Hello Christmas tradition, or why I find spending Christmas with my significant other’s family awkward.

My family (extended and adopted) have this tradition on Christmas. When I was in my teens I found it awkward and a little cheesy. Now, I find it awkward and a little cheesy, but also pretty cool.

Basically, once dinner is finished, pants have been unbuttoned. Everyone gathers around the living room. Someone dons a Santa hat, and starts giving out the presents. Now this is probably typical of a lot of households. But the one twist my family add’s, is the one twist that I found embarrassing as a teenager, and the one I find so endearing now, is that once the name gets read out, everyone shouts “YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!”, for every single present. 

And that’s why I find it so weird when I was with a girl during Christmas, and I would celebrate Xmas day at their place (our family celebrated on Xmas eve, so I was able to do both) that giving and receiving presents weren’t afforded this type of celebration. A thank you and a hug, sure. But not the awkward moment of having every person in the room shouting YAY!

It’s odd isn’t it the traditions we had that embarrassed us as teenagers are now the traditions we realise that make our family special…

Do you have any strange-esque family traditions that would make an outsider go… “seriously dude, wtf???”


3 responses to “Hello Christmas tradition, or why I find spending Christmas with my significant other’s family awkward.

  1. None that I can think of, other than waking everyone up on the birthday of a member (between 5-6am), and having everyone grouchily and unwantingly sing happy birthday to the grouchy, unwanting birthday person, give out hugs (by threat of ‘or else’), then disappear and leave you alone for the rest of the day. Oh yes, you also get balloons. The kinds you see in a 2yo birthday party. Bonus points if they say the age of which birthday party they stole the balloons for (Think: “Happy 5th Birthday!” balloons for a 17yo).

    No, I don’t miss it. But glad you’re appreciating little things like that.

  2. I like the Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy aspect. I wonder if I can get that going with my crazy Cubans.

  3. When I was a kid, my family used to sit together on Christmas Eve and open ONE present each, then go to bed… As us children got older, and learned to appreciate the rare times in the adult life where you actually CAN sleep in, we moved present-opening to Christmas eve, and we all sleep till noon on Christmas day. My DH and I do that now too.

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