Hello the idea of living with 3 girls, I’m revisiting you.

Okay, I know everyone has said it would be a bad idea (and I mean everyone. Blog friends [yes I consider you all to be friends, I’m not sure if that’s a commentary that I’m a big mushy softie, or I’m a just a sad pathetic loner 😉 ], real life friends, girl that I like etc etc.

Not one single person has even gone “It… might…might, you hear me?! MIGHT! Be doable. Might“.

Which is fine. So why in the world would I be revisiting an idea that has been trashed by everyone I know?

Well, for one, I’m pigheaded jackass. When people tell me I can’t (or shouldn’t) do something, I am more inclined to do it. It’s the terrible three-year old in me. I can’t help it.

And two, well they’re the cheapest out of all the options I’ve gathered. Coming about $50 cheaper per week, than the next option. Do the math, that’s $200 a month and $2400 a year. It’s not chump change.

And yes, I’ve considered Hellavaciously Hot Homeowners “drama” and “time of the month” issues, as well as Dynamically Delicious Dixi.D.’s “trainwreck” postulations. Hell I’ve come up with some of my own.

1. They are all (or 2 or even just one of them) ridiculously hot. – While some would consider this to be a bonus. Think about it. Everyone knows you don’t poop where you eat. And you don’t date someone who is your room mate. So you have 3 hot women, living with you, yet unavailable to you. Blueballs, anyone?

2. One or more of them will have a boyfriend – Stereophonic humping noises is not the soothing lullaby music I could sleep to, there is nothing lonelier than the other side of sexed up wall.

3. One or more will be a massive douche bag. I don’t deal well with douchebags, or drama queens, or bitchiness, or chronic complainers. But that being said, I could have this problem whether I live with 3 girls, 3 guys or a mixture of both.

Thats about as far as I got, so my challenge to you is this: Can you think of any more reasons why this is a bad idea? Other than the fact it IS a bad idea. Give me a hypothesis, an argument. Make a play using sock puppets if you really want. Something I can point to the 3 year old in me, and go “Oi, dingus. THAT’S why you should leave this alone.”


20 responses to “Hello the idea of living with 3 girls, I’m revisiting you.

  1. Dude…it’s a bad idea because it is. I’m a woman and I hate living with other women. The rent may be cheaper but will it be worth it? 3 girls living together, 2 of them are always on the outs with the 3rd one and you’ll make the mistake of sticking up for one of them or accidently repeating something one of them said to you in a hormone haze and next thing you know…BAM! Everyone is mad at you and there you stand, blinking in the sun like a dug up mole. On the other hand, it will provide you with tons of topics for your blog and a few good laughs for us as you try and figure out what just happened. Like the saying goes, “abandon all hope ye who enter.”

    • True, about the topics for discusion on the blog. Can you imagine the blogs that would be coming out?
      “Hello PMS, I really truly believe you exist now”
      “Hello mistake, or how too much alcohol made me sleep with my room mate and I am now homeless.”
      and the last one before the drag me away to the mental asylum
      Hello fellow bloggers, you were right.. gobble gobble fork cumquat”

      Your ideas have been forwarded.

  2. You want reasons why this WON’T work, so here goes:

    1. Girls can be MESSY. Hair shed unknowingly on the bathroom floor. Cosmetics – everywhere. Hair clogging your bath tub drain. Shoes- so many you can’t open/close doors fully. Yucky dishes put off doing for as long as possible. Hair…everywhere.

    2. Girls can be passive-aggressive. My first roommate went through this phase, and the drama that occurred was horrendous. There were post-it notes left around the house. They were written in blue marker…and had capital letters. When I finally confronted her it almost came to blows (not the sexy kind that you’re probably imagining…. stop it), and I’m not even kidding. Scary stuff man.

    3. Girls might take advantage of you..and not in the sexy way you’re probably imagining… (stop it!). If you’re particularly good at killing one bug, you WILL be the designated bug-killer for as long as you live with them. If you volunteer to take out the trash, or do the dishes, or empty the vacuum bag, or do some other particularly icky task, you may very well become “The Doer” of that task.

    …and it won’t be sexy.

    Also, and I’ll say it because it’s got to be said: When girls drink, (and sometimes even when we don’t) we push limits. We get needy and cuddly and do stupid things like make out with people we shouldn’t…(like roommates??!!?) and then it all goes to hell.. (Oi, dingus…)

    • 1. Actually you’re onto something about the hair. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!? I’ve lived with shaggy dogs who don’t shed as much hair as a normal girl. AND its everywhere… I lived with a female friend (and no shenanigans ensued) of mine and I found one of her hairs in my underwear. WTF!??!
      2. Again. True. Is there a mental block in place with some girls that just won’t allow them to talk to you about the crap that bugs them? But I found this more applicable when I was living with a girlfriend, rather than living with female friends. And girls always seem to be looking for underlying meaning in things guys say (again that seems to be a girlfriend thing), when we say, “no, I’m tired. I’m off to bed” it does not mean “I no longer love you, and no longer wish to spend time with you”. It means we’re TIRED. Although I could envision this scenario, with the all female roomies.
      3. But I like imagining the sexy way! 😛 I already end up doing these things anyway, and have no problem in doing them. I go by the barter system with these things, if I kill that mouse, you iron my shirt (cause I suck at ironing) sorta thing (and I know you were expecting me to say some sort of sexual favour 😛 stop that!)

      And your last point. Also true. And I also have the tendency to do stupid things while drunk (have I got stories!). So such a thing could and will probably happen.

      I like your arguments. I’m forwarding that to the three year old.

  3. also, what Ann said.

    spot on.

  4. Stereophonic humping noises! Stereophonic humping noises!


  5. You want to try it? Go right ahead:p

    That’s what you want? What’s the worst that can happen? lol

    Enjoy and if it fails just hit the road jack 😛 Plus for us readers I am certain we will get more than a few laughs from your stories so go right on ahead.

    • Its not what I want, what I would want is to have my own place. But its the cheapest alternative. And I’m sure it would give me lots of fodder for hilarious (well hilarious for you) blog entries.

      I don’t want to move twice in the space of a few months. I hate moving. Whereever I end up, HAS to last at least 6 months.

  6. So I live in NZ and have lived in plenty of mixed gender flats over the years and the secret rule is ‘don’t be a dick’. The four people in a house thing is way harder to deal with than different genders. Seriously with four people the main problem is everyone ganging up on one person (doesn’t necessarily follow gender lines) or the one person who never never never cleans their bit because eventuality the chores change and someone else has to clean the bathroom.

    You need flat rules in a house with four people, or you need to chuck some money in every week for a cleaning crew to come through.

    It isn’t a bad idea, I had a great flat where I was the only lady with three dudes, I had an awful flat with two other women. My rule of thumb for moving into a new place with room mates is have they been living together for a while, and why did the other person leave? Also dude you are moving into a room not marrying them, if it sucks you split. Easy.

    • I’ve lived in a 4 person (all guys) house before, down in Sydney. But we were all mates, so it was all pretty chilled. Everyone knew what had to be done and did it. If one person slacked off, we’d let it slide, unless it happened for too long we’d gang-rush him and duct-tape him to a chair. Easy.

      I’m not too sure the same tactic would work living with girls though. I mean if you walked in on three guys duct taping another to a chair, you would think “guy shenanigans”, if you walk in on a guy and 2 girls duct-taping another girl to a chair… well that kinda screams “molestation” and not in the good way 😛

      And as before, I hate moving. I would rather live in a hostile environment rather than move more than twice in 6 months. Like now, I’ve wanted to move out since February, but the thought of moving (plus the associated expenses that goes with moving) has let me put up with it for THIS long. So whatever I decide, its where I’ll be for at least half the year.

  7. the broke sensualist

    I’m on the fence with your living decision but it doesn’t sound like a good idea to live with 3 women.

    Or, you might realize that after a while you’re not attractive to them at all. If you don’t know it, we ladies, sometimes, can be as gross as men and that’s a huge turn-off. 😉

  8. You know, a lot of the blogs I’ve been reading have gotten a little stagnant and repetitive and all around dull. So I actually think you living with three really hot girls is the best idea I ever heard and I don’t know why I didn’t see it that way in the first place. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!

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