Hello, I’ve been an evil little monkey…

I have. I’ll confess it here and now.

I spent about 2/3 of my allocated rent money on frivolous things.

This doesn’t mean I won’t have enough money for rent next week. But it does mean that I won’t be paying so much into the credit card this week.

For shame Captain, for shaaaaaammmmmme.

*hangs head*

And you know what, I actually don’t have much to show for my evil monkey spending. Okay I got the game (and oh my god it is so awesome) and the blanket. But all tallied up that was only $150. I must’ve actually spent around $300 to get to the point where I’ve almost wiped out my rent money.

I spent another $150 on well, to put it bluntly, crap.

There was “the middle of the week Macca’s breakfast menus” craving (that’s McDonald’s to you Northernites). – $20 (not all of that was mine, I bought food for others)

There was the “it’s a weekend I have nothing in the house so I’ll order take-away attack” – $20 (that was all me)

And then there was” the middle of the night I’m peckish, I’ll go down to the over-priced 24 hour Kwik-E-Mart (not what it’s actually called) and buy snacks and smokes” – $30 (cigarettes are really expensive in Australia)

There was “the middle of the week, I have nothing left to eat in the house because I was too lazy to go shopping last week, so I’ll go shopping now while I’m hungry and will pull every second item off the shelf” idiocy – $80

The only excuse I can make is that, I went a little nuts after paying off the American Express Card. I strayed from my budget (okay I more than strayed, I was a cheating slut to my budget), but I think the madness is over.

I’m back on the wagon.

The only good thing I can see from my spending spree is that, I did not succumb and use any of my credit cards for any of the above purchases.

I may actually be developing some will power.

And for all you other graph geeks out there (I know you must exist, cause if not I’m alone in the universe)… I present to you my Net Worth Graph!

At least it's going up... sorta

So as you can see I’ve been keeping budget records since April 2010. I’ve calculated Net Worth as Debt + Savings + Emergency Fund. And you can see there have been some MAJOR drops, notably in January 2011 and again in November of 2011. These two dates coincided with my move from the Northern Queensland down to Sydney then to Canberra, which happened in January. And then my move into my own place here in Canberra in November.

There’s a mini drop around June, I don’t recall exactly what I spent that money on. Probably just another one of my famous brain farts.

Anyways, if we extrapolate that line, you can see that the projected date of my Net Worth going into the black is around the end of 2012 beginning of 2013.

Another 9 months.

I just need to pray that the evil monkey in my closet doesn’t come out again.


6 responses to “Hello, I’ve been an evil little monkey…

  1. Oh he’ll come out again but what matters is how you’ll handle it! I shouldn’t be talking, I’m sucking pretty bad as well lately (I say while about to buy a new ipod nano :o)

  2. You had an evil hungry monkey. Next time you need to be prepared. I sometimes calm my hunger with cereal.

    Once you net worth goes up, it doesn’t matter if it is fast or slow. Up is the way to go.

  3. Track your spending. That helps.

  4. You’ll be right. You’re not denying what happened. You’re admitting it. In a heck of a lot of unapologetic detail. Good luck matey! 🙂

  5. you can do it. I was going to say you need to spank that evil monkey if he comes out again, but that just sounds gross (which is why I said it).

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