Hello. What a great weekend :)

So this weekend I had two options.

I could have either:

a) meet up with an old female friend. She and I have been circling each other for years, but have been unable to act on the tension between us, simply because either one or the both of us were in relationships. But now, we are both single.


b) go drinking with the roomie and his friends.

Now both have their pro’s and con’s.

For option b)

– it was a house party so spending would be minimal

– an opportunity to expand my social circle

– bond with the roomie

– get drunk

For option a)

– she’s really really really hot.

So of course, I chose option a) 😛 In the interests of being a gentleman, I will merely say it went very well *waggles eyebrows* 🙂

I know all you voyeuristic peeps out there want the low down dirty details, but I an not that kind of captain.

Hope every one else had a great weekend!

Daily Spend (for Friday – Monday):

Saturday: $90.15 groceries (AMEX card)

Pizza and Drink: $14.65 (cash)

1/2 a case of Energy Drink: $15.00 (direct debit)

Coffee: $4.50 (cash)

Fortnightly Bus Pass: $40.00 (cash)



One response to “Hello. What a great weekend :)

  1. Did the energy drink fuel the “really great time”?

    LOL… I think I’ll get you back for this by posting, as a secret code some mornings, that I don’t feel the need for energy drink on certain mornings now and then and say that it’s because I had a “really great night’s sleep.”

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