Hello Monday Motivation, cause we all need a pick me up sometimes…

I haven’t been feeling too great.

Maybe it’s that time of the year, when we’ve just returned from holiday, after spending some great quality time with friends and family, to realise another year has once again flown by, we’re all another year older, post-Christmas and New Years blues. Or maybe it was just the copious amounts of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages consumed over the end of year/beginning of year trifecta (Christmas, New Years and my Birthday) that has made my brain lethargic as a snail snorkeling through maple syrup.

But instead of swimming with abandon in the sea of despair, (as I would have done a few years ago) I tried to snap myself out of it.

And what does a nerd like me do when faced with a problem?

I of course turned to the internet.

YouTube to be more precise.

And in doing so I found a few great motivational videos out there. While a few seem to be nothing more than rehashes/pale imitations of other videos, there are a few that stood out (and one in particular that made me blubber like a little kid, but THAT particular video will come up on another Motivational Monday entry) and today I’ll share the very first one I found. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Hello Monday Motivation, cause we all need a pick me up sometimes…

  1. I have this one song in particular that I crank up when I need some motivation, it’s by The Roots and it’s called “Now or Never”. And actually, the album that song is from “How I Got Over” is motivational overall.


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