Hello the idea of living with 3 girls: the conclusion

Thanks to all for your comments, even to MutantSupermodel and Rafiki for their thoughts that such a living arrangement would inevitably produce blog fodder for their amusement, and HappyHomeowners cryptic responses about sterophonic humping noises and chocolate.

Now, from all the opinions that you’ve given me I’ve come up with two facts, that are undeniable and agreed to by all (including myself).

It will be difficult.


I’m willing to risk it.

Now for those face-palming me right now, hear me out. I have NOT decided to do it. The above conclusions are by no means a statement of my moving in with 3 girls. Only that I would be willing to consider it, IF upon meeting (rather than just a phone conversation) all three occupants, my scary-o-meter doesn’t go off the scale AND the house is not a pig-sty AND the room is an adequate size AND they have well-established rules that mitigates having four adults living in one house AND I get along with (judged to the best of my ability considering that I will have a limited time frame to make this conclusion) ALL three people and ALL three people seem to get along with each other.

THEN and only THEN, will I move in.

As you can see there are a few caveats and addendum before I would move in to the place with three girls. But to be fair, all those conditions HAVE to be met before I would move in with anyone I wasn’t too familiar with. So it would be remiss of me to completely disregard the three girls when they could be the most well-adjusted and liveable option out of all the others.

Many of you have the opinion that this won’t be the case of course. And I am inclined to agree, but I think I should give them the chance to prove me wrong.

And yes, I have considered that during the initial meeting I could be told a bunch of half-truths, hell, maybe even outright lies about their living situation. They could behave in a manner (either singly or as a group) that is totally opposite their normal group dynamic. But again, those dangers will be present if I pick any group of strangers to live with, whether it be 3 girls, 3 guys, a guy and girl or any combination.

So once again, thanks to all for their input. And I will keep you posted.

The next entries about this topic will be regarding meeting the actual people and the first impressions I formulate.

And as always, feel free to say I told you so, when I report that the interview with the 3 girls devolved into a bitching match about who didn’t take the garbage out 3 weeks ago, who used up the last milk and put the carton back in the fridge, and who slept with whose boyfriend.

So, stay tune, same sweaty time! Same sweaty channel!


10 responses to “Hello the idea of living with 3 girls: the conclusion

  1. Nooooooooo…I’m writhing around in sheer agony on the floor right now (covered in chocolate?) while the sound of stereophonic humping noises thumps in my head…

    Don’t be surprised if you inevitably are woken up one night to BAM! ZZZZWAP! BIFF! KAPOW! and see them tearing each others hair out…

    But in all seriousness (damn, I finally have to be serious in one of these comments), you’re the only one that can decide if this is right for you. Make sure the drama meter is also tuned up with the scary-o-meter and hang out with them for as long as possible. In the end, go with what feels right and we’ll be here to help…pick up the pieces? Hahahahaha

    (I like the Batman reference so much that I’m going to add a few more for your reading pleasure….BONK! AIEEE! POWIE! and my personal favorite sequence: VRONK, ZAP, ZAMM!) 😀

  2. While you are the only one who can decide…have you ever lived with three women? My husband when I told him about it said RUN MAN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RUN. Now that being said that does include me and two teenage daughter and his mil. Soooooooooo

    good luck on your decision

    • does living with my mom and two sisters count? That was the last time I’ve lived with three women, I’ve lived with 1 girl before and it didn’t seem that much of a hassle. But then again that was one girl….

  3. the broke sensualist

    Good luck with your decision. I was only teasing in my comment yesterday, only you will know what’s best for you and if this is right, then go for it. Who knows, this might be one of the best living arrangements you’ll ever have, not just in terms of saving money but also in experiences.

    • No you weren’t! Seriously I’ve known girls to do things that gross even me out, and I’m a card carrying certified male. Seriously why is it when girls (ie female friends who have no inclination of sleeping with you) get so comfortable that they are able to do a massive poop while youre in the shower? I don’t even do this with my male friends. If you need to go and someones in the shower. You HOLD it. You dont barge in sit down and open the valves… girls are weird.

  4. I’m going to have popcorn every time I visit your blog from here on. YES!!!!

  5. Do your thing. Only you will know for sure and even if it turns out to be the most awesome living situation I am most certain it will still produce quite a few laughs. I’m laughing even at a comment in this one. Did a girl really take a poop while you were in the shower? I’m really loving my separate toilet from shower set up.

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