Hello potential room mates Part 2. Who/what will you be?

This is what I have to deal with...

In my previous post I said that looking for a new place to live with a room-mate included, is a lot like dating.

Actually its a lot like internet dating, or what I think internet dating would be like *whistles innocently/shifty eyes* (on a side note, why is there still a stigma on internet dating?? We do everything else via the internet… and I mean EVERYTHING… if you know what I mean… [kinda gross of you if you do though[ ūüėõ¬†hmmm post to come on that). To be even more precise its like internet dating on a FREE internet dating site. (since most places on-line won’t charge you a free for advertising a place)

You troll through a catalogue of potential candidates. You quickly disregard any ads that have copious amounts of spelling mistakes. While I’m not a total grammar nazi, I think if you’re trying to attract people to something through the written word. It would be best not to have the following:

“I have a room in my hose, for leash. You will be leaving with too other peeple¬†and sharing won bathroom”

Or use too many net-speak terms, or tweeter short cuts or get too cutesy or over-use exclamation marks. Such as.

“LOL. OMG. I never knowz¬†wht¬†2 say in these thngs. U will b sharing w/ me n my¬†other roomie¬†(who is the bestest¬†everrrrrr!!!! BFF!!!)¬†n my cat (meow meow) so cat-lovers¬†r especially welcome!!!!!!. ¬†:). Rent is $200 p/w. pls¬†call¬†me on the mobes¬†if¬†ur¬†intrstd!!! PeaceNLove!!!!

Or be too terse in your approach, which I’m not too sure about everyone else, make me think you’ll be an one¬†of those “quiet types” who turn out to be an axe murderer. That may just be me though.

“Room for rent. $190. Call below”

So after you’ve gone through the lists available, discarding anything that meets the criteria above (or more). You start eliminating by distance.

“One bedroom for rent 150 p/week. Unfurnished. All other rooms are fully furnished. Lots of storage space available. Modern kitchen and bathroom. Ducted heating throughout. Free high-speed internet. All bills included in rent.¬†Sharing with 1 clean, quiet male, IT professional, who, 5 days out of the week, is away on business.”

Too good to be true right? It was. On google maps, it’s about 2 hours drive away in the middle of nowhere. No amenities or facilities.¬†Closest supermarket is 1 hour drive away. ūüėź

Okay so now that you’ve eliminated those that are too far, comes the next step: eliminating by size. Yes I am a size snob. I’m sorry I can’t help it. I will simply refuse to live in a household with more than¬†4 people (myself included). I just can’t picture doing it, and I don’t even want to try. Unless maybe if the house you were sharing was mansionesque. And each person had their own bathroom. But unfortunately no. What I’ve found is usually something like:

Persons Wanted: 1

Rooms Available: 1

Current number of Occupants: 5

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Car Spaces: 2

I’m not sure I even want to guess how they allocate the bathroom during the morning rush…

And the last and final step, you eliminate by “who”.¬†Now this is where I may need some help. As¬†you’ve probably guessed, following those steps above has basically¬†reduced the number of properties¬†available to me to a fairly small number, from 406 properties to¬†4 properties. ¬†So here are the finalists let me know what you kids think (and no I am not linking the actual ad or copy-pasting anything from the ad).

Property 1: 3¬†people (2 students / 1 working full-time). All female, all mid-20’s. They like to cook/bake/have BBQ’s. And yes I have lived with girls before, both as friends and as a couple. I haven’t lived with 3 girls all at the same time. The closest I came was going to a concert in a city 8 hours drive away with 3 female friends. And yes by the end of it, I was on oestrogen overload. But that was years ago, and it’s not like I’d be spending 24/7 with these girls. Right?

Property 2: 2 people (2 working full-time) One male, one female. Late 20’s. A good mix. Nothing in their ad screamed, “think this through!”

Property 3: 2 people (2 working full-time) Two males, early 30’s. Again worthy of contention. Only hitch is one of the guys has his kids over 1 week out of every month. I like kids, but I’ve never lived with them either, I remember I was a pain as a kid though.

Property 4: 1 person (working full-time) female, late 20’s. No bathroom to share (we’ll both have our own). WIN! But I’m not too sure. Living with just 1 other person, and a girl at that. It’d be like being in a couple. There’s no one else to bounce off if you get sick of each other. And I have the attention span of a goldfi¬†– I need some coffee. OooOOh cake!

One, two, three or four? What do you think?


10 responses to “Hello potential room mates Part 2. Who/what will you be?

  1. They all sound good, except the the two males one. I love my children, but I wouldn’t want to live with any other kids. Plural even.

    Good luck in your search for the perfect roommates!

  2. Step. away. from. option. #1. As a female, I’m taking a chance by stereotyping/blanket-statementing my own gender, but in my experience (and those of friends), one guy with three 20-something ladies is a recipe for disaster. Inevitably, there will be drama and when said drama occurs, you may very well become the glue that holds the “happy family” together. Be prepared to listen to the rants, cat-fights, and general bitchiness that ensues–especially around a certain time of the month (ahh, yes, I said it–eww, boo, hiss but it’s true!). While you may have visions of naked pillow fights and late night hair-braiding sessions dancing through your head, my guess is that it will drive you crazy and may eventually lead you back to where you are now (ie. being drained by your living situation).

    #2: Are they dating? You could end up being middle man if they fight. Or worse, the lady may fall madly in love with Captain to the fury of her roommate/ex-BF and said ex’s fury may become your epic roommate saga.

    #3: How old is the kid? If it’s a screaming 2-year old, run for the hills. If it’s a 12-year old that will play video games with you, it might not be that bad.

    #4: My best roommate ever was a guy who I wasn’t dating. It was a perfect mix: I cleaned up his mess, baked him cookies & drank beers with him while we watched football and in turn he taught me a ton of DIY home improvement tricks and scored me a new, free front door (in addition to leaving all of his furniture behind for me so I had a fully furnished guest room). Find out her take on guests and invite friends over to break up the 1:1 monotony.

    MmmMmmm…cake. I just ate a cupcake for breakfast. Nom nom nom.

    • 1. LOL. Well my experience with being around three female friends, for 3 days + two 8 hour drives, was always on the back of my head when I looked at there ad for the room. And as for the visions of naked pillow fights, they were tempered with visions of them making me sit through those god-awful chick shows that seems to endear themselves to a certain segment of the female population *shudder*
      2. Not a couple. And pray to various deities that the second doesn’t happen. I am quite happy living the single life (which is EXACTLY the time when women seem to find a male irresistable, seriously… WHY ladies? WHY?!?)
      3. 8 years old. So could go either way, either a brat or a good kid. But having an 8 year old continuously hand me my ass in Mario-Kart might result in said kid being beaten to a pulp. What can I say I get competitive ūüėõ
      4. The only draw back I can see with 1:1 is that there will be days, weeks even, when I will be exhuasted from work + gym. And I will be about as communicative as a wall. All my energy goes into those two things and when I get home all I want to do is, sit on the couch, eat, then sleep. And at times not in that order. My friends (and to SOME extent the gf’s) usually know when this hits and give me the time to get my energy levels back up. I’m not too sure if that kind of anti-social behaviour would be tolerable to someone not used to it. But I like living with females actually, they stop me from going fully into “bachelor mode”, when thinking things like “the carpet doesnt crunch when you walk on it. No need to vacuum!” are the norm.

  3. #1 – RUN! That’s a trainwreck just waiting to happen.

    #2 – HH is right, as long as no one is romantically entangled with another roommate, this might work well.

    #3 – Did you meet the kid? I wouldn’t get into that situation before meeting his kid, you might be dealing with a hyper brat. Don’t take the parents word for it on the kid, parents rarely see their own children’s behavior accurately.

    #4 – Personally this is the one I’d go with if you didn’t get a bad vibe from her. Less people living in the apartment usually equals less drama.

    • 1. Running. Running quickly. You know whats surprising though, that 2 girls have ruled out living with 3 girls. Is that suggestion something you would give to everyone? Whether be male or female? Or is it the fact that I’m male that living with 3 girls would be a disaster? Or is it something particularly Sweatpantsy that I;m not aware of, that would preclude me from living with 3 different women. I’m not arguing. I’m just curious.
      2. No romantic entanglements that I’m aware of, and I’m not interested… hmmmm… maybe I should live with lesbians. That way when I finally get back on the dating horse I have no chance with them, and they will be totally disgusted by my additional body parts. Theres a thought.
      3. You’re right meet the kid first.
      4. Yeah she seemed okay, but a little bit of a talker. She could just have been nervous or whatever. I know I’d feel weird talking to someone who I could possibly be living with.

  4. 2 or 4 but I lean more to 4.

    • 2 or 4 it is. It seems to be how the majority is going. 1 everyone is in agreement a totally bad idea. But I dont think 3 is out of the running yet, I’ll see if I can arrange to meet the kid first before deciding.

  5. Sorry Captain but I can’t give much more advice than what you already got but this post was good for a laugh. I’d say give all 4 a fair chance. Things are always different than what shows on the outside.

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