Hello body, time to change.

So I’ve decided to give myself a deadline regarding this whole lose the gut thing.

Cause you see I know its possible.

I actually got very very very close to where I wanted to be around May this year. If I kept it up for another couple of months I would have probably reach my goal. But no, I got lazy and content with almost reaching my goal, and started eating like I was 15 again. And I don’t really think I could describe it, so I think I’m going to have to swallow my pride and post a photo.

And yes, you are all welcome to judge me. πŸ˜›

(right to left) The before and after shots when you combine the eating habits of a 15-year-old with the metabolism of a 32-year-old.

So the left photo is what my body seems to want to settle into if I don’t do anything. Okay it’s not grossly obese but there is the definite man-boob feeling that you get when you look at the pic. And the right picture? After 2 months of running 7km almost everyday, AND hitting the gym every other day, AND cutting down on fast food consumption AND sticking to a high protein low carb diet, that was what I was able to achieve, with a starting point to the left. Another month I could probably have gotten a helluva lot more muscle mass. *sigh*

And I know that I need to do 3 things to get back to looking like the right picture again.

1. Running – Takes care of the cardio and weight loss. The bridge to bridge run around Lake Burley Griffin is awesome! It’s about 1.5 km longer than the route near my old place which may mean faster fat shedding.

See that bit down the bottom, that's where I live!

2. Weights Training – Free weights training to be precise. Namely compound exercises. And I’ve also read somewhere that lifting heavy with less reps (maximum of 5 reps) and a minimum of 3 sets increases testosterone! So once I join the gym, that will be the new workout regime.

3. Eating right – For 2 months I did not have fast food or any sort of potato (potatoes are my Achilles heel. I find it terrifyingly difficult to say no to any potato based food product.) Along with that if I did have carbs I ensured they were low GI. But there was a helluva lot of protein.

But at least I know I’m not just chasing a pipe dream. That my goal is actually reachable and attainable, cause I actually did it once. And it wasn’t some time in the distant past, it was just this year! I just have to get back in that frame of mind that I got into during February – May this year of working out and eating right. Although that may be a little but hard since I was training like that because I was looking into a career as a firefighter, now that’s been blown out of the water I need another incentive to doing this everyday…

Anyone able to suggest one??


8 responses to “Hello body, time to change.

  1. Can I just say that I think the mirror pics of yourself are awesome/hilarious. Also, your blog title has the word FAT in it. You’re not fat. Not at all.

    In any case, good luck! I find goals are soo helpful to losing. I’ve recently posted about my weight loss, and I do find that posting and having a support network is very helpful as well. Have you considered tracking calories? Finding out how many you need daily to get to your goal as far as weight loss goes is pretty valuable. Myfitnesspal.com is a great resource.


    • Yes, the mirror pics are a bit of self-love/loathing πŸ˜› I’m glad they amused you. And cmon! There is definitely flubber going on around the mid-section, stop being kind. I’m not used to it πŸ˜›

      I do a bit of calorie tracking, but not to any great extent. Essentially I do this, when I do cardio (runs around the lake) I try to cut my calorie intake that day, when I do weights (gym days) I try to up my calorie intake. This way I can both gain muscle and lose weight. It’s pretty difficult since both processes are diametrically opposed to each other… but I have been able to do it. Fingers crossed that wasn’t just some sort of fluke πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, you had me fooled into thinking you were really fat, short, and with bad teeth. The last two might be true (picture doesn’t show teeth and I can’t tell the height), but the photos reveal a decidedly NOT-fat person. Feel free to fine-tune if you want to, but you should know you don’t look like what other people perceive as a “fat guy.” :o)

    • Hahahaha, I know I’m not a Fatty McPherson or you know hugely obese. But I do come from a family of stick figures. And not just immediate family, but also extended family. And while I know it’s just friendly teasing, I grew up in an environment when being a little plump was made fun of, nothing harsh mind you, just a little friendly ribbing. So I’ve got this weird body-image issue where a little bit of belly fat really does irritate me.

  3. Yup. Not fat at all. I wish I could offer you some advice, but the advice my doctor gives me is to eat more. Apparently, I eat too little to lose weight. I have a good 20lbs to lose, but my metabolism has been shot dead so many times, that I have to actually eat more to even nudge it awake. Eat more, then control my eating. I still can’t manage to make my metabolism work (for the past 4 years… no, no thyroid problem, so says the blood tests), so there’s that. You were so close once, you can do it again for sure.

    • I think it’s more to do with my frame rather than actual “weight” while I’m only probably 5-10kg overweight. It looks a lot more awkward on me cause I have a slim bone structure than it would than say a friend of mine who plays rugby, who’s got massive bones. You wouldn’t be even able to tell an extra 5-10kgs on his frame… the bastard… πŸ˜›

  4. the broke sensualist

    I think you look fine, in both pics. But keep working at your goal and you’ll get there. I believe in you, Capt’n!

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