Hello shopping impulse. Must. Not. Give. In.

Okay, now that I’m down to 3 credit cards (which to any normal person I’m sure would be a cause for financial panic) and the plan to pay the rest of my debt off is progressing nicely. I’m finding myself, shall we say, tempted, to go out a splurge a little bit.

Okay maybe tempted is not the right word. It doesn’t really convey the feeling properly.

To properly elucidate what I’m actually going through we’re going to have to go up metaphor alley. Say shopping equates to sex. “Tempted” to me, suggests a slight feeling of arousal, maybe a slight flush to the cheeks. Some uncomfortable and awkward adjustments may be required in the underwear area. But nothing that anyone with even a modicum of self-restraint couldn’t handle.

What I’m feeling now is downright lust. The hot, panting, wanton, sweating, desperate need to spend a lot of money.

I’m barely holding on.

The new iPad is coming out here in Australia on the 18th of March. $899 (for the 64GB with WiFi and 4G)

The new Mass Effectย game is out in stores today. $100

I need bookshelves: $50 – $200.

I want a small 2 seater couch: $200 – $600

I want a couple of desks: $200 – $600

An awesome slim fitted navy blue suit is on display at the suit place. $699

I still need a replacement for both my dead desktop and my aging laptop: a total of $4,000 for both.

It’s getting into the colder months here, I need a new blanket (doona, comforter whatever you call it): $50 – $250

I want a car. At least $4,000, but for the car I want $60,000 (loan of course).

This is not a request for help. This is a statement of what I am about to do.

Don’t worry, I won’t go completely nuts. I won’t get every single one of those things, but after 15 months of scrimping and tightening my belt, I feel that I need to go crazy.

I’m definitely getting the blanket, cause damn it’s getting cold.

I’m definitely getting the game, cause screw it, I have no life. ๐Ÿ˜›

As for everything else… *sigh* they’re going to have to wait…




14 responses to “Hello shopping impulse. Must. Not. Give. In.

  1. I think we all go through phases like that. I just bought some fabulous shabby chick fabric off of eBay and I don’t even have a sewing machine. That’s next on the list ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hahahaha! I used to do that all the time in my bad shopping days. I’d go buy something, that require me to buy an accessory (hello classic iPod when you first came out I’m talking to you!) and so on and so on. Thats how they hook you. Damn crack peddlers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Shopping is addictive. I buy one thing, and then I’m like, “Well…while I’m here, I’ll just get this and this and this, too.”

    • To me shopping is more like eating a whole box of krispy kreme donuts. It seems like a good idea at the time, you do it all in one go, then you feel dirty and ashamed about it afterwards.

  3. So, you have blue balls for spending money?

    Blanket and game…good call. I would set yourself a limit to what you can comfortably spend to get rid of the horniness, but not full onto 3 day orgy. I vote for the bookshelves, as long as it doesn’t lead to….well, now I need the couch, and a new rug, and curtains…..

    Let us know about your orgasm.

    • God Mysti, I love you woman

    • Not only are they blue, they’re watermelon-nesque in size!

      And as for the orgasms, well I blew my wad (of cash) all over the blanket and game. So pretty much I’ve got it all over my bad and all over the TV.

      The game is actually a better idea than I thought since I will be trapped in it for about a week, and hopefully the radiation from the television will have done something to my brain that stops me from equating shopping with sex. It’s food and sex damnit!

  4. I’d be all over mass effect 3 like it was the girl of my dreams but alas, my tv would make her look like the old hag who gave sleeping beauty the apple. I could never make love to her lol so I have to do without.. I have the first two but I couldn’t even play the second one for that same reason. Now you have me lusting over a tv again.

    Don’t lose the fight to lust. Find something else to focus on, but I can’t deny you mass effect. Do fight back after that lol.

    I think you will be ok though. Just keep things under control. I’ ll call you out if you buy any of the rest.

    • I have the game to get me over the worst of it ๐Ÿ™‚ so all good.

      I’ve already texted my friends not to disturb me until I emerge square-eyed and pale from my man-cave. In a couple of weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I call it the wanties. It’s a disease man. A damn disease with no cure, only temporary relief.

  6. Wow this is pretty serious. I get in these bouts of “must shop now” too… sometimes I resist, sometimes I give in. I just try to resist more than in I give in. For the sake of my bank account.

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