Hell job, I love you. And yes I’m a little drunk. And yes it’s 1:34pm on a Friday.

Okay this government job rocks.

I’ve had three weeks (actually exactly 3 weeks 2 days ago) for the shine to come off, and everyday perception to come to the fore.

But I can tell you right now, I am still excited about being here.

Okay I’ve had 4 beers for lunch, and that might be colouring my perception on things but seriously, even without the beers. I am enjoying myself immensely.

There is a lot of opportunity to learn, opportunities to advance, opportunities to branch out to other works. My manager seems ecstatic about my current work output but at the same time is able to identify places where I need improvement. The training progresses well. I’ve made significant connections with a few of my workmates. One has already offered me use of his gym membership for free! Which I am taking up. And I seem to be complimenting the team well in view of my skill set.

Today one of the guys took me out to the pub for a few drinks, the second time since I’ve started that I’ve gone for Friday lunch drinks. And I can see this continuing. It basically lets me see the office politics, but relaxed enough that I do not need to join in. It gives me the background information on the relationships that have already been established, but I still feel free to either act on the opinions voiced, or maintain neutrality.

Let me say first of all that I suck at office politics. I am the one person in the office that WILL treat everyone the same (unless you’re a complete douche bag to me, or you are actively stupid) I will treat my manager the exact same way I would treat the most junior member of my team (apart from myself that is). I just physically cannot treat anyone differently unless they are stupid (or a complete asshole). My previous managers have actually commented on this quality of mine, that I seem to be able to socialise/talk to comfortably with anyone within an organisation. It’s not that I consciously do it to pander to management. I usually just realise that I can do what you other people are doing given enough experience and/or training, and anyone could do what I do if they had the same level of experience.  And its hard to kiss the arse of someone when you know they’re fundamentally like you except they’ve just been in the business more, or look down on someone just because they haven’t had the same experience as you.

Apparently this is a trait that is rare. Enough so that I tend to usually do great in career development reviews merely cause everyone in the office loves me.

I actually never thought this was rare until I landed my first office job, when I would get invited to meetings, and everyone would bitch about someone who wasn’t present. And I sometimes wonder whether or not I get the same treatment if I’m not around “that sweatpants, he kisses EVERYONES ass”. But such thoughts I rarely dwell on. If they do they do, if they don’t they don’t. Nothing in my power could stop them from doing it. I’m not going to act differently just cause a few people have an issue with it (which has become an issue in previous roles when CEO’s/General Managers believed I should pander to them).

So in conclusion I’m drunk and you’re all sexy. I love you kids!


12 responses to “Hell job, I love you. And yes I’m a little drunk. And yes it’s 1:34pm on a Friday.

  1. Shouldn’t the title of the post be “Hello Job” and not “Hell Job”?
    You are a little drunk, aren;t you? Lol!
    Tee hee hee. Sweatpants rocking the cold beers and office politics.

    • Craaaaap. There’s goes my Hello streak. And yes I was a little sauced. Then got a little more sauced on the weekend helping with the commiseration of a mate who got dumped by her boyfriend. Sambucca shots are evil.

  2. Eboo, I was just going to type that! Sweatpants is a bona fide office politician…a super succulent secretive sleuthing sexy bum-kissing badass. Rock out with your bad self, Captain.

    And I’m stopping here because I have no clue why I’m saying any of this right now. It’s 9:22AM here, maybe I’m a bit drunk? 😀

    • LOL. I’m not that great with ass-kissing actually. Well I don’t think I am. I tend to just treat everyone the same and depending on who I’m talking to I guess it could be ass kissing (ie. I treat a junior team member as per normal might be constituted as arse kissing, or if I’m being totally misread i’m “hitting on them”, while treating the director of the agency the same way would probably be construed as impertinence)

      WOOO! Drunk before 10am… thats gotta a record.

  3. Great perspective on this — as I get older, I always feel like everyone at work is all the same age (specifically 23 years old, i don’t know why that number, perhaps it’s of drinking age and is a common age of a graduate), so I treat everyone the same. Sometimes I forget they have kids, mortgages, more/less years of experience in the field, etc.

    I haaate it when people talk shit about other coworkers. I always wonder what they’re saying about me behind my back too! But I just smile 🙂

    Happy to hear you’re still loving your job, Cap’n. Beer drinking is common place with my lovely coworkers as well — our office fridge used to be well-stocked with Japanese beers 😉

    • Asahi rocks! I heard Kirin went out of business though… thats about the extent of my knowledge on japanese beers 😛
      Wow, youre only 23… *pat pat* you youngins 😉
      And YAY! Are you officially back? I missed the Minty-esque comments *poke poke poke* so are ya? huh? huh? *poke poke* are ya?

  4. And, I’m glad to come back in time to see you officially breaking your “Hello” title streak. Must be those four beers, hehehe 😀

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