Hello writers block: Day 12




That is the sound of my ability to string coherent, meaningful and colourful sentences together draining away from my brain. Swirling into the dark abyss, created by the intense gravitational field of the writer’s block embedded into my head.

But, in an effort to try to overcome this, I am forcing myself to write. While many insist that I need to search for inspiration first before attempting to write, I’m using the take-the-bull-by-the-horns method and just trying to bludgeon my way through the hoards of gremlins standing between myself and some well written prose. So excuse the content of this blog for the next few days weeks months years decades centuries eons time-frames-so-vast-that-universes-born-and-die-within-them, as they will be quite as painful to read, as they will be to write.

So onward and upward!

Reasons why life is like a computer:

  • Sometimes you have too many ports and you don’t know which one to choose.

Too many holes! GAH!

  • But most of the time, the problem is, you don’t have enough.

I can’t fit anything else in! GAH!

  • Other times the program you want, isn’t compatible with what you have, or you don’t have enough resources to run the program.

I don’t have enough resources! GAH!

  • It will invariably get old and be obsolete.

But I was state of the art in 1982! GAH!

  • And sometimes you just want to get all medieval on it. It doesn’t really do anything but it’ll make you feel better, for a little while. Then you realise you’ve acted like a douche.

Why must you be so difficult?! GAH!

  • Sometime there’s a virus and nothing works.

I don’t feel well. GAH!

  • And there are people out there who really just want to screw you over.

Get away from me you reprobate! GAH!

  • And sometimes the only answer is to pull the plug.

Go on, crash and burn one more time. I dare you. GAH!

  • But once in a while, everything works. Nothing crashes. There are no errors. There are no virus’s. There’s no malware. There’s no spam. There are no forced restarts. There aren’t any new complications… And, well… it’s all sorta beautiful.

It’s raining cheese! GAH! *giggle*


6 responses to “Hello writers block: Day 12

  1. lets hope today is beautiful :0)

  2. Haha! I like your writer’s block

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