Hello everyone, I am back from the “nearly” dead

Yes I have been scarce the past few days but I had a valid reason!

I was sick.

And not just man-flu sick, but viral meningitis sick.

Which admittedly isn’t as bad as bacterial meningitis (that’s the one that makes your brain explode, well okay not really, it makes your blood into poison instead. And yes that’s not the scientific and medical correct way to describe whats happening but when they were explaining the whole thing to me I was in so much pain I was just trying not to throw up on the doctor) but it’s the sickest I’ve ever actually been.

And the problem with being sick in one of the more affluent cities in Australia, is that it is damn expensive.

Overall I think I spent about $800 on medical tests and medication since all this started.

From memory (and admittedly in combination with the pain I was in and the pain medication I’m currently on is a little hazy) the costs break down as follows:

– Initial doctor visit: $80

– Initial script for weak-good-for-nothing pain meds: $23

– Second doctor visit: $80

– CT Brain Scan: $478

– Lumbar Puncture Test: $183

– Second script for oh-my-god-these-pills-are-awesome pain meds: $17 (I wonder why the more awesome pain meds are cheaper than the craptastic ones?)

And since I do not have $800 in my emergency fund (I had like $80) all of these expenses went into my credit card. Which blows a big fat one because tomorrow, I would have paid off one completely and would have only been left with 3 cards with outstanding balances.


As of now it’ll take me another 2 paydays (thats 1 month) before I can clear out all those expenses and be back to where I was before I got sick.

So… what did I learn from this experience?

a) My body is in league with the credit cards to keep me in an everlasting cycle of debt

b) Emergency funds with a significant amount in them are a bloody brilliant idea.


14 responses to “Hello everyone, I am back from the “nearly” dead

  1. Sorry to hear you have been so sick, hope your recovery is quick! … As for the emergency fund, SOOO true. We have so far had to dip into it for emergency car repairs, vet bills and dental problems. It’s the most important piece of our financial puzzle. We’ve been able to reduce out debt consistently every month for over a year, because we never had to stop paying debt and funnel whole pay cheques into unexpected expenses. When something popped up and the EF balance dropped we simply shuffled things a little and budgeted to return the money in as short of a time as possible – a couple of weekends at home, a few brown bagged lunches and hey presto, emergency fund is full again. Looking forward to reading about your progress with yours – you will never look back! πŸ™‚

    • I keep meaning to top up my emergency fund but, before being sick I classified “I feel like a drink” as an emergency, no more though! After last weeks lesson I have to get the EF fund up to $500 at least.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better now!

  3. Emergency funds ARE indeed a good idea… that’s super expensive overall, but hope you do get better soon. I had bronchitis for the first time in my year last year, and prior to that, I had not been sick for 2 years (no cold, flu, headache). I was MISERABLE for a full week to the point I was certain I could feel my lungs detaching. Luckily, this was a lot cheaper than $800… maybe the whole episode came to about $200 after visits and meds. I want to see you build up that EF!

  4. That’s bloody awful, both the disease and the crazy expense to regain your health. Hopefully you are back on the mend.

    • Well the drugs really do help, and I know I can’t depend on them, but on the pain factor from 1 – 10, 10 being the most pain you can tolerate, it was a 15. At the moment it’s down to about a 7, WITH the drugs it dials down to a 2… every day the pain without the drugs goes down about half a point… so I’m hoping in a couple of weeks I should be completely fine.

  5. Completely agree with you on the EF. It sucks when they tease you like that. Not sure if you have other savings funds but I tend to use those for emergencies as well because emergencies come before traveling, new gadgets or fun money.

    Glad to see you are back and you have recovered(recovering). It sucks when you are in so much pain. I remember one time almost wishing I was dead because of a tooth ache(it was really bad and I had to wait almost 12 hours before I could get something done).

    Time to get back on track, you’ve had a minor set back.

  6. How come there isn’t some sort of universal healthcare system? I was under the impression that most of the developed world had free access to healthcare with the exception of the USA.

    Why did you have to pay so much? Do you have insurance? (sorry genuinely curious.. if I had gotten the same condition here that you had my bill would have been $0)

  7. Oh my god that blows!! I hope you’re much much better now.

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