Hello world, guess what….?

For 7 days after the break-up, I slobbed around.

No suit was worn.

Not one business shirt was buttoned.

Not one neck-tie encircled my neck.

No button up vest to provide a little bit of panache.

No cuff-links were cuffed.

Not a pair of dress shoes were worn.

And I will confess…

Not that many showers were taken.

And this included at least 4 working days, 3 of which were not casual Friday.

But today… well… the video below is the best explanation for it really…

Daddy’s home. πŸ˜‰


13 responses to “Hello world, guess what….?

  1. Are you saying that you normally do suit up? Because … hellooo nurse.

    • Arrr matey. Suits are awesome. Not really sure what the bit in your comment “Because… hellooo nurse.” means… it’s either

      a) you think I’m a nurse

      b) you’re telling me you’re a nurse, and now I have to respond with my occupation

      c) you’re sharing the fact that you would like to be a nurse, and now I have to respond with the occupation I would like to be in…


      a) I am not

      b) buyer of art for the government

      c) antique book store owner or rodeo clown


      • Haha.

        It’s, like, a famous quote or something.

        (That’s actually another quote – maybe I should start using quotation marks so these misunderstandings won’t happen anymore)

        (In case you’re wondering, “Hellooo nurse” is from The Animaniacs cartoon; and “It’s, like, a famous quote or something” is from Clueless. Yes, this is the calibre of my film and television knowledge.)

        But I appreciate your answers, nonetheless. Were you the person who agreed to pay $2m for Blue Poles?

      • Animaniacs! Aahhhh, that’s why I missed the pop culture reference. It was in that weird period of the 90’s when I was trying to be all grown up and stop watching cartoons. Now if you had done a Ren and Stimpy reference I would’ve gotten it.

      • I think there’s a lesson to be learned here about never trying to be grown up.

      • Yeah I quit trying to grow up once I hit my 30’s. It makes things easier plus the 90’s were just too awesome πŸ™‚

  2. literally LOL’d! Thats perfect! Im glad to hear you are back πŸ™‚

  3. Welcome back. That was a fast recovery. That video has me thinking about investing in a suit lol

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