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Hello. Sooooo yadda yadda yadda, it’s 3 years later.


I didn’t even know they saved blogs for that long. And no I haven’t been cheating on you guys, writing on any other blog or dispensing me weirdity on any other sort of medium. I have just been slack 🙂 May the fates forgive me. Bear in mind, I have not written for about 2.5 years, so my use of hyperbole, simile and metaphor could be as bad as…



a really bad thing. *face palm* (get it together man!)

Don’t ask me why I decided to start up writing in this blog again, it just seemed a helluva lot easier than starting a new blog. I’m still going to rant and rave about nothing much at all, at least that much hasn’t changed.

But what has changed in the past few years is my financial position. From the last update I can see that I posted, I was sitting somewhere around the negative $11K mark in overall financial position. As of today, February 20 2015, I am here:


Overall financially, I am now only about $300 in debt. Of course that’s not the figure of my actual debt, which is still sitting around the $7K mark. The graph shows my Total Net Worth, over the last few years I’ve built a small but growing Emergency Fund (roughly about 3 months worth of expenses), started a micro investment fund (less than $5K) and have a few bits and bobs squirreled away for some other upcoming expenses (more about those in another post). The next pay day (due on Thursday 26th of February) will at last see me coming in the positive.

But maybe a little clarification, see that long ass slide from June 2013 to June 2014, well I got hit by unemployment. Don’t ask me why I wasn’t blogging at this time, I think the fact I had a fairly good run of income going, and then yet again lost my job (due to budget cuts in the department) hit me kind of hard. Most of that year was kinda spent in a haze of doubt and self pity. I don’t recall much of it, but I did watch seasons 1-5 of Supernatural more than a few times… all in one sitting… *shame*

So what awaits over the next couple of posts? Well there is a (planned) move in the near future, new city, new job (god please let me get a new job!), new apartment and all the expenses that come with that.

Anyways, I forgot how invigorating and tiring putting down thoughts on paper… err screen, actually is, so I’ll end it here…

For now…




Hello and greetings from Nerdvana


Ahoy muchachorino’s.

I have returned. Captain-er and Sweatpantsier than ever.

True story.

Let’s be honest the last few posts before I took that little break were a mite depressing. Gone were the shameful and ridiculous references to boobs, pole dancing rabbits, puppies and all other things awesome. Instead you were lambasted with self-pitying prose (badly written self-pitying prose I might add) and annoying complaints of my inability to string words into a sentence.

But to that I say “nooooooooooo!” smashes glass and model ships with his phaser I will not sacrifice this blog. We’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats. Depression invades this space and we fall back. Depression takes over our entire world and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!”


Sorry about that I’ve been getting nerdier over the past couple of weeks and that quote basically reinforces that (special brownie points to the uber-nerd who can ntell me where that paraphrased quotes from, and we’re on the honour system here folks. No google cheating.)

As you probably have surmised my disappearance and my lack of meaningful post was due to a bout of depression. I really thought I had that whole issue licked, but I guess not. It took me a couple of weeks to realise that I had fallen into that trap again, but once I did, I drew on 10 years of managing depression to snap myself out it. And it worked, I’m not sure if it was merely acknowledging that I had depression again, or the weird and whacky ways I did to snap myself out of that funk, but snap I did.

This little Stella got his groove back (giggity) and ready to once again make your mind seem a little less crazy in comparison to mine.

Fer instance.

I mentioned that I’ve been nerding it up the past couple of weeks. That doesn’t even begin to cover it. I am now so far up the Nerd God’s butt I can see sunlight. My nerdhood has become so all mighty and powerful that frankly that might be the last nail in the coffin that holds the corpse of the hope that I will have intercourse with a female ever again. The aura of nerdity surrounds me like a miasma of girl repellant. I am now so nerdy that I actually believe that my virginity has been restored. That’s right folks, you heard right. I have been re-hymenated. 😉

Now what could I possibly have done to get so über-nerd? Simply, I bought an iPad. Pssshaw I hear you scoff, how is that nerdy? Well, because of the number of apps available, the cheapness of said apps and the ease of being able to search and download anything I want, I am now able to gloriously wallow in all the nerdiest of hobbies that I secretly love, behind a thin veneer of socially acceptable Apple geek hood.

Magic: The Gathering : deal me in

Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet : roll the dice

Nerdcode: nerdgasm!

Star Trek PADD : make it so


And god there are so much more, the only thing really stopping me is not the time to actually search for more, because I’m too busy playing around with the ones I already have.


So if anyone has any more suggestions on how I can further nerdify and re-hymenate myself with iPad apps please feel free to do so!

Until next time muchachorino’s!


Hello blogging. I’ve learnt a few things from you, this one is #56

Blogging Rule #56: Never put the word “boobs” in the title of your post. And god forbid you put it in there twice.

The post I’m talking about is this one. It discusses all the afflictions I carried when I stopped going to the gym.

That post is a little over 2 weeks old.

It is now the 2nd most viewed entry in this entire blog, because when people search for “boobs” in Google Image Search, they somehow come to my little corner of the internet. And I have no idea how! I tried this myself (and oh it was such a chore! *KA-BOOM* Hmmmmm, my sarcasm button just exploded for some reason), and after 12 pages I still couldn’t find the photo that I used. There is a similar photo on page 2, but its one of them demotivational posters. Mine is not. So that means these people have scrolled through at least 12 pages of boob pictures to get to the photo I used. And it’s not like they’re searching for “man-boob” (which would make more sense for Google to send them to that particular post) but nope, it’s just “boob”.

Twelve pages!

I was finished halfway through page one! (ifyaknowwhatimean 😛 ba-doom-ching)

In about another 6 weeks I’d say it will be the most viewed, surpassing the entry that was Freshly Pressed.

Which goes to show there are a lot of horny people in the world (actually they’re mostly American’s according to the stats page *grin* you bunch of sick puppies you *hugs*!)

But I feel kinda bad.

I mean all those voyeurs out there (brothers! sisters! otherers!) are on their computers, looking for a pair of one of the universes most glorious creations, and what does Google do in all of its omnipotent power? It takes them to my blog.


That’s like when you drop your wasabi coated peanut on the floor of a movie theatre and then picking it up, (following the 5 second rule of course) and popping it in your mouth to find that it is not your wasabi coated peanut but the detached testicle of a leprosy ridden, gonorrhoea  infected, chlamydia infested, pus ridden warthog (who has chosen the quieter winter months to fly to Australia and have a bit of a holiday, as warthogs do).

So, in order to redress this oh so terrible faux pas on my part, and to stem the tide of angry perverts who may choose to disembowel me for wasting precious bandwidth and seconds of their porn browsing time, I am going to give them boobies.

Five million, three hundred and eighteen thousand and eight to be exact.

So keep scrolling fellow perves! For a vast smorgasbord awaits! A cornucopia even!








5,318,008 upside down = ( . )( . ) *grin*

Ain’t I a stinker? 😉