Hello random stuff Tuesday or I really just need to rant.

I’ve been staying with the folks the past couple of weeks for the “Christmas, New Years and Birthday Trilogy” and I have a few more days here before I head back to my own city.

Now from stalking your blogs, the readers of this little corner of webspace seem to fall are either relatively young (early to mid 20’s) just starting out on the road to life, their future seemingly brightly lit and full of possibilities, one night stands, drunken revelry, sexually transmitted infections, and all the other things   that people associate with 20-something. Or they are my age or older (30-something plus), however the difference is they have either children and a wedding ring, or a fiance.

I point these demographics out because what I’m going to describe next could very well finally tip your opinion of me waaaaay over to the “a turkey short of a thanksgiving dinner (to use the vernacular of the majority, if I were addressing the local audience it would be “a coupla (couple of) prawns (shrimp) short of a barbi (barbecue)” Please note the translation in the parentheses for your ease of use. For the first demographic, there really hasn’t been a significant amount of time since being away completely from the parentals to make going back home an almost mystical experience, and once you’re on the grown up track with a fiance or the next step, married with kids, its a whole new ball game.

Essentially, there is something strange being all grown up and staying with your parents. It’s not the most terrible thing in the world, I mean they’re you’re parents you love them right? It just feels a little off though. Like remember when you were around 12-14 (I’ve excluded 15+ because if the hormones had taken over by then and sitting around watching television with your parents was something the hormones disapproved of), you and your parents would be watching a movie on television/dvd/vhs (for those of us truly old skool) and a sex scene would come up.

Remember than weird uncomfortableness that pervaded the room till that scene was over? Yes, the past couple of weeks has been a shadow of that feeling. Not that I don’t get along with my parents, its just having a social life AND living with your parents (at my age especially) just doesn’t mix well. I get along with my parents, but my social life really hasn’t taken them into account for a good decade or so.

And there’s also the disadvantage that I can actually SEE the attraction of living with your parents. Again there’s nothing bad with living with your parents, especially if financial circumstances make it the only viable option. But I think if you have the means to live away from home, you should. In saying that however being in the home where I grew up, the majority of a fortnight, I could see why someone would choose to never leave home, despite them having the means to do so. Not that I would, I haven’t gone completely native yet. I’m just saying I could see why they do it.

Which is why I’m a little relieved to be going back home (which is at least 400km away) this Friday. I have this undeniable itch to be openly independent (something my family looks on with bemusement) just to prove to myself that I like my current lifestyle (minus the brilliantly cooked Mom-cooked meals).

Who knows another week here could finally break me and I could be writing a post titled:

“Hello Wednesday, or why I decided to move back home to save money. No, really it’s to save money. It’s not like I’m just being lazy or anything, and want my mom to cook all my meals and do my laundry. Seriously it’s about saving!! I mean this started as a personal finance blog… Living at home saves you money, well known fact. Bah! Judge if you want to, I’m eating some  of my mom’s spaghetti while wearing my newly laundered pyjamas in front of the BIG TV!! HA!!”

Pray for me.


4 responses to “Hello random stuff Tuesday or I really just need to rant.

  1. LOL. I so know what you mean. I moved out five years ago, and I’m still like that with my parents – when I’m there, it just seems like I’m a little out of place or, like I should be asking my mom if I can go outside to play, or somethng.

    Happy new year!

  2. LOL, try it after more than 10. It’s seriously weird, you find yourself reverting back to that dynamic you had just when yo moved out, but the grown up inside of you is going… “okay guys…. what the f*** is going on?!?!”. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Being part of the first demographic I understand what you mean. I can see it being weird. I can also see why some people choose to stay at home with their parents but like you, I agree that if you have the means to make it on your own, you should. Or you should at least try. I would excuse you if your parents owned a mansion though and you could be inside for like 7 days and not see or hear them.

    And at 21 I am proud to say I watched plenty of VHS. I still have quite a few outside and a working player. Sweetness.

  4. Wow… I didn’t know VHS was still around during your era Raf… I mean I havent seen a VHS cassette in… ummm… 2 decades ago?? Fist bump for keepin it ol skool! *fist bump*

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