Hello. I have mutated.

So what have I been doing this past weekend? Well as you’ve read from this post, I was in the process of succumbing to the basest of urges, spending money that I don’t actually have (yet).

And did I succumb? Yes. Yes I did. I have fortified my home from all the ne’er-do-wells who may try and get that sniper head shot for the epic fail in my budget. Do your worst!

Now, that I’ve spent the past 70 hours ensconced in the bosom of my new Playstation 3, overcoming both the giddy excitement of the new toy, and the crushing, debilitating buyers remorse, I can give a break down of the pro’s and con’s of owning one of these consoles.


– The games are awesome. Like ridiculously awesome. I’ve been playing Skyrim and the world is just about as immersive as it can get. I still have the roomies Resident Evil, and Call of Duty series to hit, as well as my very own copy of GTA4.

– Aside from the initial purchase, I spent $0 this weekend. Nothing on snacks, energy drinks, assorted misadventures, alcohol, take away, nada, zip, zilch, zero. Admittedly I would’ve done exactly the same without purchasing the PS3, but it would have been a lot harder. I didn’t even realise the weekend had passed.


– gym time is suffering. While I am still exercising, I’m not as religious as I was a week ago. I haven’t been to the gym everyday, but only every other day.

– I don’t want to make time for anything else. Okay this may go away, it could just be the initial heady euphoria of playing with something new, but seriously I’m not watching television, not watching DVD’s, not going out and having shenanigannical adventures. I don’t want to. I’m sure I’ll pay for this down the track, but meh.

– sleep is suffering. I’m finding myself saying “just one more level” or “I’ll clear out just one more room of bad guys” or all other sorts of rubbish. Before you know it, it’s 2am and I have to get up in 4 hours. Coming from a person who was usually in bed by 9pm, missing those 5 extra hours is slowly killing me.

– Mutation. My eyes are now square from staring at the television way too much, my hands have deformed from holding the controller for ridiculous hours, my arms and legs have grown weedy due to lack of exercise, my skin has turned a weird colour due to lack of sunlight… Essentially, I now look like this:

One more level... just one more... then I'll sleep...

But all good.

Chicks love Spongebob 😛


2 responses to “Hello. I have mutated.

  1. I remember that euphoria whenever we got a new game or a new system… ah, yes. It’s been years. But really though, if you really can’t help yourself, buy one of those timed-extension cords that automatically shut off electricity to that outlet after X amounts of hours. Then after 4hrs of gameplay, poof. It’s gone!

  2. Definitely know this one. I still do it when I get a new game. Meh. It’s worth it lol

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