Hello writers block: day 19. Seriously I should just give up.

So still struggling with the mad lumbering beast that is writers block.

Today’s post will mainly consist of E-cards that I would like to send to a few bloggers I’ve come to stalk know since starting this blog.

was going to name the people I was going to address these E-cards to, but I’m not nearly drunk enough (cause it’s Tuesday 11am as I write this, if I was drunk now I’d either be fired, have quit or have found me a a sugar momma) to drunk e-card people on the internet

Maybe another day *grin*. For now, fellow bloggers, just guess which one you think is appropriate for you. 🙂

And clueless to the boundaries that society arbitrarily places on my interactions with other people. PS I like your boobs.

Aaahhh. I love your blog because you share your disastrous interactions with humanity that make my disastrous interactions with humanity seem less crazy. Thank you.

Yup. Until you realise damnit!

You know who you are. Stop it.

I seriously am. This is why I don’t comment on your blog. Much.

Cause you’re just as weird as I am. Love.

Cause that’s how we roll. You love it.

Cause you are *that* hot. If you don’t like it, well tough 🙂

Now you’re all wondering which one of you sent me nekkid pics! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! Dance little puppets! Dance!

No. Really I am. Please re-follow me.

And here’s one for everyone! 🙂

Happy Tuesday folks!


16 responses to “Hello writers block: day 19. Seriously I should just give up.

  1. Last Tuesday at 11am, one of the girls at work told me it was too early to get drunk. She said no sooner than 12:30. 😉

    • 12:30??? Wow… she must be one of them upper class girls. It was midday where I grew up *grin*

      • A Sutherland Shire, girl, actually. Her attitude surprised me. But not nearly as much as the Campbelltown boy who refuses to drink at all.

        Personally, I was fairly certain that it was okay to drink at 10am because otherwise why would the uni bar even be open?

      • Aahhh Shire-folk, a strange bunch they are, although they do tend to be quite hot. Campbo? Not a drinker??? Whoa… the universe is not as I know it…

  2. I really love some of them and yes my inappropriate behavior is safe here 🙂

    • LOL… indeed it is… ORRRRR I could be living in constant fear that I will inadvertently tell you that I hide in your garbage cans and know your household eats a disproportionately large amount of halibut… o_O

      • well I don’t eat THAT much halibut but the crisp packages, now that is a different thing and what about the heaps and heaps of toothpicks in yours?

      • the toothpicks are for a psychiatric condition. I am only able to have fulfilling and long-lasting relationships with beings made of toothpicks. It’s called Dentsilvus Sweatpantus. *sigh* I’m a freak, I know. 😉

      • well maybe you can work your way up: toothpicks, matches, long matches, knitting needles logs and then maybe a tree?

  3. Shane Peltzer

    Writer’s block is the worst that is when I end up posting a song on my blog. Lol

  4. It’s OK…you can tell everyone that I sent you nekkid pics as part of our blogging love affair 😉

    • LOLOLOL… That is the best comment, that has ever passed through this blog. You have taken my facetious remarks then turned the tables on me. Well played little one, well played. I owe you some sort of brick-a-brack, or a spoon, something, anything! Name your price! (as long as its under 20 bux and is able to fit into a normal postage envelope)

  5. Those e-cards never get old.

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