Hello goals for a fortnight Thursday: Results for Challenge #1 and New Goal

Okay I’m a day late. But screw it.

So how did I do on my goal for saving at least $237 into my savings account.

Well, I kicked it’s ass, called it names, pulled its pigtails, gave it an atomic wedgie and then made fun of it’s momma, by calling her so fat, her arse looks like two badly parked Volkswagens.

Current total in savings: $258.27!

If any one wants to make "boner" jokes... now would be the perfect opportunity...

Which means I managed to scrounge an extra $31.27 dollars rather than just the $10 I promised myself I would. I know it’s chump change, but the fact I managed to do it, maybe I can manage to do bigger things.

So my next goal for the fortnight: I have to exercise 8 days out of 14 this fortnight. But being already 2 days out of whack (I didn’t exercise yesterday, and tonight I have a drinking session for a farewell) this could be a long shot…



8 responses to “Hello goals for a fortnight Thursday: Results for Challenge #1 and New Goal

  1. Good job! You know, even if it is a small amount, it could’ve been 0. Small victories are as important as the bigger ones because they set you up for bigger things. So best of luck on your exercise challenge.

    • I know… I think the main reason why I set up such a small goal was I NEEDED a win to get me going… as for the exercise challenge… ummm 5 days have passed and I still haven’t worked out once… *gulp*

  2. Nice! I’m still thinking about financial goals believe it or not. I’m sort of in the trenches of one right now that is spectacularly boring but it’s really blockading me from thinking about other stuff!

    • I try not to think about the “big goals” like paying off my entire debt. Or hell even paying off one card. But I can live with really small ones like “only spend” $60 on groceries this month… I think the problem is just too big right now for me to think about. I need to take small bites.

  3. If I were you’re dad then I could write this without feeling cheesey, I’d just be, being a ‘dad’ with all the cheese/bad jokes just coming naturally.

    Anyways, I’m not your dad, but, “how do you eat an elephant?”

    “One bite at a time”

    Same way with the debt bro…. just chip off at it one day/week/month at a time and you’ll get there!

  4. LOL. Well you are my adopted older sister. I think big sister jokes can fall into a sub-category of dad jokes. 😛 I mean you make them ALL the time *grin* (that was obnoxious younger brother remark #563). But thanks… come March I’m hoping for some celebratory announcements…

  5. You know, you and a few of your blog roll mates (yes, I am a stalker), have inspired me to get my own finances under control. I even made a budget last night.

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