Hello Goals For a Fortnight Thursday… or I have a warped need for imaginary achievements.

So every Thursday I’m going to come up with a mini-challenge for myself*. It could have something to do with finance, fitness, work, blogging or…hmmm, wait… those four things are the full extent of my life.

Hold on while I emo up a bit about that fact…

Sad Cat is Sad...

Moving on…

These mini goals will be tracked for the next two weeks and I will report on the success (or failure) of each task the next Thursday entry comes along, and also a new challenge for the next fortnight.

Now seeing that I have about as much motivation as a drunk turtle with a weight issue, depression and who is also dead, from the copious amounts of food and alcohol consumed during the festive season, I am having difficulty coming up with a task that has at least a modicum of challenge, enough so that I won’t be pelted with metaphorical tomatoes (yes YOU, I’m talking about you… put the tomato down!) by you people who’s very existence is an express violation of the commandments of laziness (two jobs, school, a social life AND blogging??? Where do you fit the napping?! WHERE I SAY!!!?!!?!?). But also not so much so that I will give up after a couple of days.

Then I realised, that a small financial goal, won’t require any sort of strenuous movement from this bloated carcass I call a body, nor will it require any massive amounts of brain activity.

So, without further ado… for the very first Goals For A Fortnight Thursday, I Captain Sweatpants task myself to have at least $237 in my savings fund by the 19th of January. Why the odd number you ask? Well I already have $162 in that particular account as of today, come next payday (which by the oddest coincidence falls the day this task is due) I’ll be depositing another $65 into that account, which would bring the total to $227. Which means I need only add an extra $10 to get to my magic number.

“Now, Mr Sweatpants, $10? That’s a tad lame is it not?” I hear you say. But the issue here is that particular account is doesn’t normally get any additional funds. I deposit $65 every pay cycle, and that’s it. More often that not I actually take money out of it for “emergencies” (desperate need for a coffee is an emergency right?). And also my budget is so tight that I only have about $60 left for 2 weeks, for outside spending. So I have to ensure for the next two weeks, I don’t withdraw ANY funds from that account and also manage to live off $50 spending money for two weeks, and deposit the difference into that account.

Will I succeed? Or will failure welcome me into its soft, rounded,  inviting, vanilla scented bosom?

Even though I want to succeed... failure looks just so damn inviting!

Game on!

*Note: If anyone out there can think of a challenge they would like me to do (which doesn’t involve me having to do much… :P) I am open to suggestions which may or may not be ignored.


4 responses to “Hello Goals For a Fortnight Thursday… or I have a warped need for imaginary achievements.

  1. Yeah baby, small teeny tiny dainty little steps.

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