Hello payday + tax refund… holy crap I’m rich!

So I’ve been ill the past couple of days. And when I get sick I become an anti-social crotchety old grump, well more so than I usually am anyways. I don’t even like interacting with people via email and text while I’m sick. I just sit in a darkened room and feel sorry for myself until I get better. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people.

So today is the first day back at work, I’m feeling about 1000% better than I was on Tuesday, but only about probably only 50% normal. But I got a metaphorical hop, skip and jump in my step, along with an energy drink intravenous injection when I opened up my browser to do the fortnightly bill payments.

What I was in my bank account was actually double what I was expecting.

So while I did my Snoopy Happy dance (see above), to the bewilderment of my work colleagues, I realised something. I have just stepped into a veritable minefield, and I’m tap-dancing my way across.

I’m good with consistent budgets. When I know how much money is coming in, at regular intervals, I can stick to it and usually come out on top (unless I get sick of it of course, but that’s a whooooole other issue). But when it comes to budgeting for those unexpected windfalls (note: I always thought the word was “winfall”but apparently it is windfall. Basically in reference to the olden days when fruit would be blown off a tree by the wind, therefore providing you with a tasty treat, but without the work… the things you learn from this blog… 😉 ) I tend to go all gooey-brained.

I mean my budget takes into account if any emergencies which may crop up, but I don’t think I’ve sat down and actually thought about what would happen if I got more money than expected. Okay, I was expecting this money, but its one thing to expect nearly 2 grand to be available to you, it’s another to actually see the extra moolah in your bank account. And I’m not quite sure what to do with it.   I know I said I would keep it aside for paying off the lease amount of my old place, but I have these little voices suggesting the oh so many wonderful ways I could dispose of this money.

The little voice in the tweed jacket, bifocals and smoking a pipe says I should just pump it all into debt repayment, and stay for as long as possible in my current untenable living situation.

The voice in the slim cut, single breasted black suit with the red silk lining is shouting the word “suits” at me repeatedly. And emailing it to me. And texting it to me via his iPhone.

The greasy haired, sweatpants-wearing, pimple-ridden gamer voice in me wants to use the money to buy a new gaming desktop.

The khaki-wearing, polo-top aficionado, who is in “nesting” mode, wants to use the money to go out and buy some new furniture.

And the sane voice (har har har, yes there is ONE sane voice in my head. He’s usually gagged and tied up by the others but he’s there!) is mumbling through his gag that I should stick with the plan.

The thing I really don’t want to do, is to not listen to any of these voices and just slowly eat away at these funds, with NOTHING to show for it. If I’m going to blow the money, I’d like to have at least something to show for it, rather than spending it on crazy nights out.

Isn’t it funny, we plan our budgets, our spending, our life to cater for the bad things that could happen to us (“emergency fund” anyone?), but we seem to be at a loss, well I am anyways, when we get a windfall.

I guess when it comes to money, it’s not that often that we think someone will give us more than expected, but we fully expect to be charged a whole lot more than we thought.


10 responses to “Hello payday + tax refund… holy crap I’m rich!

  1. the broke sensualist

    I say that you should spend some of your tax money on a crazy night out. Live it up like you were P.Diddy or someone similar like Lil John (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lil_Jon).

    I mean, don’t you think that you deserve it? 😛

    • I don’t think I could survive another crazy night out, while there are currently no circuses in town, there is a flower show. I may wake up nekkid making flower-angels in the middle of a display of priceless orchids. And yes while that would be a HILARIOUS post, its not something I want to do twice in a lifetime 😛

  2. Spend some, save some. It’s a win-win. I always make a rule that unexpected money gets divided – I keep anywhere from 10-20% for fun, and the rest goes into either the EF or on my credit card.

    • Hmmm $400 worth of fun… oh god… I can hear my liver shrieking in protest as I type that. Maybe half of the $400 can go into a suit? Am I allowed vodka? Am I huh? Am I huh? Are we there yet?!? But the other kids got TWO ice cream cones! Ahem. Sorry channelled my bratty 5 year old inner self for a moment there.

  3. I’m with Vodka. Decide how much you want to set aside for debt-stuff, and ACTUALLY DO IT (yes, in a sexy way), then take the rest and party like its 1999.

    • LOL. I like the pay off debt in the “sexy way” bit. Oh crap. Now I’m thinking all of you are typing on your PF blogs and paying bills online in lingerie. Well its not crap for me. I’m having a blast. But could be creepy for all the rest of you… Maybe I shouldnt have typed that… DELETE!

      Note: Typing “DELETE” in the body of the comment, does not actually delete your comment.

  4. Here I come, the voice of reason…DON’T SPEND IT!! Sorry, did I come too strong? You’re not happy where you’re living and you’ve been putting in a lot of effort looking for a new place. If you find something, getting out of your current lease is pricey. Keep this money safe because as soon as you spend it, dollars to donuts, you’re going to stumble across a great place but you won’t be able to afford to make the move without going further in the hole. Then you’re really going to be depressed when you see how much longer it’ll take to pay off all your debt. You’ve already treated yourself with new clothes and a great week away before the new job. DON’T SPEND THE MONEY!

    • You can never come on too strong… if you know what I mean *waggle eybrows* LOL kidding kidding. But what you say does make sense, and its what I’m leaning towards to, but at the same time. I know doing it THAT way, could inevitably lead to me just chipping away at the funds, slowly (you know a dinner there, a night out here, a night out at the movies over yonder) and then come 5 months I’m still looking for a place and wondering where the money went.

  5. Thanks for the education section. I’ve always wondered why it was called a windfall. You are one smart Captain.

    You are right though. I have no idea what to do when extra money comes in. I always tell myself I just pay off more debt but I hold on to it for a while. Eventually it goes to debt though but I haven’t had that many windfalls that I can brag about.

    • I’ve had a few, usually through friendly games of poker with mates. Comes to about $500 everytime we play (which isn’t much these days) and I still don’t know what to do with the money. Maybe I should just go on a blogger visiting holiday. Visit all you kids in various parts of the world, annoying people as I go. 😛

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