes, yes I spent Thursday night and Friday night and all of Saturday in a haze of alcoholic stupor, wallowing in my own self pity and the fetidness of my own filth.

It was pretty awful.

I rolled out of bed on Friday morning still hungover, I didn’t even shower or change my shirt for that matter to get to work. I only managed to get away with it because it was casual Friday. And while my ultra casualness did raise a few eyebrows, I managed to deflect questions regarding my state of mind. On my way back home on Friday I picked up 2 bottles of port, one of which I finished that night.

On Saturday I went to a mates house, where I proceeded to whine and moan continuously for the entire day and night (I really do have awesome friends) and proceeded to pass out after consuming another 3/4 of a bottle of port and a few (okay a lot) glasses of bourbon. I finally got home around 11pm and passed out once again.

But today, Sunday, I turned a corner. Although I’m probably going to have to turn a few corners before I’m completely over this chick, since I thought I turned a corner  on Thursday, but apparently had to reverse when the big truck called “self doubt and loathing” came roaring down that particular street.

But today I got up out of bed, cleaned the apartment a little, went to the gym and ran for about 2 hours (which was probably the best thing I could’ve done considering the amount of alcohol I consumed over the weekend) sweated like a mofo, then did an hour of weights training.  Came home, ate food that wasn’t made by a potato chip company and/or salsa company (it was roast chicken). Bought a book to read, now I’m typing this entry. Later on I’ll fondle Vera for a little bit seeing that she got neglected the entire week the girl was down, and I really need to practice going from G major to E minor.

And while yes I still really want to call her. It’s like smoking, I know that I can hold out, I just need will power.

I’m actually surprised. Usually by this time I’ve done something crazy and insane to try and get the girl back. But I’m respecting her decision, while I spent 3 days drunk, that’s normal right? Getting over someone isn’t all that easy. But I have not written a long convoluted letter asking her to take me back. I am not considering moving all the way to the other side of the country just for her. And I am not obsessing about ways I could’ve fixed the relationship.

So either I really didn’t like her that much (doubtful); I have grown into a cold hearted bastard (possible); I’m actually acting like a grown up during this break-up rather than a little whiny bitch (we have a winner!). Although cold-hearted bastard would be a nice change 😛

On a side note, the big ex (you know the one, got into debt because I  followed her across Europe? I went all crazy-depressive for a few years after that relationship? Yeah her.) she called me out of the blue. She’s back for a month in Australia from Canada (where’ she’s migrated or migrating or something) and wanted to check up on me. She’s really keen to meet up, but that would mean having to drive 3 hours down to Sydney.

Weird huh?

A girl that I thought could be “the one” dumps me, and the girl I thought was “the one” a decade ago comes back into my life, and then she’ll be leaving too…



The universe really has an odd sense of humour when it comes to my love life.