Hello Movember, or a great excuse to sport really hideous facial hair for a month.

I’m not too sure whether or not Movember has caught on outside Australia. But I have noticed that it is gaining a lot of momentum here over the past few years.

Go the Sanchez!

Essentially Movember is a month-long charity event where those taking part grow a moustache (or “mo’s) or attempt to grow one, and in doing so raise fund for men’s health issues, notable depression and prostate cancer.

Visit here for the official Movember site.

So here in the capital, we’re seeing a lot more badly executed facial hair this month.

I myself and sporting a fairly bushy beard at the moment, but really this is only due to my being lazy rather than wanting to join in on all the moustache fun.

I doubt I’ll actually shave it out to sport just a moustache, while the beard works well for me, just a moustache makes me look a creepy hipster child molesting weirdo.

Actually I am...

So if none of you Northeners have heard about this yet, get your significant others to join in on it (since most of you are female and asking you to grow a moustache would be an effort in futility, and if that’s not the case for anyone, then I am truly, truly sorry) and raise some money!



5 responses to “Hello Movember, or a great excuse to sport really hideous facial hair for a month.

  1. My oldest son is 19 and he is doing this. Know what Shaggy on Scooby-Doo looks like? Well, not even. It’s like there’s a haze of blonde stubble on the chin, about two-dozen hairs’ worth. Would make a terrible Amish man.

    I think it would be funny if all the females stopped any hair removal efforts to see who could grow the best moustache, the sort of which 13-year-old boys sport. Not going to happen, though…

  2. It’s huge here in BC at least. Everyone’s doing it.

    I personally don’t see the point. It’s not gaining awareness of prostate cancer any more than those facebook things about the color of the girls’ bra is gaining awareness for breast cancer. And it’s not helping, at any rate, unless the grower actually donates money and advocates donations.

    At any rate, the styles that people chose for their staches are pretty funny.

  3. the broke sensualist

    It’s huge in Toronto, ON, in fact, all over Canada. And I’ve heard that Canada is beating Australia with the amount of donations this year. 😉

    I think it’s a great idea. It has brought more awareness to the disease and the people I’ve talked to who are participating are getting donations. So, why?

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