Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Hello music, welcome back into my life.

I have a weird relationship with music.

There are periods when I can go months without even knowing which gym shorts my ipod is currently entombed in, and then I go through a period when I will stay up for days trawling through YouTube and Vuze trying to find songs to fit my mood, and then playing those songs on repeat endlessly until my room mate threatens me with disembowelment.

I’m currently in the latter stage, and I am currently going through a period of searching for covers of songs.

I love covers. Don’t get me wrong. Great original music still has a special place in my heart, but honestly, its harder to find these days.

But someone taking an existing song and giving it their own personal twist, I don’t know, there’s something about that process that strikes a chord in me.

So without further ado, here are a list of songs and covers wihich I think may have actually improved on the original (whether it be through the awesomeness of 5 people playing on one instrument, or the fact a 14 year old MALE can belt out something Whitney Houston did in her prime)

To start off lets keep it Aussie… Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

And who else could cover an Aussie so brilliantly except our Northern cousins, the Canadians!  Walk Off The Earth – Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye – Cover). Seriously 5 musicians on one instrument… freaking awesome.

Next we have I Don’t know by Lisa Hannigan.

Which was covered by yet another Canadian (I think) Anna Scouten!

Now, Ms Scouten actually has a YouTube channel of her own, but unfortunately her original recording has this incessant beeping noise that detracts from her song. So I’ve posted a different video which was uploaded which has removed the annoying beeping. But the young lass has a few other covers that are worth the listen (First Day of My Life and Lovin’s For Fools are the best in my opinion). Now as for these two versions of I Don’t Know, while quite similar, I think Anna’s version captures the fun that is a little lacking in the original, which make her version work just that much more better.

And now comes Radioheads – Creep!

Which is then covered by Homeless Mustard

Okay the original has Johnny Depp in the music video, who is by far the coolest person living on this planet. But this homeless guys voice is just so raw and filled with emotion that it just adds a layer of depth to the song when he sings, that Radioheads singer’s clear tenor just cannot compete with, no matter what awesome person they stick into their videoclip.

Second to last! We come to the recently passed, Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing.

And covered by the winner of Australia’s Got Talent 2011 in his first audition Jack Vidgen.

Okay that kid is 14. Four. Teen. The fact that at 14 he can sing like  that unfortunately does trump Whitney. Sorry Americans.

And to finish off the list, we’re going full Australian!

We have the original Throw You Arms Around Me by the Hunters and Collectors.

Which is then covered by the comedic musical trio the Doug Anthony All Stars.

Okay, this version of throw your arms around me, trumps even Eddie Veders (of Pearl Jam fame for you youngsters out there, and if you don’t know Pearl Jam… I don’t think you’re old enough to read this blog) version. It is simply the BEST version of this song that has ever existed.

But fair warning, if you are easily offended, hell even if you have a moderate amount of tolerance (as opposed to a high tolerance aka being a sick twisted person) for extremely vulgar, black and bad taste humour. I would suggest that you NOT open up any other DAAS YouTube clips.


Trust me.

Only us warped teenagers of the 90’s find that stuff funny 😉