Hello 11/11/11 @ 11:11am, finally a date everyone can agree on! Make a wish!

So 11:11am on the 11th of November 2011 is only 52 minutes and 16 hours away. (well it was as I was writing this post anyway). And it is one of the dates everyone can agree on when written in the 11/11/11 format. Just so you Americans know, when you guys say 9/11, we Australians have to rearrange our thinking so we know you mean September 11. It’s because when we say our dates we lead off with the day then month, for example we would say 11th of September or 11/9/11, whereas Americans (in your weird way) say September 11th so 9/11/11. Ya bunch of weirdos :p

I’m not too sure where this whole superstition of making a wish at 11:11am/pm (I think it should be 11:11AM personally, since 11:11PM could be translated as 23:11 in 24 hour format) doohickey came from. I’ve tried to do a bit of research on the subject, but have only come up with either:

a) It’s just a superstition from the playground. Like the boogeyman or bloody mary.


b) humans are designed to look for meaning in the meaningless and the alignment of the number 1, provides such meaning.

Me. I don’t really believe that wishing at 11:11am will do anything, any more than I think when you break a wishbone and get the bigger half that whatever you wish for will come true.

I tend to believe that you make your own luck, nothing is predetermined and everyone makes it up as we go along. Some people think this is kind of unromantic. But what’s more romantic? The fact that you meet someone because it written down in some big book somewhere that you two get married, or that you beat the odds of million trillion billion quajillion gazillion to one that you actually exist in the same time and place as the person who is perfect for you?

For all you know the perfect person for you could have been born during the Renaissance in Venice.

With my luck I’ve probably already broken up with the perfect person, they just weren’t perfect for me at that time.

But you know what, I’ll make a wish in 16 hours and 49 minutes… it can’t really make things any worse 🙂


4 responses to “Hello 11/11/11 @ 11:11am, finally a date everyone can agree on! Make a wish!

  1. Here in Canada, at 11:11(-ish) on 11/11/11, we will be holding Remembrance Day services throughout the country to remember and honour our service men and women, past and present. Something we do every year, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

  2. I’ll make a wish tomorrow. Can’t let a good chance to make a wish go to waste. But it is also Veteran’s Day in the US, so it’s a good time for rememberance and to be thankful for all Servicemembers. I do find it amusing how people are attracted to numbers arranged any certain way. On a last note, a lot of the world uses the dd/mm/yyyy format vs the US’ mm/dd/yyyy. The one I find slightly harder is places in Asia that use yyyy/dd/mm. Go figure.

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