Hello ladies, is it just me there a disproportionate amount of your gender in my industry?

Admittedly I’ve only been at this level for a short time, but the move up, of one level in the same field, has shown a drastic change in the gender balance of the people I deal with. Not that I’m complaining, I tend to get along better and deal more effectively with females for some reason, and they’re all great at what they do.

Maybe the article The End of Men by Hanna Rosin, may have some merit after all. Now this article does polarise a lot of people, personally I did not take the title or the contents therein as some sort of all out attack on males. I wouldn’t consider myself as a self-loathing male with feminist apologetic tendencies, nor am I a follower of the so-called “men’s movement” who see’s feminism as some sort evil thing to be destroyed. The only way I could probably define my view on the whole gender issue would be as an “enlightened chauvinist”, which means I believe that in most instances, in this technology governed world of ours, equality between the sexes is a given right. With the exception of giving birth and producing sperm, I firmly believe that anything a guy can do, a chick can as well and vice versa. Some things a guy or girl might do better, but that’s just the way things are. Men and women are different. Vive le difference!


I will hold the door open for a girl. If the opportunity presents itself I will pull her chair out for her. I will insist on paying for the date. I would gladly offer my seat on the bus to a standing female and not so much so for a standing male (unless of course they were infirmed or old). I will ogle a girl if she is attractive (but not in a way that would make her uncomfortable). And I will not hit a girl (with violence in mind, a playful punch or slap is another matter) for any reason other than self-preservation and only then only as a last resort, or they just need a slap to calm down. But then again I’d slap a guy too if he started getting hysterical.

And other than the above, I don’t care  who or what you are, you will be treated with the same level of respect and courtesy that was smacked into me growing up. Until you do something to annoy me. Then you will simply cease to exist in my view of the world, and if for whatever reason we MUST interact, it will be polite but short.

But back to the main topic.

The article draws on some statistics (from the U.S.) that shows that due to the GFC (which admittedly hit the U.S. economy so much harder than the Australian economy) for the first time women now outnumber men in the workforce. It also states that more women are in middle-management roles than men (there’s still more males in the senior positions), and that women are also outstripping males in terms of obtaining a university education.

From my time in this industry, I know that where I was stuck for quite a few years, was male dominated. Moving up a level, I find that it is female dominated. Whether that means anything overall I don’t know. My industry is not something that is very well-known, it’s only in the past few years that a degree that specialises in my discipline has actually been offered, and even then it’s only at a handful of universities. So most people who are currently in it, have had no specific form of education, and much of the success that you get within the role, tends to fall on your social skills. It does involve a lot of client interaction and interpretation of text documents (rather than numeric based interpretation). Some say women are better at that. I know I’m pretty good at it, and last time I checked I still had a penis…


Yup still there.

So I don’t think we’ll see the end of men in the workplace any time soon or any time at all for that manner. Work practices will evolve and people will evolve with them.

What I tend to think when I read these types of articles is, does it really matter who’s doing the job?

All that should matter is that they’re doing it well.



2 responses to “Hello ladies, is it just me there a disproportionate amount of your gender in my industry?

  1. Now you’ve got me curious about women outnumbering men in the workforce. I can’t help but wonder about the range of ages. I keep seeing more older female workers, who in more financially stable times would have probably retired. For example our former CFO, she didn’t retire until last year, at 74.
    In my office we still see a more traditional division of labor, all of the men in our office would be considered producers (providing billable projects) while most of the women are support staff (clerical, marketing, accounting). I think that while, with the right education and experience, anyone could fulfill the male roles in our office, I feel my job as part of the support staff requires more than just education. (Ability to uber-multitask, empathy, and pseudo telepathy, etc.)
    While I’ll never make as much as the guys in our office, I am well paid for what I do. If anything, I think my job/life satisfaction is higher than some of those who are at the top of the company. Maybe it’s that I don’t require much to be satisfied? I prefer to think that instead of being promoted/paid more money, I’m being compensated in other ways. Like never having to attend meetings, and the ability if I’m not busy, to read pf blogs for hours.

    ps. formerly dixid, moved to blogger as DynDebt

    • There is one division where I work which does reflect your work environment, it’s the construction area (which of course is still male dominated), with their support staff being mainly female. On my end though, the support staff is half and half, with the majority of those providing billable projects being females. I’m not too sure why females haven’t broken through the construction industry… I say just give it some time. But you are right about the life/work balance thing. Sometime I wish I could go back down a couple of steps in my career…

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