Hello promotion (sort of), what the?

As I’ve written about before, I scored a government job here at Australia’s capital, Canberra, a little less than 2 months ago.

I can honestly say it is the one job in the last 10 years that I have been both proud of and enjoy. Before it was either one or the other. In my previous role I was a manager, while I was proud to say that I was in a management role, but the work itself was thankless and mind-numbing. Before that, while I enjoyed the role(s), mainly because I wasn’t the one in charge and making the hard decisions and could therefore cruise, it wasn’t anything to write home about. And while coasting through you job makes for a less stressful lifestyle, there’s always something missing. 

Enter today.

My manager asks me to come into his office, with his serious face. I walk in and he shuts the door. Uh-oh, I think. My manager usually runs with an open door policy and only really shuts the door for “serious” discussions. So I sit down and he leads of with “We’re going to have to let you go…” I just say “Oh. Okay then.” He then bursts out laughing.

My boss actually looks a lot like him too...

The utter bastard.

But in hindsight, I think this may be a good thing. I MUST be doing well enough that the thought of letting me go is not something that warranted serious consideration, but something that is so ridiculous it could be made into a joke. Well that’s how I’m looking at it anyway. 😛

So after he quietens down, he asks me if I would be interested in a high pressure role a little above what they hired me for. A little intrigued, I tell him to continue. He outlines the role to me, and that it will be a high-profile position that would be overviewed by a relatively high muckety-muck in the government.

I had actually thought about this role in a previous staff meeting. The role itself hadn’t been defined and there wasn’t really any clarification whether or not it would even exist. But from the reports that they were showing, I thought that the role itself was warranted and that I could actually do amazingly well at it. I didn’t want to blow my own horn, since that meeting took place while I was still in my first month in my current role, so I kept my trap shut and hoped that the issue would come up again in another meeting down the track and then I would put my hand up. 

So what does this all mean?

Well no, I’m not getting a pay rise and yes I’ll be working longer hours.

The only benefit is that I will be exposed to a multitude of other departments within the Government and will have the opportunity to build up a lot of contacts. And in government, the more contacts you have the quicker you can get things done (although not necessarily better). Also, the more opportunity for your career.

It does also mean, if I screw up, I will screw up MAJORLY. Like front page of the newspaper screw up. Maybe not national front page, but definitely front page of the city’s newspaper.

The above thought is scary enough that as I finished typing it, I got some heart palpitations and my ass started sweating…

What have I gotten myself into!?!?!?!


7 responses to “Hello promotion (sort of), what the?

  1. You have gotten yourself into an opportunity. Make the most of it. You’ll do awesome.

  2. That’s pretty exciting, actually. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be awesome in your new role. Plus, the fact that your manager thought of you obviously means that he likes you and trusts you!

  3. Good for you! What an opportunity! You obviously have a lot on the ball or he wouldn’t be offering it to you. Take it and run with it. The contacts both within and out of the government will be invaluable. From reading your posts over the last few months my spidey senses are telling me you’ve got a great future ahead of you.

  4. Well hot diggity damn…this is cause for a celebration, Cap’n! Roll up those suit sleeves, kick off the shoes and dance yourself Footloose crazy from desk top to desk top. Congrats!

  5. You have to get out of your comfort zone to move up in the world. This should lead to a pay raise eventually. Congratulations! Oh yes, and it’s true that looking like you own the place makes a good impression. Ever noticed that when you go into an interview for a job you really want, you don’t get it, but if you go in acting like, “Why am I wasting my time with this since I don’t want the job – but I’ll be polite and pleasant soon and get out of here as soon as I can so I can move on with my day,” they call you with a job offer before you can even get home?

  6. I didn’t mean “polite and pleasant soon”… ugh, no editing capability for comments. I’m too lazy to proofread. Need more coffee. I didn’t get my full dose of coffee this morning and the day has gone downhill ever since.

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