Hello. Have you realised if you save your fashionis-don’ts they eventually become a fashionis-do’s?

This will probably only apply to the more mature readers out there, but I’ve realised when you get to my age (and older) stuff that you’ve hoarded (or remember having) from back in the day have all of a sudden become all new and fandangley sexy. Well new for the Gen Y’ers anyways *shakes fist at all Gen Y’ers… damn whipper snappers!*

But I guess that goes hand in hand with the cyclical nature of fashion, and the fact that its human nature to rebel against the ideas of the previous generation.

Let’s take for example fashion for men. Now we have skinny jeans.

I thank god that most men who wear this will have a sperm count so low that they won't be able to breed.


 I am not a fan. BUT! I do remember back when I was around 12 or so (that was 20 years ago! *sob sob sob*) that I did have a pair of jeans that were fairly tight. Not as tight as the kids wear these days, but they were pretty damn snug. I doubt I could fit into them again, but I do remember owning a pair that could possibly be called “skinny”.

However skinny jeans I believe are actually this generations answer to MY generations mistake of big-ass pants.

Pants which can double as a 4-person tent if you’re ever lost in the woods.

They not only came in the traditional blue-jean colour, but all the colours of the rainbow! Bright red, mustard, purple, green!

What were we thinking?


Okay at least we didn’t ruin our sperm count and are now able to breed, but I’m sure there were plenty of accidents stemming from these pants getting caught in escalators, or getting snagged on passing motor vehicles, or if the wind was strong enough get blown away to the next continent. I will admit I did have a pair, well two pairs. FINE! 6 pairs! Happy! *grumble* One was mustard. Aaahhh mustard, a yellow-puke colour that dominated the 90’s. I miss it like a poke in the eye.

But essentially these pant’s were my generations answer to the 80’s. Both in the fact that it looked less clean than the majority of 80’s fashion, and the bright colours versus the pastels of the previous decade.
Now the 80’s both had their own version of the skinny jeans,
See children, someone thought of skinny jeans before you…
but they also had the preppy look


 which would mutate to either the Miami Vice look,

And let me also point out that - shoes with no socks has also come back.

or the Corporate look (which really hasn’t changed much has it? With the exception of the suspenders…)

Greed is sometimes okay...

 I know there were other styles and looks, the 80’s was nothing if not a plethora of fashionis-don’ts. The fact that it is now being plundered for ideas by the current crop of designers is mind-boggling.
But the 80’s preppy pastels, Miami Vice, and corporate looks were of course an answer to the 70’s loud and polyester outfits…

The Lord God Emperor of the 70's

I could keep going and going, but this could go on forever. The “glam” of the 70’s versus the free-spirit (read – no showering) of the 60’s hippies. The hippies of the 60’s versus the conservativeness of the 50’s and 40’s and so on and so forth…
So what lesson have we learned here?
Keep all your clothes. And then sell them on e-bay once they come back into fashion. You can charge higher prices cause they’re “vintage”.
Who knows?
That paisley, double-breasted, polyester suit with the shag carpet lining, wide lapels and polka-dot trim, along with the trousers that go up to your navel, that also flare out beyond the point of your shoes might very well be the next “in” thing. 😛

2 responses to “Hello. Have you realised if you save your fashionis-don’ts they eventually become a fashionis-do’s?

  1. I actually knew a kid who lost his legs because he jumped on a train with those baggy pants on and they got caught under the train. So sad, but a great example of why baggy pants are a bad idea (and jumping on trains).

  2. You know, it’s amazing that the fashion all over the world is the same. From all the way in Australia, to here in the Caribbean, to all the way in the USA. The skinny jeans and shoes with no socks has took the world by storm.

    I’m all for the pants that fit 2 people any day.

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