Hello new job update….

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Words. Me. Do. Together. Explain. Stuff. Later.


6 responses to “Hello new job update….

  1. I agree! I think… or maybe I completely disagree!!!

    I guess I’ll have to wait until I know what you meant here. LOL


  2. I took the liberty of inputting your post into Google Translate, from English to Sweatpantsese. The result:

    I got the job because I’m so awesome but I turned it down because Lane is so awesome 🙂 By the way, there is a massive hurricane headed your way. Consider this your early warning 😦 Okaythanksbye

    • I have my own language! Hurrah! Laney you can be official translator and my ambassador to the UN. The official national costume is of course sweatpants. Just the pants. Nothing else. It is mandatory that you have the national costume on at all times. *grin*

      Lol. I almost wish I didn’t get the job, so then you would feel bad about the comment, but I thought thats just a mean thing to think. Ive been through 2 hurricanes! Mucho not fun…

  3. “Sweatpantsnese” – Lane, that was frigging awesome! 🙂

    You were so excited about getting the job, that you were jumping up and down, tripped, fell, and got your sweatpants tangled on the keyboard? Lol!

    • Eboo! I swear I tried to comment on your blog, but blogger hates me! I just keep getting an error using chrome. I may have to migrate back to firefox…

      Lol. Please see latest post to see the funky way I tripped all day today 😉

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