Hello and greetings from Nerdvana


Ahoy muchachorino’s.

I have returned. Captain-er and Sweatpantsier than ever.

True story.

Let’s be honest the last few posts before I took that little break were a mite depressing. Gone were the shameful and ridiculous references to boobs, pole dancing rabbits, puppies and all other things awesome. Instead you were lambasted with self-pitying prose (badly written self-pitying prose I might add) and annoying complaints of my inability to string words into a sentence.

But to that I say “nooooooooooo!” smashes glass and model ships with his phaser I will not sacrifice this blog. We’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats. Depression invades this space and we fall back. Depression takes over our entire world and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!”


Sorry about that I’ve been getting nerdier over the past couple of weeks and that quote basically reinforces that (special brownie points to the uber-nerd who can ntell me where that paraphrased quotes from, and we’re on the honour system here folks. No google cheating.)

As you probably have surmised my disappearance and my lack of meaningful post was due to a bout of depression. I really thought I had that whole issue licked, but I guess not. It took me a couple of weeks to realise that I had fallen into that trap again, but once I did, I drew on 10 years of managing depression to snap myself out it. And it worked, I’m not sure if it was merely acknowledging that I had depression again, or the weird and whacky ways I did to snap myself out of that funk, but snap I did.

This little Stella got his groove back (giggity) and ready to once again make your mind seem a little less crazy in comparison to mine.

Fer instance.

I mentioned that I’ve been nerding it up the past couple of weeks. That doesn’t even begin to cover it. I am now so far up the Nerd God’s butt I can see sunlight. My nerdhood has become so all mighty and powerful that frankly that might be the last nail in the coffin that holds the corpse of the hope that I will have intercourse with a female ever again. The aura of nerdity surrounds me like a miasma of girl repellant. I am now so nerdy that I actually believe that my virginity has been restored. That’s right folks, you heard right. I have been re-hymenated. 😉

Now what could I possibly have done to get so über-nerd? Simply, I bought an iPad. Pssshaw I hear you scoff, how is that nerdy? Well, because of the number of apps available, the cheapness of said apps and the ease of being able to search and download anything I want, I am now able to gloriously wallow in all the nerdiest of hobbies that I secretly love, behind a thin veneer of socially acceptable Apple geek hood.

Magic: The Gathering : deal me in

Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet : roll the dice

Nerdcode: nerdgasm!

Star Trek PADD : make it so


And god there are so much more, the only thing really stopping me is not the time to actually search for more, because I’m too busy playing around with the ones I already have.


So if anyone has any more suggestions on how I can further nerdify and re-hymenate myself with iPad apps please feel free to do so!

Until next time muchachorino’s!



8 responses to “Hello and greetings from Nerdvana

  1. I’m glad you’re back, even if you have turned nerd. I wish I could say where the quote is from but I’ve no idea.

  2. Glad you’re back, nerds are pretty awesome 😀
    I don’t know where that quote is from, but I want to say Star Trek? I really have no clue

  3. free penny press

    Hola and welcome back.. But can you do the nerdy Mork handshake? (google Robin Williams)

  4. Glad to have you back.

    The quote brings to mind Bill Murray in Stripes. But that’s not nerdy enough. Revenge of the Nerds. Let’s hear it for the Tri-Lams!

    Now you’ve done it, I’ve got to see the series again…

    • Aaaahhhhhhhhhh! How could I have been so wrong! I really need to spend some more quality time watching the source of the paraphrased quote. I hang my head in shame….

  5. Glad you’re back and feeling better! Let’s take the nerdiness down a notch, shall we? Drink a beer and go throw a javelin or something. Maybe not at the same time.

  6. Shane Peltzer

    Also glad you’re back even though I’m a more recent follower. Nerds are the new black if Big Bang Theory is any indication of the popularity of nerd culture. As someone who posts semi-regularly about personal stuff, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be depressed on your blog. Finding a balance between personal funny and personal serious will do you wonders. Welcome back.

  7. Did you not know that nerdiness was the new sexy? At least that is what I hear. Soooo, I’ve totally been avoiding the iPad mania. Now, knowing these apps are availble and my own, Magic, AD&D, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who obsession, I am now rethinking my NO-iPad stance.

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