Hello new place, sigh of relief.

So it is done.

I have moved.

And of course since it’s MY life, it did not go smoothly. But that’s why you people read my blog because of the disasters which seem to hover over my life like a miasma of flies over a particularly sugary snack during a picnic.

Essentially both “helpers” flaked on me. So I ended up doing about 90% of the work myself. I had two friends lined up to help me with the move, one didnt even show, and the other had to leave after dumping all of my stuff from her car to the kerb. I need new friends.

So during moving everything kerbside up to the apartment, I was putting on a one man show for my new neighbours that I was thinking of calling “Fat, Short, Sweaty Man moving Furniture – May Keel over from Heart Attack”. It’s a modern performance piece that delves into the materialistic nature of humanity and how our possessions might very well kill us. And the previous sentence shows just how I managed to get through 3 years of University, cause when I want to, I can make up bull-crap like that on the spot. πŸ˜›

So after a bazillion trips back and forth from the kerb, down 1 flight of stairs, up 5 flights of stairs in 30 degree heat (thats celsius children), two pairs of shirts, 4 pairs of underwear (oh cmon! It was really hot and after all that work even my butt was sweating! Yes I know that’s gross and a little bit of an over share, but cmon its my blog, did you expect anything less?) 1 freezing cold shower, and a 100 litres of sweat later, I had everything in the apartment.

I now of course had to unpack everything and reassemble all the furniture.

My new room mate must think me some sort of crazy anti-social weirdo cause I have the door to my room closed (cause I’m butt-nekkid Β at this point, trying to cool down from lugging everything up those stairs), I’m bumping things against walls, I’m dropping things on the floor, I’m banging away at things with a hammer and I’m cursing and muttering to myself about how the inventor of screws should have also invented some sort of screw finder doo-hickey or at least train screws so they don’t run away from you the moment your back is turned, then shouting “Woohoo!” Homer-style every time I manage to put the right screw in the right hole (if you know what I mean *waggles eyebrows* haha sorry I had to say it!). To make it worse his new girlfriend was also over, so she may be in fear for his life, from the insane new room mate, I’ll make it up to them somehow, get them both drunk or something.

Now onto the financial damage of the move. I actually came in under budget. Only because I did not buy the portable airconditioner, but managed to find an evaporative air cooler for 1/5th the price. It works well enough.

And I also have high speed internet! WOOHOO! So be prepared (and afraid) to find a helluva lot more pics on this blog πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Hello new place, sigh of relief.

  1. Congrats! Sorry to hear 1.5 of your friends bailed out, but any help is great help, no? Looking forward to the photos! (And hey, it’d be weirder if you were in your birthday suit around the house to cool off–at least you stay in your room!)

    • True… but if they had told me that they couldn’t do what they said they would, I could have made other arrangements that would’ve been easier for everyone. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad I got the little bit of help that I had, but I spoke to them the night before to make sure they didn’t have any issues, and if they did it would be fine if they couldnt make it, and I could make other arrangements. But yer. Oh well… its done now πŸ™‚ Really youre looking forward to the photos??? You are a brave, brave person Tanner πŸ˜›

      • Like I said, I find some sort of thrill on moving/moving-day stories. Moving is my biggest goal right now, so anything related to it makes me rather excited. And I’m a visual learner. I enjoy photos. As long as they are not of birthday suits and/or laundry, I’m all up for photos.

      • Laundry?? LOL. Someones put photos up of their laundry????

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