Hello sobriety, welcome back.

Okay after a 1 day and 15 hours after the fact, I can honestly say I feel that I am no longer sporting a hangover.

This is one thing they don’t tell you in those beer/bourbon/whiskey/vodka commercials. Sure drinking can be fun. Yes, you (well me anyways) seem to get into these wild, whacked-out, crazzzzy adventures that provide many a humourous anecdote to be told at a later date. Yes, alcohol is a great social lubricant. What they don’t tell you is that, the older you get, the less fun the after effects of alcohol consumption are.

Now that I’m *sob* 32, drinking seems to be less a sprint then marathon (get drunk as quickly as possible, but stay upright for as long as possible) than it is an excercise in masochism. Back in my 20’s I could drink and drink and drink annnnnd drink, and wake up the next morning relatively refreshed. If in my drunk-adled mind I remembered to guzzle a litre of water before passing out, even better.

Now… that is not the case.

It takes at least 24 hours to recover from a big night. With lots of promises to my self about never touching fire-water ever again and feeling sorry for myself, wondering how much it would cost to hire a hitman to put me out of my misery, and also the cost of hiring a nurse to take care of me while the hitman is in transit.

Also what they don’t tell you is that if on your journey through the myriad types of alcohol to determine preference. If you have a very bad experience with a particular product, a part of your brain will hold on to that experience forever. So that the smell alone, hell even the thought of drinking the product, will cause a gag reflex.

For me these are OP Bundaberg Rum and black Sambucca, to a lesser extent Tequila.

And while if I have to, I can drink these things, it takes a lot of chaser to get it down and keep it down. Except tequila, which is really only a danger if I am already drunk. The other two will have me hurling even during the early stages of the night.

So bear that in mind next time you see those young tanned lithe bodies in that alcoholic beverage ad, cradling those bottles or glasses in their hands, like soft and tender lovers. Beads of condensation, slowly trickling there way down bodies. Easy smiles and easy laughter, lubricated by the lowering of inhibitions that alcohol provides…



I had a point, I know I did… but now, all I want is a drink 😛


2 responses to “Hello sobriety, welcome back.

  1. All I can do is laugh.

    Sorry Captain. You do have point in there though but I can’t entirely back you up. One I am 11 years behind you and two I don’t drink and never have to that extent.

    My dad drinks enough for the me and my lil bro. That’s what he says.

    • Don’t! We have a drinking culture here in Australia, we seriously love our beer. STAY AWAY FROM DRINKING! AND SAY NO TO DRUGS TOO! Now that the after school special portion of the comment is finished, time for a little nudity…

      (_|_) <— hehehe its a butt 😛

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