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Hello. This post may contain nuts.

Peanuts, suprisingly… contains peanuts…

I love the disclaimer most Personal Finance bloggers have on their websites.

It usually goes something like this:

The information contained within this blog from all writers is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for obtaining professional financial advice. Please thoroughly research everything you read here and seek professional representation before acting on any information you may have found in this blog.

With of course different wording and permutations, dependent on the blogger’s style. But you get the gist.

It’s our peoples version of the “May contain nuts” disclaimer. 😛

So here’s my nut…

Well one of them. (ewwwwww! minds out of the gutter people!)

One of the ways I know has helped me in terms of budgeting, and not being caught with my pants down (really I’m not trying to insert all these crotch references into this post, it’s just happening), is putting aside $50 every pay check, for those quarterly bills. Since I’m renting I don’t have to pay for gas or water, only electricity. So $50 every two weeks is more than enough.

From a quick calculation, that gives me every quarter about $300 – $350 dollars. My electricity bill has never hit over the $300 mark. The most I’ve ever had to pay was $260. Now you can choose to roll over that money, or splurge it on something. I always tend to splurge on a nice bottle of wine.

Having that fund for those large quarterly bills have been a godsend. My budget really only leaves me with about $110 dollars for incidentals, after I take out rent, debt repayments, grocery and more regular bills (phone and internet). So if I had to squeeze an extra $150 from somewhere every 3 months (for the worst case scenario) I’d go absolutely guano.

Now you if you have other large quarterly (other utilities), half-yearly (I don’t know of anything that does half-yearly invoicing but you never know), or yearly (car registration) you could increase the amount of money you contribute to this fund every week, even $5 a week would give you $260 to use for your car registration. That might not cover it, but at least you won’t be looking for the the full amount, in an already tight budget.

Now some people could suggest that you put all this money within your emergency fund, combine the funds. More funds = More interest. If that works for you, I’m more than down with that (wow, listen to me get all “street”. Word). But I’ve put my emergency fund into an account that gives me an extra 5% interest rate on months I don’t do any withdrawals, so I am loathe to withdraw from it unless it really truly is an emergency.

And since I know those bills will eventually come, I really don’t consider it an emergency. Which is why I have a second account (which has a relatively high interest rate, but doesn’t penalise for withdrawals, but doesn’t give that extra 5% rate either) just for those bills.

How do you manage those large quarterly/yearly bills? Do you just take the hit on your finances when they come in? Or have you got some other fandangled method of making sure you’re not surprised?


Hello writers block: day 19. Seriously I should just give up.

So still struggling with the mad lumbering beast that is writers block.

Today’s post will mainly consist of E-cards that I would like to send to a few bloggers I’ve come to stalk know since starting this blog.

was going to name the people I was going to address these E-cards to, but I’m not nearly drunk enough (cause it’s Tuesday 11am as I write this, if I was drunk now I’d either be fired, have quit or have found me a a sugar momma) to drunk e-card people on the internet

Maybe another day *grin*. For now, fellow bloggers, just guess which one you think is appropriate for you. 🙂

And clueless to the boundaries that society arbitrarily places on my interactions with other people. PS I like your boobs.

Aaahhh. I love your blog because you share your disastrous interactions with humanity that make my disastrous interactions with humanity seem less crazy. Thank you.

Yup. Until you realise damnit!

You know who you are. Stop it.

I seriously am. This is why I don’t comment on your blog. Much.

Cause you’re just as weird as I am. Love.

Cause that’s how we roll. You love it.

Cause you are *that* hot. If you don’t like it, well tough 🙂

Now you’re all wondering which one of you sent me nekkid pics! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! Dance little puppets! Dance!

No. Really I am. Please re-follow me.

And here’s one for everyone! 🙂

Happy Tuesday folks!

Hello stats page… lets take a lo- *ka-boom!*

Picture this, it’s a lazy Wednesday afternoon, it’s 4:45PM. I’ve done all my work for the day. So I check my stats page to see how I’m going for the day.

98 hits.

Not bad, about average for my little blog. I’m content.

I talk to a colleague of mine about some minor contract things. Couldn’t have taken more than 2 – 3 minutes tops.

I check back on my stats page and hit the refresh button.

150 hits.

Errr. Okay, a little odd, but there aren’t any new comments or new “like” notifications. So I just assume someones discovered my blog after having googled “hot girls in sweatpants” (which was the number one search term for this blog. Don’t ask me why.) and decided despite the lack of hot girls in sweatpants that they liked the cut of my jib and stalked my past posts.

So I leave the office, get home, play around with Vera for a little while. Decide that I should check my email in case the penis enlargement spam gets lonely and wants to join his friends over at the I-wonder-if-these-work trash folder.

123 new emails. All from WordPress.

I checked my stats.

634 hits.

First thought – Oh crap what have I done?

Second thought – Who are all these people?

Third thought – I should have that left over pizza for breakfast tomorrow.

Fourth Thought – No. Freaking. Way.

And there it was, received at 5:17PM “your post has been promoted to Freshly Pressed on the home page.”

So first I did this.

Yup. Just like that...

Then I went “Eep.”

Don’t get me wrong I am totally and out out of this world grateful/humbled/ecstatic/overjoyed that a person I don’t know in a tweed jacket and pipe has looked at my post and gone “Fwah, Fwah, Fwah, Heyyyynnngghhh Sheeeee!” and granted approval for a post of mine, and a lot of people agree  with said person. 😛

Wait! That was sarcasm! Please, don’t take this away from me! It’s all I have! My life will be a meaningless shell of itself without this! I desperately require the approval of others! Damnit that was sarcasm too! Shut up mouth before you get us into trouble!

Science really needs to get onto this...

Where was I?

Oh yeah.


This is it, I’ve reached the pinnacle of WordPresshood. No matter what I do now I will never ever have this heady high of seeing my stats jump 50 – 100 – 250  hits every few minutes.

I’ll never have a gajillion (yup you heard me GA-jillion) people liking my posts.

I’ll never have a bazillion (that’s a bit less than a gajillion for you non-math people out there) comments coming up, with my OCD against leaving comments unreplied hammering at the walls of my brain to reply to them all (shut up OCD part of my brain, I’ll get to replying to everyone! Now pipe down or I’ll start poking you with q-tips again!).

I’ll never have a whole new slew of followers to randomly annoy with posts with little or no editing, punctuation, excessive use of caps and exclamation marks and then written in text speak. kinda lyk THIS GAWD I CN  B SOOOOOO ANoYIn!!!!! (Nahhh I wouldn’t do that to you people… or would I??? *shifty eyes*)

Never again…


So there is only really one way to move forward from getting Freshly Pressed. I am going to pretend it never happened. There won’t be a special page made or anything like that, I’ll try not to mention it either… umm… err… after this post *facepalm at self* Okay THIS post mentions it, but I had to acknowledge it didn’t I?

So first of all thanks to the WordPress person who picked up the post. *waves at faceless unknowable all powerful Oz*

Thanks to all the people who liked and commented! I shall endeavour to reply to all comments (Happy OCD part of my brain? Release some endorphin’s now plea- aaahhhhhhhh – that’s the stuff.)

Thanks to all the new people who have subscribed, I’ll come by and subscribe to you as soon as possible. (Oh hello newbies! MUAHAHAHAHAHA… let the hazing commence! PF’ers hold them down… Others… get the paddles!)

But most of all thanks to the people who have been reading this blog before all this hullabulloo and will (hopefully) still be around after it’s all long forgotten (don’t leave me! *sobbing as I clutch onto your legs* ;))

They fall into two groups…

Firstly the Personal Finance peeps. Blonde, Vodka, MutantS, HH, Bike, Raf, Andrea, Cas, Broke, Boo, NiksterKevo and Pretty (Pretty, yes I know you’re fairly new but since your blog is my blogs wingblog in terms of sluttiness you HAD to be added *grin*). You girls and guys are really the only reason this little blog of mine has survived for this long, and I know I don’t comment as much as I should (and you know, now that I’m a blogging superstar *brushes dirt off shoulders*, I’ll just get my people to call your people *grin* Oh c’mon! You’ve been following this blog long enough! You know I’m kidding… mostly ;)) but know that I do stalk all your blogs regularly, and your comments always brings a smile to my face. And if I’ve forgotten anyone I’m very very sorry! I usually keep track of you guys via comments… but ummm… yeah… that’s not working quite as well now…

Then there’s the the Others…

Oh god the Others :). The ones who I discovered after realising there’s only so many ways I could write about money (cause you know, me = hamster on meth), before I wanted to spend all mine just so I could be done with it. The ones who make me laugh, the ones who make me think, and the ones who make me appreciate. There’s a couple here I’ve only stalked and never commented on, so to those bloggers, umm yeah, you’ve been outed as being interesting by little ol’ me. Sorry! Carlz, NotFamous, Tenz, Thoughts, Max and of course the Tara’s. Again if I’ve forgotten anyone, as above.

So thanks guys!

Okay enough mushy stuff… and now for what you’ve all really come here for… hard-core, un-censored full frontal nudity!… *bow-chicka-wah-wah*

Do you realise how fast you were scrolling just then???

Welcome to my blog!  Come for the false advertising of nudity… stay for the puppies 🙂

… Then Riddle Me That.

First some housekeeping. Apologies for the total lack of posts recently, and also the quality of the posts. I know they’ve been lacking the normal effervescent I-don’t-know-what, you’ve come to expect and demand from this blog. Apparently when you get viral meningitis, you have the post-viral effects to look forward to, which is pretty much the same symptoms as the original, but this time you have no time frame with which to hope for relief.

But, 2 doctors, 1 morphine based drug later, a neurologist,  2 beta blockers, and $1000 later… I am all better.

And to welcome myself back, I’m going to answer a few questions asked by fellow blogger, and someone who’s much prettier and funnier than me Curly Carly! (and seriously Carly… this is what the 5th? 6th? time I’ve referenced you in my blog? We’re going to have to have a chat about the advertising fees ;))

Her questions:

1. Why won’t Christina Aguilera just cover it up already?

As I’m in Australia, we are thankfully cushioned by geography from much of the excesses of a lot of the USA’s pop culture shenanigans. That and I don’t think I’ve watched television in about 6 months, so I’m not even sure what you mean when you’re asking Christina to cover it up… did she get naked?
2. If Dirk Nowitzki asked you to play him in a game of basketball, would you jump at the chance or decline to prevent eventual humiliation?

Errr…who? Sorry the last time I watched an NBA game, Jordan was still about.

3. Do you think dogs know the difference between male and female humans?

I would say yes. I mean dogs see with their nose right? Like their sense of smell is their primary way they perceive the world. Now even I can tell that any woman smells nicer than I do (and seriously I’ve lived with girlfriends, shared the same soap, same shampoo, same food, same everything. But even on a lazy winter Sunday, when I haven’t done anything that would work up a slight bit of sweat, except lay on the couch as a cushion to be used by the girlfriend, I still smell like a dead, wet dog compared to her. How do you do it females??? HOW?!?!?) so it would be safe to assume women to dogs smell like a Chanel No. 5, covered in lavender, and smothered in honey and chocolate two legged mistress, while us men, to dogs, would smell like a sweaty, corn-chip factory worker, who has tried to cover the smell with liberal amounts of deodorant.
3. If everyone in the world agreed to shave their heads, would you be happy or upset that you would be expected to do the same?

Errr… I’m a boy, we really don’t have an emotional attachment to our hair, unless we’re going bald, then we do. But as a bloke, if you know your hair will grow back, doesn’t really matter what you do with it, it’s when it we realise that as we’re losing it that it will never grow back ever again, is when we start crying.
4. Are you getting enough fiber? Are you??

Good god no. I’m apparently according to a younger acquaintance, 2 years off the beginning of middle age (which apparently begins at 35 and ends at around 45). If I started worrying about fibre intake, it would be a small slippery slope into worrying about my cholesterol, then salt, liver, kidneys… ugh.
5. Do you feel that your own sex or the opposite sex has more advantages in our day and age?

Not really, especially in this day and age. I think it’s pretty equal. Oh sure women are increasingly becoming more independent, powerful. Women still have the casting vote as to whether or not to enter into a relationship. Women have banded together in recent years to support each other across every sort of social media possible. But as a man, the world is my urinal.
6. If the world voted to deem weeds as “beautiful,” like flowers and trees, would you be happy or upset?

Wouldn’t really care. I’ve seen fields of dandelions that have been magical, and perfectly manicured gardens that have left me cold. But I do like a well-kept lawn. Beauty is just how you see things really.

7. If Facebook and Twitter suddenly went away, how would this impact you? In other words, how engrained or ungrained are they in your life? Would you suddenly have very few friends, or the exact same number as before?

I would be pretty much the same. Most of my friends are from real life. I barely talk to anyone via twitter. I have a few acquaintances on-line, but I don’t really count people as friends until I have their mobile number and I have gotten off-my-tits-drunk with them at least once.

8. Which stage of the mourning process are you in regarding Oprah’s exit from her TV show? Be honest.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Oprah show from beginning to end.

9. If someone fist-bumped you, would you a) fist-bump them back, b) ask why that person is such an awful punch thrower, or c) tell them it’s probably better to keep their hands to themselves at all times?

I will confess, I am a serial fist-bumper after a few pints. So definitely A.

10. I believe there are two types of people in the world: those who are generally mentally energized after being around people and those who are generally mentally exhausted after being around people. Which are you?

I shall now blow your theory out of the water because I am both. If I am with people who share the same sense of humour and level of intellect with, and therefore the conversation is a rip-roaring affair full of laughter, terrible puns, one-liners and zingers, I feel like a god after. If on the other hand I am dealing with a complete dullard, and I have felt it necessary that I carry the conversation, then I feel like I’ve been sucked dry.

Annnnnnd… done…

Now according to the rules I’m supposed to compile a list of 10 questions and then pick 10 fellow bloggers to ask said questions to…

But it’s a beautiful crisp autumn Saturday afternoon, I have been stuck at home every weekend for four weeks because I’ve been ill.

So… bye!

Hello weird looks I have gotten from every single girlfriend I have ever had. We have an explanation!

And the person who has just mind-blown my life with this insight is CurlyCarly‘s sister. Yes Curly Carly has once again gotten a shout out in this blog. I know what you’re thinking, well I can think of several thoughts that could actually be going through those evil minds of yours:

1) Me and Curly Carly are actually the same person, and this is some weird narcissistic and truly psychotic thing happening here.

2) I am stalking Curly Carly and have set up camp in the crawl space of her home.

3) How many grapes can Cap’n Sweatpants fit in his mouth?

To answer those thoughts:

1) No way do I have the mental capacity to be THAT humorous.

2) It’s actually quite warm here. I shall request for the heat to be turned down.

3) 8 (I have a very sensitive gag-reflex)

But the reason for the shout out is this this line uttered by her sister who I’m assuming is the Dalai Lama (you know, because of the wisdomus qualities in such a simple statement)

Curly Carly's sister in all her awesomeness

“…he’s a typical male, since he seems to think that Love + Random (critical) thought + Backpedaling = Love”

And as soon as I read that, mind was blown.

It’s true, well for me anyway. But there is a logical explanation to this, which I thought everyone (and by everyone I am including women now, cause you know, you’re sorta people too… sometimes :P) knew.

It’s like this:

Love = You tell someone you like them/care for them/love them whatever. A genuine show of affection.

Random (critical) Thought = Okay it’s not ALWAYS critical, and often when it is we don’t mean it to be, and it’s usually something about the female.

Backpedaling = usually something related to the Random Thought and usually reinforces the underlying message behind it.

Lets take a look at at the note from the boy to the niece, which CurlyCarly posted on her wall…

(oh crap I should ask for permission).

(… waiting on permission… waiting… waiting… GOT IT!)

And we will do a detailed breakdown of what it says to what the boy actually meant:

Dear Reese,

(Hello Female That I Find VERY attractive, cause see I used “Dear” intead of just “Hi” or “Hello”. This is the convention of all love letters so you should treat this as such)

I want to tell you that you’re hot and beautiful and you should have this beautiful rose of red.  Happy Valentine’s Day. 

(This means exactly what it says.)

P.S. Why did you wear your Toms 5 weekdays in a row? 

(Now we come to the area where the hardwired mind of males, comes into direct conflict with the software powerhouse mind of the female. But this is not a criticism. This is used to show that the male is attracted enough to the female that he has noticed a fairly insignificant detail about her, and now he is displaying this knowledge as a means to show his affection. Also! The male phrased this as a question. This is also meant to show the female that not only does the male care enough to notice the small details, but he is also willing to help in case she has suffered some sort of shoe mishap, which may have led to her wearing the same shoes five days in a row.)

P.S.S. I like your Toms.

(Now if you take into account what the male intended to convey with the previous line, you can see that this is not backpedaling. This is a reaffirmation of his affection. Not only has he noticed that the female has worn the same shoes 5 days in a row, not only is he willing to help in case there was a shoe mishap, the male is also telling the female, that I like your taste in clothing. And that you can wear the same thing for 5 days straight and I will still like you.)

And there you have it.

A simple misunderstanding.

A slight differing of viewpoints.

A miniscule variation of thought.

That’s all that stood between me and every single ex-girlfriend from giving me this look:

I have seen you many times...

Given that I’m not a tennis ball and that person giving the look is a dude.

But you get the gist.

Hello Pinterest, errr what the?

One of the many things I like about WordPress is the Stats Page.

Screw that.

I love it.

I get to see how many people are visiting this dark, little, twisted, deviant corner of the web that is mine.

I get to see what people are typing into Google and any other such search engines which direct them to your blog (to the person who recently searched for “fat man in tight jeans viewed from behind” Hello, you twisted little person you :))

And I get to see which sites are referring back to mine.

Now normally this is just the usual list of us terribly incestuous PF bloggers who link back to each other, like that small group of friends you had in college, that, well, did each other.

But yesterday I found a new website crop up as a referrer to my blog.

what are you?!!?!?

Actually, 12 referrals from Pinterest.

I have absolutely no idea what it is. I have heard it being referred to by a few bloggers, and also on a few other non-blog websites. But it never really interested me to find out what it was. The referrals though changed all that, and now I am on a mission to work out what exactly “Pinterest” is and does.

Being of the logical mindset, I am going to lay out the plan of attack I created in trying to determine what this website is, and how (and why) it refers to my blog.

STEP 1: Compilation of questions to be answered.

  1. Why is it called Pinterest?
  2. Is it pronounced “pin-terest” or “pee-interest”.
  3. If pronounced the latter, should I be worried about the people who seem to be very enthusiastic about the site, or should I accept the fact that every one has their own weird fetish and let each of us go to hell in their own handbasket?
  4. What do you actually do on this site?
  5. Why is this site referring to my blog?
  6. Why is it all of a sudden referring to my blog after I posted my Valentines Day post?

Step 2: Ask those who seem to be using the site, to explain what it actually is.

So Over Debt says “Actually my recent post was about why I refuse to use Pinterest, so I’m afraid I won’t be much help. :)” this is why I suck at journalism.

Step 3: Actually go into site and see for myself

This is on the very top of their homepage:

Pinterest is an online pinboard.
Organize and share things you love.

Maybe I should’ve gone with this in the first place. Sorry Andrea in Step 2!

Step 4: Analysis

Essentially that quote from the website answers questions 1 through to 4.

  1. Why is it called Pinterest? it’s a conglomeration of the words “pinboard” and “interest”
  2. Is it pronounced “pin-terest” or “pee-interest”? from the answer above I’m going to go with “pin-terest”
  3. If pronounced the latter, should I be worried about the people who seem to be very enthusiastic about the site, or should I accept the fact that every one has their own weird fetish and let each of us go to hell in their own handbasket? well since it’s the former I really don’t need to worry. But I’ll go with everyone has their own weird fetish anyway.
  4. What do you actually do on this site? well, “you organize and share the things you love.”

But what about question 5 and question 6???

5. Why is this site referring to my blog? 

Since this site mainly deals with pictures, I am guessing that there is a picture on my blog that those referrals have been linking to.

6. Why is it all of a sudden referring to my blog after I posted my Valentines Day post?

Well, since we’ve established that it is a picture that is causing all the referrals from Pinterest, and I have had no referrals from Pinterest before the Valentines Day post. We must now assume that it is the picture found in the Valentines Day post, that these people are linking into, and therefore “love”.

Step 5: Conclusion

Now, that we have established the facts, there really is only one conclusion available to us:

12 people on Pinterest love a baboons butt shaped like a heart.

For those sickos out there....

So for those people, I’ve posted the picture again, cause well it’s pretty sick and twisted and what can I say, I like sick and twisted.

Screw that.

love it.


Editors Note: Yes I know that my argument is choc-a-block full of flawed logic, incorrect assumptions, glaringly obvious experimental errors and plot holes large enough that even George “lets-make-the-Star-Wars-prequels-so-bad-that-true-fans-must-deny-their-existence-for-the-sake-of-their-sanity” Lucas could spot them. But to those people who want to point that out, I only have one thing to say to you:


Hello Cassie, you tagged me on the butt by the way. Just thought you should know. Wash your hands.

Would you like to play a game Clarice? *insert that creepy slithering sound Hannibal Lecter makes here*

So Cassie, in all her innocent wide-eyed way (and I’m making this up, but you can see it can’t you? Read her blog. She reads like the type of person who could not only get away with using the “puppy dog eye” trick, but has mastered it and is now onto the “kitten purr” Use your powers only for good, young padawan) tagged me with 11 questions.

As always there are rules, and they are as follows:

#1 – Post these rules.

#2 – Answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you.

#3 – Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.

#4 – Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

#5 – Let them know that you tagged them.

#6 – If youre writing this at home and you are all alone, quack once. (okay I added this one myself, just seeing if anyone falls for it)

Now… onto the questions…

1) When you started paying off your debt, did you do it by balance or interest rate?

Oh god. I will confess, the very first time I started paying debt, I had no idea what I was doing. All I did was take any money I had left over from paying bills, food, rent etc and divide that equally amongst all my debt. I think I did that for a couple of years before I found the PF community. So to answer your question, neither. Now I’m using the interest rate method.
2) What was your first job, and how much did you make doing it?

Picture this. The year was 1993, it was September. I was 14 years and 9 months old (the youngest age you can be and be legally employed in Australia). I was as socially retarded then as I am now, but it was worse because I was still inflicted with a shyness so powerful that it could have obliterated suns. Well, maybe not oblitereated, it would’ve walked quietly up to a sun, from behind, then cough politely until it was noticed, and then asked the sun very politely to step aside please. Yes, yes there was a point in time I was shy. How, I got out of that is another story. But yes, there really aren’t many jobs for someone who was unable to talk to strangers. So my very first job was a Shopping Trolley Collector… I think I got paid $9.50 an hour… or something like that.
3) Have you ever stalled on an investing opportunity and regretted it?

Stalled on an investing opportunity? Yes. Regretted it? No. I’m one of those people who will research and research before committing to any investment. And yes I have missed out on a few gains, but I’ve also managed to dodge a helluva lot of bullets. So I’ll stick with my system of slow and steady.
4) What was the blog that first got you interested in blogging?

Well I’ll have to confess it wasn’t an actual blog. Hold on while I put my grandpa hat on and pull my trousers up so the waistband is just below my nipples. Okay, see back in 1995 (when I got my very first computer AND my 56kbps modem. Yep. I know. Hardcore.) there weren’t any blogs per se. There was no Blogger, no WordPress, no Xanga, no LiveJournal, nada. Hell, Google, Facebook, Twitter didn’t exist yet either. What we had back then though was “personal web pages”, they had to be created via html using notebook and Netscape Navigator. These tended to be of the “hello here I am, this is what I’m interested in” variety, but I would say those pages were the larval form of blogging.

5) If you had to trim your budget to the bare bones, what is the last thing you’d cut?

I would have to say the internet connection. I was going to say books, but my book collection is large enough that if I re-read them all, by the time I get to the first book again I’d have forgotten the intricacies of the whole thing. But the internet connection, everything depends on that, blogging, general wasting time, movies, music, tv…
6) What was the worst piece of financial advice you’ve ever received from a well intentioned person?

“Get a credit card. You can buy stuff on the internet!” Best Friend in High School.
7) What do you wear to work?

A suit and tie. Unless it’s Friday then I go completely casual. Currently wearing jeans, boots and a short sleeved plaid shirt. Yeeeeehaaaa!
8) How much money would it take to make you feel “set”?

I’ve actually calculated this.


Cause even in just a standard 5% savings account you get $100,000 in interest, and I could live on about 1/2 that very comfortably.
9) If you were to start over, which money mistakes would you make again because they contained valuable lessons?

Wow. Good question. Well the problem with me is, I only really learn and change due to HUGE catastrophes. It takes something fairly drastic to make me learn my lesson AND to stick with it. So while I would not gladly make it again, I think experiencing it was a key turning point in my life. That is being homeless (even if it was just for a week). That really made me want to get my head screwed on straight.
10) Are you following in your parent’s financial patterns? Why or why not?

I think my parents are doing a little bit better now. I think we both learned to control our money mistakes around the same time. They have 2 properties under their belt now. But I haven’t gone down that road yet, owning property just seems so, grown up.
11) When you’re short on cash, what are your go to cheap meals?

There’s a Chinese take away store in Belconnen (a suburb of Canberra) in Westfield (shopping centre/mall) that sells a decent lunch/dinner sized serving of food, for the low low price of 7 takeaway containers (each a meal) for $20. Which means I could conceivably live on a $40 food-budget every payday fortnight, with no need to buy any other groceries.  (if I divide each takeaway container for lunch AND dinner). I’m currently spending around $80 – $100 on food. The only reason I don’t get it ALL the time is cause it’s actually on the other side of the city for me, that and cause well you do get sick of it… eventually. Either that or potatoes and bacon.


1) Have you ever mistakenly walked into a strip club?

2) And have you ever thought to yourself “I could be a dude!” if you’re a woman or “I could be a chick!” if you’re a man. If you have, what kind of stereotypical man/woman would you think you would be?

3) Follow up to the previous question. Did you then start to wonder exactly how the whole plumbing system of the other gender works, and how much you would freak out if you had to use it?

4) Kumquat.

5) What colour sock on my right foot do you think I’m wearing? What does this say about you as an individual?

6) If monkeys took over the world, what were you doing at 10:56PM on the 8th of February 2012? And did you have a hat on?

7) Do you think it’s weird, when you try and smell the person working closest to you without them noticing?

8) Stop trying to smell the person working closest to you. Are you able to say to them “George said hello”? What did they say in return?

9) Truthfully now, have you ever written a blog post wearing only your underwear? If so, which post?

10) What is the third image you get on Google Image Search when you type in the initials of your full name (include any and all middle names)?

11) If the thing immediately to your left became the only weapon available to you in the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, how screwed/awesome would you be? What is it?