Hello Cassie, you tagged me on the butt by the way. Just thought you should know. Wash your hands.

Would you like to play a game Clarice? *insert that creepy slithering sound Hannibal Lecter makes here*

So Cassie, in all her innocent wide-eyed way (and I’m making this up, but you can see it can’t you? Read her blog. She reads like the type of person who could not only get away with using the “puppy dog eye” trick, but has mastered it and is now onto the “kitten purr” Use your powers only for good, young padawan) tagged me with 11 questions.

As always there are rules, and they are as follows:

#1 – Post these rules.

#2 – Answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you.

#3 – Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.

#4 – Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

#5 – Let them know that you tagged them.

#6 – If youre writing this at home and you are all alone, quack once. (okay I added this one myself, just seeing if anyone falls for it)

Now… onto the questions…

1) When you started paying off your debt, did you do it by balance or interest rate?

Oh god. I will confess, the very first time I started paying debt, I had no idea what I was doing. All I did was take any money I had left over from paying bills, food, rent etc and divide that equally amongst all my debt. I think I did that for a couple of years before I found the PF community. So to answer your question, neither. Now I’m using the interest rate method.
2) What was your first job, and how much did you make doing it?

Picture this. The year was 1993, it was September. I was 14 years and 9 months old (the youngest age you can be and be legally employed in Australia). I was as socially retarded then as I am now, but it was worse because I was still inflicted with a shyness so powerful that it could have obliterated suns. Well, maybe not oblitereated, it would’ve walked quietly up to a sun, from behind, then cough politely until it was noticed, and then asked the sun very politely to step aside please. Yes, yes there was a point in time I was shy. How, I got out of that is another story. But yes, there really aren’t many jobs for someone who was unable to talk to strangers. So my very first job was a Shopping Trolley Collector… I think I got paid $9.50 an hour… or something like that.
3) Have you ever stalled on an investing opportunity and regretted it?

Stalled on an investing opportunity? Yes. Regretted it? No. I’m one of those people who will research and research before committing to any investment. And yes I have missed out on a few gains, but I’ve also managed to dodge a helluva lot of bullets. So I’ll stick with my system of slow and steady.
4) What was the blog that first got you interested in blogging?

Well I’ll have to confess it wasn’t an actual blog. Hold on while I put my grandpa hat on and pull my trousers up so the waistband is just below my nipples. Okay, see back in 1995 (when I got my very first computer AND my 56kbps modem. Yep. I know. Hardcore.) there weren’t any blogs per se. There was no Blogger, no WordPress, no Xanga, no LiveJournal, nada. Hell, Google, Facebook, Twitter didn’t exist yet either. What we had back then though was “personal web pages”, they had to be created via html using notebook and Netscape Navigator. These tended to be of the “hello here I am, this is what I’m interested in” variety, but I would say those pages were the larval form of blogging.

5) If you had to trim your budget to the bare bones, what is the last thing you’d cut?

I would have to say the internet connection. I was going to say books, but my book collection is large enough that if I re-read them all, by the time I get to the first book again I’d have forgotten the intricacies of the whole thing. But the internet connection, everything depends on that, blogging, general wasting time, movies, music, tv…
6) What was the worst piece of financial advice you’ve ever received from a well intentioned person?

“Get a credit card. You can buy stuff on the internet!” Best Friend in High School.
7) What do you wear to work?

A suit and tie. Unless it’s Friday then I go completely casual. Currently wearing jeans, boots and a short sleeved plaid shirt. Yeeeeehaaaa!
8) How much money would it take to make you feel “set”?

I’ve actually calculated this.


Cause even in just a standard 5% savings account you get $100,000 in interest, and I could live on about 1/2 that very comfortably.
9) If you were to start over, which money mistakes would you make again because they contained valuable lessons?

Wow. Good question. Well the problem with me is, I only really learn and change due to HUGE catastrophes. It takes something fairly drastic to make me learn my lesson AND to stick with it. So while I would not gladly make it again, I think experiencing it was a key turning point in my life. That is being homeless (even if it was just for a week). That really made me want to get my head screwed on straight.
10) Are you following in your parent’s financial patterns? Why or why not?

I think my parents are doing a little bit better now. I think we both learned to control our money mistakes around the same time. They have 2 properties under their belt now. But I haven’t gone down that road yet, owning property just seems so, grown up.
11) When you’re short on cash, what are your go to cheap meals?

There’s a Chinese take away store in Belconnen (a suburb of Canberra) in Westfield (shopping centre/mall) that sells a decent lunch/dinner sized serving of food, for the low low price of 7 takeaway containers (each a meal) for $20. Which means I could conceivably live on a $40 food-budget every payday fortnight, with no need to buy any other groceries.  (if I divide each takeaway container for lunch AND dinner). I’m currently spending around $80 – $100 on food. The only reason I don’t get it ALL the time is cause it’s actually on the other side of the city for me, that and cause well you do get sick of it… eventually. Either that or potatoes and bacon.


1) Have you ever mistakenly walked into a strip club?

2) And have you ever thought to yourself “I could be a dude!” if you’re a woman or “I could be a chick!” if you’re a man. If you have, what kind of stereotypical man/woman would you think you would be?

3) Follow up to the previous question. Did you then start to wonder exactly how the whole plumbing system of the other gender works, and how much you would freak out if you had to use it?

4) Kumquat.

5) What colour sock on my right foot do you think I’m wearing? What does this say about you as an individual?

6) If monkeys took over the world, what were you doing at 10:56PM on the 8th of February 2012? And did you have a hat on?

7) Do you think it’s weird, when you try and smell the person working closest to you without them noticing?

8) Stop trying to smell the person working closest to you. Are you able to say to them “George said hello”? What did they say in return?

9) Truthfully now, have you ever written a blog post wearing only your underwear? If so, which post?

10) What is the third image you get on Google Image Search when you type in the initials of your full name (include any and all middle names)?

11) If the thing immediately to your left became the only weapon available to you in the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, how screwed/awesome would you be? What is it?


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