Hello Stupid things I did as a Kid Sunday: I created a sport.

Do you remember how invincible you felt as a kid? Of course we were too stupid to put a phrase to our belief of our nigh immortality, but we were too busy having fun with our belief of our indestuctibleness for it to really matter.

Case in point, during a sleepover at my friend house, we decided to create a sport. Stairwell Suicide Luge*.

What you needed to play the game:

1. A sleeping bag that could be zipped ALL the way around.

Something like this...

2. A long flight of stairs.

Plus something like this...

3. Lots of pillows and/or throw cushions.

A dash of that.

4. The belief that you will never ever ever die.

And despite the fact we wore stone washed jeans, yes we thought we were cool.

Basically you put yourself in the sleeping bag, and then filled it with as many cushions as possible. Then you fell down the stairs. Pillows count as two points, small cushions as 1 point.

The next competitor would then take his place, BUT he must either take away at LEAST one cushion (one point) from the number of cushions the first competitor had in his sleeping bag, or forfeit. There is no limit as to how many points a competitor can remove from his run.

A run is a only counted if the body does not stay airborne for more than 0.5 seconds, and has to go the full length of the stairs. If the run falters at any point (say gets caught halfway down the stairs) the competitor is allowed a retry, or he may forfeit.

The person who wins is the last person who goes down the stairs with the least amount of points (like golf really).

Apparently I am far stupider than any of my friend because I am the undisputed, undefeated world champion of Stairwell Suicide Luge. The final event, had me rolling down the stairs with only 2 points (a pillow I wrapped around my head as I tumbled down the stairs). A narrow victory over the 4 point run that my best friend at the time succeeded in doing.

I’m not really sure why we stopped Stairwell Suicide Luge, maybe they grew up. Maybe the thought of breaking their necks finally entered their heads. Maybe it just got all too childish for them.


I think I’m going for  comeback *grin*.

*NOTE: I do not recommend anyone to attempt the sport of Stairwell Suicide Luge. I repeat do not try this at home kids. Unless you’re willing to fly me over to your house so that I can defend my title against you young whippersnappers.**

** 2nd NOTE: I’m kidding of course. Step away from the sleeping bag and put those cushions down kids. Don’t do it, don’t even think about doing it, don’t even think about thinking about doing it.

I’ve got a championship to protect 😉


2 responses to “Hello Stupid things I did as a Kid Sunday: I created a sport.

  1. What if I use a short set of stairs instead of a long one?

    I. Am. Invincible!

    • LOL! Then thats not Stairwell Suicide Luge! That’s like comparing real football with lingerie football… hmmm lingerie stairwell suicide luge… you may be onto something here. I mean who doesn’t want to see hot women fall down stairs in skimpy underwear? I’m sure we could market this to ESPN, and we could make millions! MILLIONS! Please note the tag line of the blog when reading this comment.

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