Hello single-life, it’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t wake up early enough to go to work.

Becoming recently single, I have been once again delving into the deep dark realms of bachelor-hood.

While I am not one of those people who NEED to be in relationships, neither am I the kind of person that believes that relationships are a foul curse that should only be wished upon those that you truly despise (that’s what ‘marriage’ is for… hahaha… I’m kidding I’m kidding). But I did at one point or another exist in a state when I held those beliefs. Well of course not at the same time, that would just make a person’s head explode.

Back when I was a youngin’ (you know, when neanderthals were still competing for our hunting grounds) I always had to have a girlfriend. I would go out with people not because I liked them a lot per se, but I knew that they liked me. Yes it was a douchey thing to do and be, but I was young and stupid.

Then came the big break-up and I firmly believed that relationships were put on this earth to torture and break people.

Now… meh. I can see the benefits of being single, and I can see the benefits of being in a relationship. I’m not hankering for one or the other. Being newly single I’m not on the prowl to look for the next Mrs Sweatpants, but neither am I ignoring overtures for companionship of the fairer sex.

But the one thing I am definitely missing is the alarm clock function of the girlfriend.

I’m not saying that I expect (or want) my girlfriends to wake me up. I just wake up when they wake up. I tend to be a very light sleeper when I’m in bed with someone, and will usually rouse when they’re getting out of bed. They don’t have to do anything, simply by going on their own routine is enough to make me start on mine.

But now, being single and having the bed all to myself, I’m finding it very difficult to wake up in the mornings.

Take today for example, I set the alarm for 6am, I snoozed button that thing till 8:30am. The day before I snoozed till 8am.

I know like everything else, it’s just a matter of training my body to get up without being around anyone else. It’s just that it takes time, and at the rate I’m going in about 16 days I’m going to sleep right through work.

Now, if there was only a way I could have someone in bed with me… 😛


6 responses to “Hello single-life, it’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t wake up early enough to go to work.

  1. Heh totally feel you on the getting adjusted to waking up alone business, after I broke up with my ex I realized I didn’t have to worry about annoying someone else when I hit the snooze, so of course now I set my alarm a good hour to an hour and a half before I actually need to wake up. Not saying it is the best approach, but I haven’t heard any complaints either. Also, in you response to your previous post I must say, I am slightly disappointed, I thought you would be fatter.

    • That’s exactly what I do! But the problem is now, I KNOW I’ve set the alarm a good hour and a half before I actually need to get up, so I snooze and snooze until the alarm clock gives up (I think I have a maximum of 10 snoozes before the alarm clock just goes “screw you man – go back to sleep then”)

      I’m sorry to disappoint you, I can get fatter if you’d like 😛

      • Yeah, mine does about the same thing, I have an emergency alarm that is on the other side of the room that goes off at the last possible minute and is annoying as eff, maybe try that?

        And yes please, and send me pics with your progress.

      • Nah, I’ve tried that trick. I just get up zombie like turn it off and trundle back into bed. I’m great at getting into bed… wait… that sounds a little slutty… ah well.

        Umm.. pics will be sent once the embarasment fades 😛

  2. You could get a cat or a puppy. They WILL make sure you are up early enough to feed them, which seems to be between 5:30 and 6:15. That, or you know, try the whole putting an obnoxiously loud alarm on the other side of the room so you only have the choice of standing up to shut it up. I’ve found that really works wonders.

    • I’m not allowed pets with my lease agreement :/ So that’s not going to happen. I was considering getting a third alarm clock that will actually throw things at me when it goes off… if that hasn’t been invented yet… DIBS! I will make millions! Millions!

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