Hello free(ish) entertainment, I need more of you.

So in the whole spirit of saving money and paying off debt, I’m trying to compile a list of free (or at least comparatively cheap) forms of entertainment, which I use to while away the hours/days/weeks/months will I am debt free and able to blow significant amounts of money to entertain myself.

1. Books – The first and foremost form of entertainment for me. For $20 a paperback, I can usually get a weeks worth of bed time/weekend reading from the books I buy on the first read. And I am a fan of the re-read, so I will tend to re-read the books I’ve bought at one point or another, usually multiple times. So for $20 that’s not bad.

2. Free Apps on the mobile – I tend to be slow when it comes to apps, cause frankly I have my nose buried in a book. I’ve ONLY just gotten addicted to Angry Birds. And since playing them costs nothing, bonus!

3. Free games online – I guess that’s a misleading term, since to be online you first need internet access. I can usually stretch my $50 pre-pay across a couple of months. So for that amount of money, I have PKR (on-line poker) and LOTRO (mmorpg based on the Lord of the Rings universe) and Starcraft (although I had to dish out $60 to actually buy this game). But in saying that playing these games doesn’t actually eat up my downloads, so I can play them for hours on end.

4. Free gym & pool access – Probably what I will miss the most once I get out of the apartments I’m currently living in. It has a fairly well equipped gym, with sauna. And the pool while not large is a good place to chill in the hot summer months. I can spend a good couple of hours a day (if I feel inclined) sweating away in here.

5. The Interweb/Wordpress – This varies, I know I haven’t been on the blog as often as I have previously (I think it’s cause I’m spending most of my energy trying to get up to speed at work) and I haven’t been stalking a lot of blogs sites either. But it’s nice to know that it’ll all be there once I get back. Faves are of course wordpress blogs (you know who you are), blogger blogs (my laptop and work computer will not let me comment on your blogs, don’t ask me why) Failbook, the occasional vlogger on You Tube and Tumblr. I’ve reactivated my Twitter account but need to put some time in it and find people to stalk, so its actually fun.

6. Runs – now that the warmer season is picking up, and daylight savings has kicked in. It means that I can go for runs at 7pm be home by 9pm just as its darkening.

Anyone else have free/cheap stuff?


12 responses to “Hello free(ish) entertainment, I need more of you.

  1. Save the 20 bucks on books by going to the library or second hand book shop or swap with friends

    • I would, but none of my mates like the books I like, or if they do, they live in a different city. While I have played with the idea of mailing stuff out to each other, it seems like a lot of work. As for libraries, well the libraries here in Australia, aren’t that great. Most books are decades old, and their range isn’t always that great.

  2. One of my favorite forms of entertainment is reading blogs. I am terrible about adding so many blogs over the summer because I have so much time off. Then during the school year, it keeps me busy for hours. (Not necessarily a good thing for my to-do list, though.)

    • I know, I can get so lost reading blogs. I’ll tell myself, “just one more post” and it ends up being 2am and I’ve got a gajillion tabs open in my browser. :/ It’s all of you peoples fault. Stop being so interesting! 😛

  3. It’s a good list.

    My husband has an app that finds free apps for him and it was free!

    We do a lot of board games, but you could play solitaire. As I type this I realize how depressing that might sound. Sorry.

    • LOL. Thank you Nikster. I was feeling good about myself for a little while there, and then you go reminding me that I will be alone. Forever. Then die. Thanks sooooo much 😉 (I’m only teasing you… I laughed so hard from that last statement I made coffee come out my nose :P)

  4. I’ve been practicing the guitar and jamming with friends quite often lately. Free entertainment, good company. I just read an article that said lifelong musicians have and keep better hearing into old age. Double whammy!

  5. The library. At least look into it. I thought mine was crappy until I looked. They have an awesome online service that lets you search for books and request them sent to the library of your choice for free. I’m reading 60 books this year and the library has been the biggest source of my reading material. They also do this for DVDs and supposedly music.

    • Nope mine is crappy. The only good thing is that it has free Wi-Fi, other than that the selection is pretty dismal. I think its because as a kid, I had an awesome local library (this was before everyone had the interweb) and I keep comparing the libraries I had then to what I see now. That being said, I am thinking of investing in a Kindle, the savings might work out better that way (I haven’t done the math yet though, so we’ll see).

  6. $20 for a paperback!? I’ve paid that for hardcovers but never a paperback. (Maybe it’s the exchange rate.)

    So jealous you have free access to a pool!

    • Are you kidding me??? $20 for a hardcover??? Those can go up to $40 – $60 here!!!! WAAAHHHH!!! I’m living in the wrong country!! I don’t think its the exchange rate, the aussie is pretty strong against the greenback, I think we’re at 1:1 or very close to it…

      The pool is awesome, but the best is the free steam room, especially after a big night of drinking.

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