Hello being in debt by -$19,926.10. I miss you.

I haven’t really been blogging about Personal Finance cause well, let face it, I’ve been absolutely slack about budgeting.

Well not absolutely slack.

All bills are still paid on time, I have enough money to keep myself fed, I have enough to go to the gym and also maintain an internet connection so I can stalk people’s blogs (yes, I mean you… have you noticed your page hits go up noticeably the past few months? It was all me! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! The below video illustrates just how I laugh every time I click on a page multiple times to fool you into thinking your popular >:))

BUT! In regards to paying off debt and NOT using my credit cards is where I’ve been doing the metaphorical pratfalls ala Buster Keaton. Flat on my face, limbs akimbo, with little tweety birds circling my head as my debt repeatedly slaps me in the face, spraying spittle into my face as it shouts “C’mon on then if you ‘ard enough!” (yes my debt has a cockney accent, don’t ask me why).

Since that post in far away August, I have not made any in-roads into actually reducing my debt from that magical $19,926.10. I have in fact gone backwards. I’ve still been making at least $900 worth of payments per month, but somehow I’ve managed to increase my total debt to $21,280.68 as of today.

 If you take into account my debt payments ($900 x 4) plus the my total debt as of today minus the difference of the August total of $19,926.10 ($1354.58). I have somehow spent $4,954.58. Include that the funds I drew from my emergency fund/savings accounts I could assume that might be somewhere around the $5,500 mark. Spank me sideways and call me Annabelle. How in the blue blazes of hell did I manage that???

I could probably account for $2,000 of that amount. Moving in expenses, the PS3, the new outfit. But the other $3,500 or so??? I have absolutely no idea. My debt truly has me by the short and curlies. 

No more I say! To quote from Picard (and I can feel all you Trekkies shivering in excitement at the ST:NG reference… it’s okay, relax, keep it in your pants)

 Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far and no further! And I will make them pay for what they’ve done!

(If you’re really hankering for some Picard see the video below)

So today I am making a pledge to which all of you are witnesses. I will now begin actually tracking my expenses as well as budgeting for my various repayments and expenditures. That’s right you read it here first, the Cap’n is going all trainspotter on debts ass!

I will track every dollar that I spend outside of debt repayments, rent, transport costs and bills, cause that figure of $3,500 over 4 months that I really have no idea what I spent it on is a little scary. That’s the reason why I was in debt in the first place, just spending without any thinking. Budgeting can only take you so far. Sure with a budget you meet all your obligations, you can make sure that you don’t miss any repayments. But it doesn’t tell you where those niggly little life expenses are, and suggest ways of actually cutting that back.

So yes it took me four months and $5k to learn this lesson (I am if nothing a little dense). But the lesson has been learned. So every post will have a daily spend amount tacked at the bottom of it, and each Sunday I will collate all that data into a weekly spending report. So it’s back to basics people.

But not to worry, I will still rant about idiotical things and share my (mis)adventures concerning my crotch with you people (cause lets face it, bad things happening to other people’s crotch is the epitome of high brow humour, for which this blog is most well-known for. Oh and sarcasm. Lots of sarcasm :P), I just have to make sure I tend to the personal finance issues that made me start this blog.

So to begin:

Thursday 8 December 2011

$15.00 (Xmas party) (cash)

$50.00 (bus ticket back to Sydney and back for Xmas and NYE ) (ANZ Credit card)



4 responses to “Hello being in debt by -$19,926.10. I miss you.

  1. Well, glad you’ve rejoined the finances wagon. That would really be quite a shocker, especially if you can’t trace it!

  2. I’m on the opposite end. I’ve been tracking for ages and am getting sick.to.death. of it. Let’s trade shall we? You track expenses and I throw caution to the wind!

  3. I feel that I’m in a similar situation. I put approx $1000 towards my credit card debt each month, but if I were to look at the balances today, they’d probably be higher. This realization has been my wake up call that I need to get better at tracking our spending. Any extra money that is made is spent without any thought. First I need to survive Christmas, then I’ll shift my focus to the debt.

  4. Congrats on joining us crazies who track every penny – I think. Seriously though, welcome back!

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