Hello. Round-up, round-up, gather around for a round-up!

Righto, yes I know I have been completely slack with posting lately, and while things in my life have all kinda sped up recently, I shouldn’t ignore this blog since its this blog that let me get to this point of awesomeness (yes, believe it or not kids, your ol’ Uncle Sweatpants was at one time not the effervescent font of amazingness that he is now :P).

So if any of you are really truly miffed, please take up a paddle while I assume the position

If you don't know what that's for... internet more, you'll find a video clip that will feature it eventually 😛


Okay now that I’ve covered my quota of slightly smutty commentaries on this blog, time for the roundup. Sorry it HAS to be in summary and point form cause well, this post will just get ridiculously long if I covered everything in normal detail.

– Girl B (I really should make up a new nickname for her… “Girl B” sounds like she’s some sort of  back up female, let me think on that) and I are now official, she’s changed her status on Facebook (cause you know nothing’s real unless it’s on Facebook… goddamn Gen Y’ers). Freaked me out a little, but after a little bit of thinking, it was kinda nice. We’re trying to work out a way to see each other again before the July Date. Stay tuned.

– I found out the ex was cheating on me while we were together. Not mad about it, but God I hope she used protection.

– I can now play about 30 seconds worth of Use Somebody, beyond that my fingers get all tangled up with each other. Yes I’m still much enamoured with Vera (for anyone new, Vera is the name of my guitar). But I’m not really sure where to go from here, if any musicians have any advice on what songs to learn or fingering exercises (*snicker* “fingering” *more snickering*) that would be a real help.

– I have quit smoking. And yes I know I’ve attempted this before (and failed miserably) but this time I’ve decided to do everything in my power to quit. I bought me a pack of nicotine patches and lozenges.  As I type this I have gone 47 hours without a cigarette. WOO!

– I have decided to apply for the position I posted about earlier. Actually I should be working on that instead of this entry, soooooo… Laters!


15 responses to “Hello. Round-up, round-up, gather around for a round-up!

  1. Has Girl B Changed her status to ‘It’s Complicated’?

    • LOL! Okay… you win the “This is my favourite comment of the week” Award! Please accept this imaginary imitation gold replica of a copy of an Emmy. Cause there shall be no expense spared to honour the witty and intelligent 😉

  2. Hey, happy to hear about you and Girl B,,,also good luck! on quitting smoking 🙂

  3. That sucks about the cheating.

    Congrats about the Facebook status with Girl B! And good luck with the job and nicotine patches! I’ve heard those smokeless cigarettes work well, too.

  4. free penny press

    Glad to see you are still among the living 🙂
    Ah the old FB relationship status..I never understood that but ok.. and as for the quitting la smokies, HIGH FIVE!!!!! Double HIGH FIVE!!!!!

    • I am, I am. Just got lazy about posting. Hopefully I’ve managed to get my laziness and check and post more. Hey don’t look at me about Facebook. I don’t even have Facebook anymore. I just got a message saying to check hers. Gen Y’ers are weird 😛

  5. Ha. Darn Gen Y’ers is right. Nothing is official until it’s up on FB… good thing I don’t really keep up with FB! Good job on quitting the smokies! Keep it running! If you can get to 100+ hours, I’ll send you a cookie.

  6. Good for you on the quitting. Keep it up or else.

  7. Glad to see things are going great for you and Vera is still getting the love she deserves.

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