Hello diet, please someone tell me if this is stupid.

Okay, so as everyone knows I’m fat (despite what vodka, 444, Tanner and maxie say… they’re just nice. Or are great liars 😉 kidding, kidding!). But I am trying to lose the weight and also gain muscle, cause while I’m fat I’m also a stick in term of arms and legs. So I look like this:

I am a gluuuue-ton (*sigh* the 90's had the best cartoons)

As well as running 8km (roughly 5 miles) every other day, and then going to the gym for free weight training on the alternative days, rotating muscle groups between chest & arms, then back & legs, I am also trying out this weird diet.

I’m not even sure how I came up with it, but I think it’s because I read in an article somewhere that fat-loss and muscle gain are diametrically opposed to each other in terms of what you have to do calorie-intake wise. Fat loss means fewer calories, while muscle gain requires you to eat as much calories as possible. So how did the person writing the article solve this problem? He puts forward the idea that on days you do cardio, you eat less on days you do weight training you eat more. Simple right?

He didn’t really give any more specifics other than that. So I’ve gone and made up my own. If anyone out there knows anything about nutrition or anything like that, please feel free to blow this out of the water. Note however if you are merely disgusted by the amount of meat I am consuming, well I’m sorry that’s not going to stop 😛

Here goes:

Cardio/Running Days – No Breakfast / Ham & Cheese Sandwich for Lunch / 2 Apples for dinner.

Weight Training Days – Smoothie for Breakfast / Anything I want for Lunch / Some sort of meat for dinner  at least 500g of it (steaks, pork chops, sausages, chicken, whatever).

So thoughts? Am I going about this all wrong? Are those apples going to be the death of me? Where can I add bacon to this? Should I ask that girl out? Where are my pants? Should I do more running/cardio first THEN do weights?

Answers people!


4 responses to “Hello diet, please someone tell me if this is stupid.

  1. I take a different approach – fat loss is just calories eaten v. calories earned. There are about 3500 calories in one pound. I have to eat 1200 calories and work out 3x/week for about an hour to lose a pound a week. That should be of just fat.

    Then, I weight train. That has nothing to do with losing my fat and everything to do with gaining muscle.

    I would say that if you want to lose fat, count calories. If you want to build muscle, its not necessarily eating more that will help you do that, it’s eating the right things – lean proteins, complex carbs, and a moderate amount of those.

  2. I think you should eat everything in moderation. NEVER skip breakfast. By doing so you are putting your body in famine mode which means it will hold on to EVERY calorie you put in your mouth. Eat many small meals at least every 3 hours. That way your body will think it’s a feast and will not hold on to any extra calories because it knows that more food will come soon. Try to make your plates at least 1/2 veggies for most meals.

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