Hello, there are no ninja lemmings in this post or “Blogging – One Year on. Part 1 of 7”

I know, I know.

I declare I’m back and then don’t post a thing for two weeks.

I’d tell you the truth, that I was whisked away by ninja lemming’s to fight in their never-ending war against the evil samurai mole-rats, on the back of a flying unicorn while they serenaded me with various renditions of Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son, as they fed me pieces of french toast.


you wouldn’t believe me anyways.

So, instead I’ll just use the following outrageous fabrication and sordid lies.



As I finished posting the last post. I realised I must be close to my blogging anniversary. And I was. Today, marks the 1st birthday of this blog.

And so I was stuck.

Such an auspicious occasion should be marked with a brilliant post. Something that bounces, bunny-like on the readers cerebral cortex, then does that other thing that bunnies are famous for doing, rhythmically, on your amygdala .

But I’m all out of brilliant, so you’ll all have to settle for narcissistic introspection.

In seven parts.


Sucks to be you.


Part 1: This started out as a personal finance blog (stop choking on your respective oral fixation objects. I know, it sucks as a personal finance blog, alright?) So after a year of blogging, what have I, Captain Sweatpants, learned about personal finance?

Well for one I am a budget nerd. I don’t particularly like numbers. I’m no math-elete. But when it comes to making spreadsheets, graphs, tables, whatever to help me tracking down my debt, wowsers. My “budget 2.0” spreadsheet currently has 11 different tabs/worksheets and 3 sets of graphs.

It’s fun goddamnit!

And anyone who say’s that they don’t have an awesome time putting into Excel all their expenditure and income and then trying to calculate a workable and realistic budget, then tracking debt repayments and progression, then putting all that data into a graphical format… well, I say those people are just too sane for my liking. 😛

You’re looking at the last pay-cycle, just before the 1st birthday of this blog.

This is one of the graphs I’ve set up that updates every time I input data from the master spreadsheet above.

Two pie graphs showing my progress from the point when I first started a version of this spreadsheet (about a year before I started blogging) to now.
Green = Good
Red = Bad

Number two (hehehehe “number two” *snort giggle guffaw snort*), I can actually trust myself with credit cards now. Oh I’ll never match up to Cheap Tight McSkint (the most frugal man in the world), I like technology too much, I often get lazy and buy dinner instead of making it, and hell, there are times when I just want to buy stuff. But I’ll never get myself into that position again where I was 2 years ago when I was literally drowning in debt. I currently have 3 credit cards in my wallet, 1 has never been used, 1 is my everyday card, and the other is my emergency card. And while some people might think, “if you don’t use that first card why even carry it?” Well it’s kinda like when a smoker carries that one last cigarette. It’s a challenge if you will. I know it’s there, and as long as I never use it. I’m in control. That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else, but whatever floats right?

And thirdly, well I’m a money grubbing whore. *grin* Nah seriously, the third lesson I’ve learned is that money IS important, but ONLY if you don’t have enough of it. With my current lifestyle and my current salary, and the way I’ve set up my automatic payments, and the way I’ve tailored my budget,  money isn’t really much of a concern. Oh sure, Iwantto upgrade my lifestyle. A nicer apartment, get a car, travel a lot more, buy more suits, better furniture, you know the drill. But I don’tneed to. And there’s something comforting in knowing that.

Stay tuned for part 2, where there will be an inspirational training montage sequence, as the ninja lemming’s whip me into shape for the inevitable battle  with the lord of samurai mole-rats – or if you are unable the beautiful truth of that narrative, the lie I will be telling will be something about what I’ve learnt regarding blogging and crap. I dunno, my lie isn’t that well thought out yet.

Give me a few hours.


14 responses to “Hello, there are no ninja lemmings in this post or “Blogging – One Year on. Part 1 of 7”

  1. Yay! I was just wondering today where you had gotten off to. Congratulations on your blogiversary.

    Also, I can’t wait until part 7. Did the ninja lemmings win in a blaze of maple syrup laden glory?

    • Thanks muchly Cassie-nova *grin* (yes, I know. That may be the lamest nickname ever. What surprises me is that I haven’t used it earlier :p)

      Now, now I can’t spoil the story by jumping to the end. But I’ll RUIN the story just for you with some avant garde editing, and artistic full frontal lemming nudity. *grin*

  2. Will you accept guest post ? I liked your blog. Let me know please.

    • You want to guest post on my blog? Or you want me to guest post on your blog? To answer that, writing for someone else’s blog is like wearing someone else’s underwear. Now to expand this simile, I’m not quite sure I’m comfortable enough for YOU to wear MY underwear, but I think I may be open to wearing yours.


      My first reply to a comment in eons, and I’m already talking about wearing women’s underwear… *facepalm*

      … And that dear readers is when I jumped the shark.

  3. Maybe if you keep writing… I’ll be shamed enough to go play on my own blog again… INSPIRE ME!

    • Inspire?

      You might have the wrong blog if you’re looking for inspiration. I cajole, threaten, poke people in the eye, sit on people, and once, blackmailed a person with the threat that a long lost video of them doing the chicken dance would find itself on YouTube, just so that they keep writing and entertaining me with their blogs.

      But inspire???

      Nevah! 😉

  4. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!
    I’m a spreadsheet nerd too!

    • That’s cause you’re cool like me :p…. I’m not sure whether or not I should tell you that this path is the dark side. But I’m sure once you start plotting trying to take over the world, it’ll be too late anyway *grin*

      But seriously, spreadsheets are awesome.

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa…who DOESN’T like creating Excel worksheets?! I do it daily and it almost never gets old.

    Happy Blog Anniversary! Seems like everyone started their blog about this time last year.

    • I dunno, but apparently they look just like us. They could be your next door neighbour, they could be your roommate, they could be your siblings (okay from the stories you’ve written maybe not YOUR siblings) I call them “normals” *shudders with fear and dread*

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