Saturday Shenanigans: I’m sorry for all those looking for sexy, you found an idiot instead.

A few other people have done this post, so I thought I’d join in.

With WordPress, you have the ability to see what terms people have entered into a search engine (not too sure if that’s for every search engine or just Google)    in order to find your blog. Well they probably weren’t looking for my blog considering the search terms that seem to be connected to my blog. I would also mention the other search terms, but I really don’t have the time… One of these days…

I mean I seem to have an infinite amount of variations for the search terms “bad girls club”, “sweatpants”, “ass”, “girls”, “sexy” and “tight” referring back to my blog. I mean really? Who are these females in the “bad girls club” and why do people keep searching for their buttocks clad in sweatpants?

Some examples of the infinite amounts of variations people seem to interpose those words into, yet seems to be pointing at my blog are:

“sydney bad girls club ass” (there are at least another four different combinations of these words! At least another 12 if you substitute “sydney” with “judy”)

“hot girl in sweatpants” (okay understandable I have “sweatpants” as my nom de plume)

“girls in tight sweats” 

“girls in tight sweatpants”

“hot moms in sweats” (no really, I kid you not. And I’m not saying I’m surprised that people are looking for some MILF action, but I’m surprised that a search engine has taken 23 people (or maybe one person 23 times) into this blog, for searching that term)

“you’ve been a bad girl!! you need to be punished!!:):)” (and I have included all exclamation marks and smiley faces as they appeared. Somehow the double smiley face at the end just makes it all the more creepy)

“boys magically turning into hot girls” (ummm what?????)

“white girls in sweats” (Do they have to be white? Cmonnn that’s a little racial..)

“guy with moustache in sweatpants” (does he have to have a moustache? Hang on… I don’t even think I have a picture of a guy in a moustache wearing sweatpants in this blog, how the hell did that get to me???)

“sexy 12 year olds wearing tight trousers” (ummm you really should be hunted down and killed… gross. But how does this link to my blog??? HOW????)

“girls with big but (sic) in sweats” (butT…as in the shortened version of butt(note the double T)ocks)

“fat ass in sweats” (I’m not sure if the person looking wanted a fat bottom in sweatpants or a fat person in sweatpants)

“hot girl sweating” (yes, we would all like one.)

“girls crotch” (Again. How???? HOW???? HOW is this linking to my blog!?!?!?!)

And seriously there are a helluva lot more, all along those lines. There are others of course. A disturbing one, is that on more than 81 different occasions, someone has searched for “short fat in debt with bad teeth” Eep! God I hope it’s no one I know in the real world.

But this post is about those sexual type of searches my blog seems to be rather found of collecting.

I would say about 70% of every search term on my list has the word “sweatpants” or “ass” or “girl” or “sexy” in it. And out of that 70%, over 2/3 have “sweatpants” listed as a search term.

I seem to be cornering the “sweatpants” search engine term market… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now if I were an industrious chap, I would take all these search terms and plug them into Google, and trawl through the voluminous amounts of results until I found the page in my blog that these search terms link to.

But I’m not.


4 responses to “Saturday Shenanigans: I’m sorry for all those looking for sexy, you found an idiot instead.

  1. Oh my… Just when I thought you have said it all you jump at us with this kind of material. Not sure if it’s good or bad that debt isnt mentioned at all. I have to wonder, are people disappointed or amused when they reach to your goal after looking for such *cough* random things? Does it make you fear who your followers are? (By the way, I found you through the PF blogosphere! Not anything related to boys, girls or sweatpants)

    • Suuuuuuure you did Tanner…. suuuuure you did… *grin* Hahahaha I’m kidding I’m kidding! Actually what REALLY worries me is why Google is directing these people to my page… I mean surely whatever search algorithm they’re using must know that I do not have “sexy moms in sweats” in my blog… let alone “guy with moustache in sweats”. Cmon Google! Get your act together… ten minutes later this page will never appear on a google web search ever again… WOO!

  2. My search terms are never funny, they’re just normal like “minimalist closet” or “transactions not showing up in” or ones for my screen name “hi that’s my bike blog” =p BORING

    • Hey… be glad… those were the TAME search terms that my blog seems to be picking up… I’m not really sure I want to share the really gross stuff… I’m not sure why. I mean I’m not the one who’s doing the search, but it makes my blog feel dirty if I bring them up… and not in the good way.

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