Stupid Things I Did As A Kid Sunday: The Pictorial Edition.


Nom Nom Nom... Get in mah belly

Which of course is no longer possible in this day and age.  Most parents will scream bloody murder if they see their baby being eaten by that thing. They’ll take it to the vet straight away. Back when I was a kid, if it could fit in your mouth it was meant to go into your mouth. From the stories my parents have told me these included: remote controls, car keys, money, other peoples tooth brushes, some buttons, wallets, and a cockroach.


And we called old people "guv'nor" as we rode our penny farthings...

Okay maybe it wasn’t war torn Britain, but damnit we still played on the street! Will kids these days ever understand that the youthful shout of “CAR!” meant that the game was paused and everyone moved to the side to let it through. Then the returning shout of “GAME ON!” meant that you go back to your positions. *sigh* I will only have children once time travel has been perfected.

And best of all… this:

Yes. Yes it was.


12 responses to “Stupid Things I Did As A Kid Sunday: The Pictorial Edition.

  1. Well.. I can’t say I did 1 or 2. I definitely did 3, though. Poor puppies.

  2. That pic is awesome. My daughter climbs the entrance like that so I suppose she has a great childhood! lol.

  3. We totally climbed the door frames! Ok, I didn’t, but my siblings did. I wasn’t strong enough with my scrawny self.

    • Carly I am shocked. Shocked I say! I challenge you to do it when you get home this evening. Ummm from reading your blog I would suggest wearing the helmet though… and kneed pads, and shin guards, and elbow pads… I know you dont have the equipment for it, but I think you might as well wear a cup… you can never be too careful… especially if your name is Carly *grin*

      • Hahaha! I know, I pose a great danger to myself. I will try it though. If I sustain any injuries, I’ll blame you and then share pictures of any wounds.

      • WOOHOO! Now I’ve given stupid advice in 3 continents! 😛 Plus… I just tried to comment on your blog, chrome just hangs had to use IE *shudder*. Its all about potatoes. 😛

  4. I’m gonna be honest…I have no idea what you just said after the word “blog.” Rephrase por favor (that’s a language from another continent!)

  5. HAHAHA. That confession is so cute, I didn’t actually facepalm when I read it… sorry I’ll try to dumb down my nerd speak…

    “… blog, chrome (Google Chrome the internet web browser program created by Google) just hangs (your web page will not display on the screen, despite waiting considerable amounts of time for the page to download), had to use IE (Internet Explorer the internet browser program created by Microsoft, which is thought to be of lesser quality by most of the nerd population, than either Chrome or Firefox) *shudder* (an involuntary body spasm that denotes disgust). Its all about potatoes (the comment I tried to leave on your blog, using Internet Explorer which may or may not have generated depending on how crappy Internet Explorer is at any given moment in time, had inordinate amounts of a particular tuber/root vegetable content).

    I hope that helps 🙂

    • HAHA…I’m flattered that you would ever think I could’ve understood what you said the first time around. My main take-away from what you just said: “my comment didn’t post correctly.” And thanks for the shudder definition…that made me lol (that’s “laugh-out-loud” for you).

      • Youre Gen Y! I thought nerd speak was the default state for your generation 😛 Also please take away that “captain sweatpants is an insufferable nerd” and “people should stop using internet explorer”. Then my life would be complete and I can slip quietly into the night… actually scratch that… I can be dragged kicking and screaming whilst being horribly intoxicated, into the night.

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