Hello random stuff Tuesday. Walk in room. See hot female friend. What do.

Well... that's depressing...

Okay the above was a slight drama queen moment, but let me draw you a formula.

There’s a Boy and a Girl.

When Boy met Girl, they like each other. Not only that, they also have an awesome time when they’re together. Both admit to this. With an absolute value for “both”.

But due to circumstances, both Boy and Girl have chosen to remain just friends. With a relative value for “both”.

Boy moves on. Girl Moves on.

Boy breaks up with another girl two months ago.

Girl breaks up with another boy two nights ago.

Girl messages Boy to meet up after work.

End up on Boy’s  couch, she is half naked while he gives her a massage.

Girl falls asleep due to awesome massage technique of Boy.

Boy falls asleep on top of Girl due to being tired after giving massage.

Boy wakes up middle of the night, finding Girl is hogging the couch.

Boy takes Girl to bedroom to sleep in bed.

Lots of “cuddling”.

Both Boy and Girl wake up in morning pretend nothing has happened.

Boy confused.

Girl is, always was and always will be an unknown vector.

Now, take all the above data and calculate to see if the statements below are true (you are able to submit multiple answers to this question)

a) Boy = Idiot

b) Boy = Rebound

c) Boy + Girl = Relationship, is the most valid probability matrix

d) Boy + Girl = Friendship, is the most valid probability matrix

e) Boy – Girl would give positive results



12 responses to “Hello random stuff Tuesday. Walk in room. See hot female friend. What do.

  1. Oooh boy. Define “cuddling”. Boy may be rebound. Girl possibly still reeling from breakup and doesn’t know what she wants yet. Boy better make sure Girl is actually over ex-Boy. Girl may have just wanted to be held. Random bloggy Girl on other side of world doesn’t want to see Boy get hurt. Boy funnier when not hurt. Boy + Girl = Relationship not likely unless Boy and Girl actually figure out what’s going on between them. Boy + Girl = Awkward Friendship more likely until they do figure it out.

    • Boy thanks Random Bloggy Girl on Other Side of World, and is of agreement that Boy is much funnier when not hurt. Boy has decided, because of Random Bloggy Girl’s comment (and the others who added to Random Bloggy Girl’s argument) to delete Girls number from phone, and remove any other reminders of aforementioned Girl from life. Wooooo! Freedom!

  2. This sounds like one of my previous math homework problems, but here’s my best shot…
    Random-Boy doesn’t think Girl has had enough time to herself to be in a viable Relationship this soon. R-Boy thinks Girl is still in break-up status. R-Boy doesn’t think Girl + Boy = Relationship soon. Girl + Boy = Friendship MAY be possible if Boy is not trying to get the Relationship result. R-Boy thinks Girl needs someone to talk to and confide with, but is not ready herself for Relationship result. She could benefit from Friendship result. If Girl (or Boy) decides to pursue Relationship result now, Girl may hurt and Boy may hurt, unless neither Boy nor Girl was looking for anything long lasting.

    On all seriousness though, she may just need some time and she’s not allowing herself that time. I highly doubt anybody wants to rush from one relationship to another. I mean, would you?

    (Also, I disagree with that quote.)

    • I also disagree with that quote, but all other “Walk In Room. See (x). What Do?” picture memes I found involved umm, lets just say people in various states of undress and/or compromising positions :P.
      But I forgot to add the commitment interest rate VS the boy-girl interest rate = total interest rate (the girl-boy interest rate is an unknowable variable).
      Commitment Interest Rate: is a variable interest rate that fluctuates with market forces. The rate may vary from 0% to a current maximum of 20%. Short term forecasts predict that this rate will not increase over the 20% mark in the foreseeable future.
      Boy-Girl Interest Rate: is a fixed interest rate of 100%. This was set in the spectacular crash of February ’11. There have been attempts made to reduce this rate, those have failed. However stringent policy has recently been introduced to Boy-Girl legislation that could see this rate fall drastically in the coming months. Time will tell.
      Total Interest Rate = is calculated by the average of the two rates above. As one can see, this would equal to a maximum of only 60% Total Interest Rate at its highest. While some would say a 60% interest rate is a workable amount, this institution (after some leadership reshuffling, the decision making powers removed from the crotch area, into the brain area) now believes that this rate is too low, and is currently trying unload and and all investments made by the previous regime.

  3. I need more information. How long was the girl in the previous relationship, and who broke up with whom?

    • Alrighty… Girl was only in the relationship for 3 months, break-up was initiated by Girl.

      • I’m going to go against everyone else’s response and give you the benefit of my 40 years of life experience. If it was only a 3 month relationship, and she initiated the break-up, and 3 months ago the boy was in a relationship, is it possible that the girl was just passing time until she could get the guy she really wanted?

        Another revolutionary idea: Don’t delete her number; call and ask her straight out, what’s the deal? She might be waiting for you to bring up the topic.

      • Awww dixi… such a romantic you are 🙂

        And I won’t lie, that thought did cross my head. Hell it zig zagged and parkoured all over my head. But I’m pretty good with my hunches on these things. And my gut says that while she is some what interested, she isn’t looking for anything permanent. And truth be told neither am I, if I’m brutally honest with myself. So it’s probably for the best.

        As for not deleting her number… too late, unfortunately. But she still has my number… but then again I’ve come up with a goal, that well… read the latest post.

  4. Abandon ship. Putting energy into a relationship that the other person doesn’t want is exhausting. It’s not worth the effort.


    • Ship is in the process of abandonment. Life rafts have been deployed, women and children have been loaded on, the string quartet is playing on the starboard side as the mighty ship sinks in the frigid Atlantic waters. The only way this could possibly by saved is if Kate Winslet moves over so Leonardo DiCaprio can ride that door with her to survival. The door is fricking HUGE! Move over woman!! But of course… that doesn’t happen.

  5. The choices you listed made me laugh. Normally I’m really good at telling people what’s happening in their relationships, but it’s hard to say not knowing how boy and girl interact in this scenario. My guess would be that she just needed some attention, but not that she was necessarily taking advantage of you or trying to lead you on or anything. She probably just doesn’t know what to do at the moment.

    • I’m glad it made you chuckle 🙂 I still think Boy – Girl = positive result though. For now anyways, she doesnt know what she wants, I’m iffy about what I want. Its for the best until we get back to the friends arrangement.

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