Hello. Apparently I am loyal, lethargic, naive and passionate. What are you?

Post it on... list the four you found first!


10 responses to “Hello. Apparently I am loyal, lethargic, naive and passionate. What are you?

  1. Happy, Patient, Peaceful, Polite.

  2. I’m glad I read this one before I read your next post! According to the highly scientific smiley face I am elegant, restless, sweet and compassionate. I’ll take it… and raise you some puppy eyes! lol.

  3. Lazy, mental, naive and outspoken…. fuck.

    • Is it wrong that I laughed when I read “mental”? Sorry bike, but if it makes any difference I think youre the nice type of crazy. You know what I mean, nutty enough to be different, different enough to be interesting and smart enough to have fun with it.

  4. Very nice. I found naive, passionate, patient and parts. Parts? If that wasnt part of the list, then the next word I found was sweet.
    (I also found BOGO, but I doubt that was part of the list either)

    • LOL. Parts? Bogo? Are you sure youre looking at the right smiley face? But “bogo” is a word used in aussie slang… not very much these days, but essentially “to take a bog” meant to do a number 2… soo ummm yeeaaahhhhh… Im not gonna make it count πŸ™‚ this time *grin*

  5. This thing lies. I found Loyal, Happy, Secure. I agree with all of those, but then I found Graceful. If there is one thing I’m not it’s graceful.

    We often joke that my mom should have named me Grace to give me half a chance at not being a total klutz. I thought perhaps I’d missed the “Un” prefix, but it’s on the smiley face as “ingraceful”. Aussie spelling, maybe?

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