Hello interview-day, errr why am I not all flustered and worried?

So for the first time in a couple of weeks I actually have something to write about (I will not however can promise that this post will be well written :P)


So, today I’m interviewing for the position I talked about here. Yes I applied, what the hell. And yup I got an interview. Usually I would be a bundle of nerves, since the interview will be taking place in 43 minutes (and yes instead of boning up on relevant legislation and regulations I am writing a blog post, THAT is how much I love you guys, or how amazing I am at procrastinating, one of them anyway ;)) But right now, meh. I know enough that I should be able to at least answer the questions, I get to have a copy of my application with me and I get a copy of the questions they will be asking, and will have 15 minutes to review and make notes.

How hard can it be? (famous last words, I know.. :P)

But then again I’m not all that fussed, since I’ve also spoken to my manager and despite the budget cuts which will be taking place, he has reassured me that my job is secure and I’ll be around for at least another year.

Maybe that’s why.

I don’t have the fire under me. I really don’t NEED to get this job. I’m not jobless, and there’s no prospect of me being jobless. While the 15% salary increase would be welcomed with open arms, it’s not completely necessary. Maybe that will make me perform better, less nerves, more confidence, who knows?

I’ll provide an update for you guys Monday on exactly how it went.

Wow. Even with something to talk about I can’t even get past the 500 word mark. *facepalm*


Wait breathe, breath… (chant’s in his head “Let’s go Matt, lets go!”)

All good.

So as an apology for the horrendous writing in this post, here’s a drawing I was going to put up in another post, but only figured out how to do it now…

I’m not too sure why I was going to post this… something to do with being all artsy fartsy and creative I think… *shrugz*


7 responses to “Hello interview-day, errr why am I not all flustered and worried?

  1. Good luck on your interview!

  2. Good luck for your interview! Nice drawing 🙂

  3. I hope the interview went great. You seem to be in the best position for the interview. You don’t need the job in anyway and you are happy and secure in your current position so I think your performance should be one of your best.

    You have some art talent…. I would have never guessed.

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