Hello, oh dear God it’s Monday. (De)Motivation Time: Men vs Women Edition or “Why the Zombie Apocalypse is long overdue”







Looks Legit.


Soap is Soap is Soap is Soap.


Well, I know the guys bit is true. Must be why my female friends always seem hurt when I call them "hey douchebag!" It's a term of endearment for guys!


Not 100% true, but I still Lol'ed my arse off.


Hurrah for cleavage!

"Masturbate in Peace." LMAO

Surgical Strike Shopping: Man Mode.


As someone who likes videogames... I can attest to this.


LOL. Okay... this isn't 100% true... I wear black dress shoes to everything except the gym, where I wear running shoes.


I'm wearing sexy underwear today then!


Red is Red. Blue is Blue.


Seriously this stuff is what goes through our head. One time post-coitus I found myself wondering what came first the fruit "orange" or the colour "orange". I mean why not "carrot"? As in "that chick put too much spray tan on she looks positively carrot!" See it still works...


True Story Bro.


Yes. We really are that simple.


Really? Girls do that??? And as a man, yes "Hi" means "Hi".


This one's awesome...


*Note: all pics were taken from the internet… if you want more Google “men vs women” and click the images option. Plenty more 🙂


14 responses to “Hello, oh dear God it’s Monday. (De)Motivation Time: Men vs Women Edition or “Why the Zombie Apocalypse is long overdue”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the laugh Cap’n!

  2. I forgot how funny this blog is. I came to set up a new rss feed and almost killed myself with laughter.

    The truth is so funny.

  3. How coincidental. I just witnessed the whole color discussion… I thought everyone knew of all the other colors, but some guys don’t. Like, they truly don’t. I think a lot of the color blindness in males is voluntary.

    Love the photos!

    • We do know the colours but by their guy names like “light-bluish-green” See thats plenty descriptive enough to figure out what we’re talking about. But honestly I can’t tell the difference between “light-bluish-green” and “greenish-light-blue”.

  4. thanks for the laugh, those were great!

  5. I laughed my way through, then laid down beside my boyfriend and showed them all to him. He laughed just as hard as I did.

  6. Hilarious!! I love these things. My favorite part…women googling “how to make my boyfriend break up with me.” Surely it isn’t so difficult that you would need google to tell you.

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